what can i do with the trim left over harvested leaves?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mrberrys, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. mrberrys

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    hey guys.. i was just wondering as my plants will all be harvested within the next few weeks.. what can i do with the left over leaves? rather then toss them away i have heard of makin butter oil or somthin out of them.. can any1 shed some light on this matter for me please?? any info would be great thanks :thumbsup:
  2. Racerx

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    Google? Type in hash or cannabis butter. Youll get more then enough information. Trimmings should be utilized. I use crappy fan leaves and such (no crystals) for cooking (boil with butter). I use crystally top cola leaves and trimmings for hash or oil. Oil can be made with butane quite easily using copper piping and some butane cans.

    You know there are about 50 different postings on how to make hash and hash oil and about 500 postings on different ways to cook. Thats just at this website, not including the ginormous amount of recipes on google.
  3. mashedguy

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    i store mine up for several grows in black plastic bags. Then when i have about six black bags worth, i use a bubble sack and food mixer to extract the thc to make resin. a silk screen works ok, but you have to let the leaves completely dry out first. Have been tempten to give them a wizz in a smoothie maker using ethenol as a liquid, and then filtering off the crap, and leave what's left to evaporate off. Thc disolves in alcohol, so it may work, give it a go with your leaves, and let me know if it works before i wreck my smoothie maker for nothing, be cool!!
  4. stinkyattic

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    I tried the blender thing and it just made a mess.
    Instead I just cram all the trimmings into a big glass mason jar, soak 24h in isopropanol, gently cook off solvent, save resin.
    SUPER easy.
    Don't set your kitchen on fire.
  5. jamstigator

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    I made some canna-oil and it's been kicking ass. I used decent quality stuff, but there's no reason it wouldn't work on a pile of leaves too, you just have to use a lot of leaves. I've been eating from the same pan of brownies for four days now, been toasted since Saturday. Gonna take a break when this pan is empty though, been too stoned for too long now. ;)
  6. mrberrys

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    thanks for ur replys guys much appreciated. i think i will google and look up on it some more.. allways good to here some1s nice and baked:thumbsup: im just smokin a lil bud that i cut from the bottom of my plant.. its all good:thumbsup:

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