What can weed do to you

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by chitownzflyest, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. chitownzflyest

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    ive been smokin for a while n ive stoped because of a few health questions.........is there anything weed can do to seriously injure a person....or even any health risks?.........

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    make u cough and have a good time
  3. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

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    It can lead to schizophrenia if you have it in your family. Of course like smoking anything its going to hurt your lungs. Thats the most info i can give cuz im lazy, but dont belive all the goverment propaganda.
  4. bobthemagicdragon12

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    it can weaken ur lungs so ur more at risk for illnesses like bronchitis or infection. ive done alot of researching and that is my main question too, any long term side affects, and so far i havent found anything, at least not anything really bad, there have never been ANY deaths directly related to marijuana as in ODing, but other than the weakening ur lungs and maybe some affects on ur memory (not sure on the permanence of that tho, i know ur short term goes to shit when ur high but it returns when u come down) just dont over-do it and ull be fine
  5. NightProwler

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    there are many different things weed can do to you:

    -makes you sexier
    -makes you more popular
    -makes you happy or less depressed
    -prevents suicide
    -inhances penis/breast size
    -makes sex even funner
    -will make you have a good time
  6. ezjim

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    cannibis is the most theraputicly safe substance known to mankind..it does not cause lung cancer .. but it can be a problem when smoked by people with asthma..but that problem can be solved with a vaporizer...it should not be used by children who are still growing...or by people who are scitzophrenic other than those 2 thing's weed is as safe as mothers milk ...deffinatly safer than aspirin..tylenol causes a couple thousand overdose deathes every year no one has ever died from a overdose of cannibis ..NOT EVER..nor has weed ever caused kidney failure,,but tylenol is the number one cuase of kidney problem's in the world....i have smoked for over 30 yrs and the only side effect i have experianced is a need to go to the ice box or pantry several times a day..as far as seriuos health risks to humans i know of none.. there are several health risks to any chicken .cow or pig or fish that gets around some one when stoned though ....
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  8. MeatRulz

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    it can get you HIGH!
  9. chillsmoke

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    you can trip over stuff or get hit with things if playing catch, also you could drop your bong and when you try to pick it up; slice your finger open buts thats about it for harmfulness of weed
  10. chitownzflyest

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    oh aight.........i just thought if i smoked weed one day i will like have an anurism in my brain or some shyt lol......i guess im just a hypocondriac
  11. Hempamasta

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    From Erowid...


    * mood lift, euphoria
    * laughter
    * relaxation, stress reduction
    * creative, philosophical or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily
    * increased appreciation of music. More aware of, deeper connection to music.
    * increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell)
    * change in experience of muscle fatigue. Pleasant body feel. Increase in body/mind connection.
    * pain relief (headaches, cramps)
    * reduced nausea, increased appetite (used medically for this)
    * boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny


    * general change in consciousness (as with many psychoactives)
    * increased appetite, snacky-ness
    * slowness (slow driving, talking)
    * change in vision such as sharpened colors or lights
    * closed-eye visuals (somewhat uncommon)
    * tiredness, sleepiness, lethargy
    * stimulation, inability to sleep (less common)
    * blood shot eyes (more common with certain varieties of cannabis and inexperienced users)
    * mouth dryness, sticky-mouth (varies with strain)
    * interrupts linear memory. Difficulty following a train of thought.
    * cheek, jaw, facial tension / numbness (less commonly reported)
    * racing thoughts (especially at high doses)
    * increased emotional impact of music
    * Time sense altered: cars seem like they are moving too fast, time dilation and compression are common at higher doses


    * nausea, especially in combination with alcohol, some pharmaceuticals, or other psychoactives
    * coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems
    * difficulty with short term memory during effects and during periods of frequent use
    * racing heart, agitation, feeling tense
    * mild to severe anxiety
    * panic attacks in sensitive users or with very high doses (oral use increases risk of getting too much)
    * headaches
    * dizziness, confusion
    * lightheadedness or fainting (in cases of lowered blood pressure)
    * paranoid & anxious thoughts more frequent
    * possible psychological dependence on cannabis
    * clumsiness, loss of coordination at high doses
    * can precipitate or exacerbate latent or existing mental disorders


    * mild to moderate, non life-threatening withdrawal symptoms occur after daily use in some users. These may last for 1-6 weeks after cessation of use and can include anxiety, anhedonia (reduced experience of pleasure), headaches, general unease/discomfort, difficulty sleeping, and a desire to smoke pot. Severity of symptoms is related to frequency of use and individual sensitivity.
    * slight loss of appetite
    * finding non-stoned life a bit dull, increased boredom
  12. bulls4591

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    actaully they just did a recent study where i was reading that weeds good for you. I would post the link but uhhhh i forgot it?
  13. lizka4200

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    whats wrong with weed..we all love it and it does no harmm
  14. bobthemagicdragon12

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    hempmastas post is very accurate i just wanna clear some things up on it, so first off all senses are heightened while high, thats right better, the best brownies i ever had were while i was high lol good lord they were awesome. one thing that most believe is that u get bloodshot eyes because the increased heart rate swells ur blood vessels, and while there is some truth to this the main reason u get bloodshot eyes is because the smoke irritates ur eyes, it can happen w/ any smoke and i have a friend who's eyes never get bloodshot b/c he smokes alot and is used to it. ok as for the nausea thats only when combined w/ alcohol or something else, weed alone will not give u nausea and its used to treat nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, the coughing is only because the smoke irritates ur lungs, for all u unfortuanate ppl w/ asthma weed is a bronchial dialator so it will actually help ur asthma, ok the next few r just common misconceptions, the memory thing and the increased heart rate r only when high, they go away when u come down, and the anxiety and panic attacks r self induced, this means they dont happen unless u make it happen, ive never experienced either of these but my friends have, it happens when u start freakin out about stuff like getting caught or somethin, its just amplified alot, ive never had a headache and the dizzy only came when i got drunk and high, weed is a very strong pain reliever so i cant imagine anyone would get a headache from just weed alone, lol the lightheadedness ive had, i thought i was fun tho so lol, the psychological dependence thing is another big issue, but basically u have to smoke alot of weed very often to develop a psychological dependence and there is a hige difference between that and a physical addiction but psych depen is way less serious. and the mental disorder thing is like ya its true but ur chances of it actually happening to u r soo low dont even worry about it. so ya it was all mostly true just taken out of content and a tad misleading, hope this cleared up some stuff!! :)
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  16. 187

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    it will kill you quit as soon as possible
  17. Kryzco

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    the shits good for you
    don't believe the hype
    just your lungs are mostly affected and short term memory
  18. braindamaged

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    Take your life but leave you living

    I smoked the skunk form of cannabis heavily daily for a few years and now my brain has completely turned to mush and the mental illness I suffer is intolerable. Every day is living torture and every day I wish I was dead, I can not concentrate my, memory feels non existent, I can not interact with people, intense anxiety/fear to the extent it can feel painful, social phobia, paranoia, traumatized by horrific thoughts, severe depression, suicidal urges, I could go on and on, lets just say life really is not worth living any more. When Tony Blair down graded cannabis to class C it encouraged me it was relatively safe. Now I wish he would reclassify skunk to class A as I feel it should be, cannabis is not what it used to be, skunk is at least ten times stronger, it is just too strong. I have learnt from experience the hard way and now my life is over, yet unfortunately I am still alive, I am only 26. I feel I have gone totally mad, my personality has been completely burnt away, I am like a vegetable with slurred speech, my brain is burnt out and totally damaged. I stopped a long time ago and have not recovered. Life used to be ok. Thanks to skunk it is now torture and I wish I was no more.

    This is not political its just my experience, I don't know if it is due to my genetic make up, maybe some predisposition for this to happen which skunk has just triggered or what. If you don't believe me fine at least I have tried to warn others from what I have learnt the hard way. Read information from mental health charities on the subject which I have since and you will find some people skunk can cause them to lose their mind. I am not saying it will happen I am just saying you are rolling the dice like I did with your sanity, this shit is not 100% safe you could be the one in so many like me. Believe me madness is more frighting than you could ever imagine its like a bad trip all the time. I hope I get the balls to take my own life some time soon.
  19. MyAntiDrugIsAmy

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    what is the difference in quality compared to the regular full size ones?
  20. Kokujin X

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    I haven't had any health or out of the ordinary problems.... one time I had an extreme head rush while blazed and pretty much blacked out. I was standing too, I don't even remember existing. Then, I realized my friend was standing next to me saying "are you ok dude? Do I need to do something?" But I snapped out of it and was like, "i'm fine". It was strange.

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