What can i do with vape leftovers?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Tubi2b, Mar 11, 2008.

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    i posted this on always420 also but didnt get much help....

    Ok Im still relatively new to smoking and I just ordered a Vapor Genie. I live in a dorm so I dont have access to a stove, only a microwave.

    I read that you can make hash out of what is left in the vaporizer. Im all about trying to get the most of my money so I was hoping someone could shed some light.

    I read:

    "1) clean jar with lid
    2) isopropyl rubbing alcohol
    3) coffee filters
    4) plate or glass pan
    5) bud or leaf trimmings
    6) razor blade

    First you want to take your bud & leaf trimmings crush them up and place in bottom of jar. Then take your iso and fill the jar up 1 to 2 inches over your bud & leaf trimmings. Put the lid on the jar and shake well for 2 minutes. Get your plate or glass pan and coffee filters. Take 3 or 4 filters put them together and dump your mixture into the filters. Be sure to try and fold the top of the filters together after adding the mixture this will prevent your filters from letting your liquid drip out the top. Let all the liquid drain through the filters onto the plate or glass pan. once this is done let the iso evaporate in the plate or pan and there you have it. Take your razor blade and scrape the hash from the plate or pan and its time to smoke. REMEMBER the better the bud and trimmings the better your hash will be. any questions please email me. ENJOY:p"


    "Heat oven to 225F
    put keif in cellophane bag (from a cig pack)
    bunch it up into a corner
    fold it tightly all the way up
    seal with clear tape
    fold a newspaper square 10"x 10" around it as tightly as possible and seal with clear tape
    put in oven for 9 minutes
    put on counter top and use a rolling pin or something of the sort to compress. push as hard as you can, put all your body weight into it.
    put it in the freezer for 5 minutes
    carefully unwrap the newspaper then the cellophane
    put in bowl
    toke up"

    What is the best method to get something smokeable out of what is left? And do I have to have an oven to make the hash or is there some way I can heat it in the microwave or boil water in the microwave or something? Im looking for a simple and specific method. Also.. can I use the stems and whats left in the vape or just whats left?
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    I've saved my remains but haven't done anything with 'em yet. You can certainly smoke it. There may be a little THC and definitely some high heat cannabinoids. You can also easily vape stems that you wouldn't try to smoke. You can shave the stems or just break up the small ones and vape away.
  3. 13Lack

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    would this really work? because I'm all for making hash out of my leftovers if it does.
  4. oliwog

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    you should jus make some honey oil from it i have a volcano and save it up till i get a couple/three ounces an then buy some gas an make honey oil you can eiither smoke it in a bong id reccomend using some kind of wire wool gauze cos it melts like crack or you can vap it if you vap can hold it, i mix it with a bit of weed sometimes an put in my volcano or jus bong it
    it has quit a kick to it so you should give it a go
  5. chrons

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    Smoke em :thumbsup:
  6. donsolo

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    Or you could save them up for a long time and make a kickass batch of brownies...

    Get a tiny crockpot, put a bunch of butter in there and the leftovers...set it to low and let it simmer for like a day and strain the remains...Small crockpot you should be able to get away with in a Dorm...especially if you're getting away with having a VaporGenie.
  7. 5016169

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    Well I had 2 ounces of leftover volcano grinds and put it in the crock pot with 1.25 lb of butter on low for 1.5 hours stirring every 10-15 minutes. Strained it 3x with cheese cloth and split the 2 cups that I got out of it. I did one batch of chocolate chip cookies and they weren't good at all. They tasted like burned cookies, but the cookies weren't ... it was just the same flavor/taste you get on the last bag from the volcano (yuck).

    I have one cup left in the freezer and am trying it with brownies. I didn't eat more than 3 cookies ... and they had no effect. So I'll write back after I try the brownies if I can eat more (hope they taste better).
  8. StickyfingahZ

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    Awesome Bro,looking forward to seeing how the brownies come out.
    Im saving my leftover vapes.Not sure what I want to do with um,Thinking about cooking with it,Ever since I made that cannabutter,I have fell in love with edibles,there badass!
  9. donsolo

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    I think you have to cook cookies on kind of a high temp. That means revaping and you'll lose a lot of THC.
  10. search1st

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    Extract with grain alcohol and DRINK it!

    I don't have a real vaporizer. I use the cheap, short glass tube (a Ubie from AmercanSmokeless.com), so it may not vape (extract) as much THC as a real vaporizer would. So your results may be different.

    With a Ubie, the pot is coarse (not screened or pulverized), but after vaping it, I put the leftovers through a very fine metal screen (or kitchen sieve). This helps get a better alcohol extract since more surface area is exposed.

    I soak the powdered, vaped leftovers in Everclear, 95% grain alcohol (illegal in some US states, where they offer a 75% variant) then mix it with pop or juice (you can't drink it straight) and gulp it quickly. You could even use vodka or whatever liquor and drink that. The extract might not be a good with lower alcohol content liquor.

    After soaking overnight, I don't filter it through a cloth or coffee filter: I just pour off the liquid, and re-fill the bottle with more alcohol. I can get 3 or 4 batches, but of course with diminishing returns. I'm surprised how much THC is left behind from the initial, and subsequent extractions.

    The alcohol extract tastes pretty bad (especially if you've scorched rather than vaped the pot). So mix it with as little pop or juice as possible, hold your breath and gulp it all without taking a breath (since you'll smell/taste it a lot less that way). Picture a mom holding her kid's nose while spooning castor oil down his throat. Afterwards wash it down (chase it) with more pop or juice. If you can accomplish the gulp AND the "chase" without taking a breath in between, the awful taste is MUCH less noticeable.

    I get smashed on just two to four table-spoons of the extract. The high will come-on pretty fast, since the alcohol carrying the THC is absorbed through your stomach lining, and goes into your blood quickly.

    I'd suggest you start out with a really small dose, since you don't really know how strong the stuff will be. You can get dizzy or even throw-up if you get too high (as with eating too many brownies or too much hash). If you didn't get high with a small dose, the next time double the dose till you can feel it.

    If you've made a large enough batch for multiple doses, you will learn how to dose with it, but the next batch you make might be stronger (who knows?).

    Be cautious and have a good "trip".
  11. search1st

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    Extraction using alcohol, hot vegetable oil, or hot water.

    Either plain hot water (as in tea- or coffee-making); hot vegetable oil (as in saute frying); or organic solvents such as alcohol (as in an herbal tincture) will work to extract psychoactive compounds including those found in cannabis.

    Since alcohol is flammable, it can be dangerous to goof with unless you use common sense and take some precautions. I think that alcohol will do the best/quickest job, but if you keep extracting over and over again, you'll get most if not all the active ingredients out by using any of those: water, oil or alcohol.

    I've heard the process called "alkaloid extraction" (although THC isn't an alkaloid, since it doesn't contain any nitrogen), or "chemical (or herbal) maceration".

    You'll end-up with everything that is soluble in that particular solvent: not just the "fun/good" stuff. With cannabis extracts, these other compounds won't hurt, but may be the bad-tasting stuff. I don't know if JUST the fun stuff would taste bad or not: perhaps it would taste like a good toke off of a vaporizer.

    Anyway, with other psychoactive plant extracts, the extra stuff in the solution is OFTEN harmful, causing bad side-effects. In those cases, further processing can separate the fun stuff from the junk. Depending on what you want and what is junk, a different type of solvent (polar vs non-plolar, or protic vs non-protic solvent) is chosen to further extract-out the undesirable compounds.
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  12. StickyfingahZ

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    I tried smoking one of my vaped left overs,it was one of the browner ones,I kinda wanna to use the most burnt one I could find,to see how bad it can be.
    It was so damn harsh,I didnt get to smoke the whole thing,I just dumped it out,it was harsh as hell.I am definately not going to smoke it.....unless a Bong might help with the harshness....meh,I'll try it again with a bong.
  13. donsolo

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    The problem is that once you vape a lot, any smoke seems super-harsh compared to vapor.
  14. stinkyattic

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    Hot water is a REALLY inefficient (to the point of being ineffectual) extraction solvent. After all, the psychoactive compounds are nonpolar and water is polar. You need a nonpolar solvent. That's why to make weed coffee you'd extract first into heavy cream and then add THAT to your morning cuppa.
  15. donsolo

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    That's a really good point. It seems like anything with Fat content is the way to go. That capsule guide really got me thinking about it and heavy creams would be pretty good though extraction would involve heating it up too much in my opinion
  16. search1st

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    Scratch the hot water "tea" from the list!

    You MUST be correct, stinky (you are SO smart!). So hot water is OUT for extraction purposes!

    I was going by what my mom reported back in the 1970's. She couldn't stand to smoke, so she made "tea" out of my pot stems to help her sleep. I'll BET that she was just enjoying the warm liquid and just THOUGH she got some benefit from the stems (like the placebo effect, only with soothing warm water thrown-in!).

    No wonder WikiPedia doesn't want "personal research" (like mine with my mom's "tea"). It isn't reliable or reference-able. I'll try to filter my "wives' tales" and "moms' tales" in the future!

    There are plenty of places I can check my "facts" before I post!

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