what causes red eyes

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  1. S.W.I.M. 504

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    what causes them? and cotton moutn?whats acutally happening on the inside?
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    I'd like to know too, so I'll help keep the thread alive
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    Marijuana is a vasodilator which causes the blood vessels in your eyes to dilate. This basically means the blood vessels open up and become larger. I believe the red eyes are caused by being able to see so many more vessels that used to be too small to notice before smoking. The dilation is caused by the action of THC which causes the smooth muscle lining blood vessels to relax. Hope that helps :thumbsup:

    Edit: yes, dry mouth is most likely caused by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This is a division of the autonomic nervous system that reacts in times of stress normally, but is artificially stimulated by the THC. You can feel your sympathetic nervous system kick in when you start to run or are scared (notice sweating, dilated pupils, etc.). One of the other things is your body stops producing so much saliva... hence dry mouth
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    No website i could find actually gives a proper scientific explanation why, interesting because i dont know the actual reason myself but i would assume its simple because weed, THC trichs have chemicals in them which dehydrate you and make you have less saliva and less water around your eyes and mouth and whole body in general.
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    See my post above :)
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  9. S.W.I.M. 504

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    WHOA dam thank u guys
    i would like to say i an very high and this information HAS BLOWN MY MIND!

    i will be happy to read it later when i can fully comprehend this

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    Haha LMAO, thats what im like when i post a thread sometimes and too many people reply and im stoned im just like urghh... ill come back another time.
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    lol, its like a present that i know ill have later.
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    im pretty sure that red eye is caused by the smoke irretating your eyes(like how sand in your eye would make it red) thats why your eyes get way more red when your boxing it or something cause there is smoke all around you.

    now for really really bloodshot eyes i dont think thats the case.
    then for dry/cotton mouth that is because there is all kinds of smoke in your mouth it just drys it out.
    and cotton mouth is caused by the dry mouth since you have no spit...
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    All I know isthat the more i cough, the redder my eyes become at the end of the session, so i try not to do a ton of coughing
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    This thread is informative and funny lol
  15. FakeBoobsRule

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    Sorry but A328519 put up the right answer with a quote on vasodilation.
  16. GraziLovesMary

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    Yes Ive noticed this as well, regardless of any other medical reasoning. It doesnt matter how much weed I smoke... my eyes only get red when I cough. I made the connection when I saw my friend had a popped blood vessel in his eye, when I asked him what it was from he said it was from straining too hard when takin a dump. The next time I smoked and started coughing like shit I felt that same kind of strain, and I began feeling how much my eyeballs were strained. And sho nuff my eyes were bloodshot as hell. Ive even done tests over a lengthened period of time, coughing more or less extraneously and seeing if the resulting redness of my eyes was analogous.. and it was. So even if I smoke like half an ounce of some danky dank in a few hours, as long as I dont cough, my eyes arent red. Sleepy lookin, maybe.. lol.. but not red.
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    I get terrible red-eye, a spliff to myself and my eye's go extremely red. I don't even have to be that stoned. But i use Eye Brightener eye drops which sort me out. if i put them in, people just think i'm a bit tired rather than stoned (apparently my face goes a bit "droopy" when stoned.) Some red-eye will be because smoke getting in, but you can tell when you get smoke in your eyes because it's quite irritable in my experiences.

    as for drymouth, i only get it if i think about it. if someone mentions it, i'll get it, but if not, i don't. I dont think it's dehydration really because that implies all you're body to be dehydrated. For me, i want a drink just to wet my mouth again, not to rehydrate. There's definately a difference between "i want a drink cz im really dehydrated and not had a drink in a while" and "i want a drink because i got dry mouth"

    i hope that all made sense, it didn't make much sense to me and i wrote it and i'm not even stoned, what's with that? lol
  18. GraziLovesMary

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    It all made sense, but Ive noticed that when I smoke, a good majority of the hydration in my body immediately proceeds to my bladder. Seriously, every time I smoke, I gotta piss real bad at least once or twice within 20 minutes of smoking, and my body is more dehydrated.. and the dehydration of my body is something that took me many years and some QiGong meditation to be able to become aware of. Other than being thirsty, having headaches, dry lips, and yellow urine.. the usual signs.
  19. LIP

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    I dont get red eyes. Never did. My eyes just get low and look almost closed. I get very big pupils too but never redeye.
  20. imitator

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    I dont get red eyes when I have my contacts in. If they are out, I get red eye like no other.

    I use RotoV Ice eye drops to clear up redeye though. That stuff turns your eyes pure white after it starts working, not a sign of redness anywhere.

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