what can turn plants male?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by detroitfish, Feb 3, 2009.

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    was wondering what conditions if any could make your plants male?ive been growing from seed looking for a female and have had no luck out of 8 plants so far 5 are male and the other 3 im waiting on! any suggestions???? :thumbsup:
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    growing from seed you are kinda rolling the dice for a female unless you are using feminized seeds. If you were talking Hermie, then I would say number 1 cause for a male outcome from a known female would be light exposure during dark period causing to much stress on the plant.
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    While you can't turn a plant genetically male (=give it a Y chromosome), you can force it to grow male flowers with:
    -Light stress
    -Heat stress
    -Insect attack stress
    -Giberellin or colloidal silver
    -Letting the plant go over-ripe

    Heat, light, and ripeness stress are the safest and are the only ones that should be used on a plant that you intend to smoke.
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    Fem. Seeds

    With your bad luck this time, you might order some fem. seeds next time. Just a word of advice, do your research before buying fem. seeds. Look around and see if anyone else has grown the ones you choose, because fem. seeds seem to have a higher rate of hermie than regular seeds. (Not always the case, though, like with my GHS Trainwreck- everyone said it would hermie, but it didnt. If I would have known that they hermied before I bought them, I wouldn't have. Got lucky though!)

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