what did you name your first glass you have ever owned?/and or describe it

Discussion in 'The Hobby Lounge' started by Big boi, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Big boi

    Big boi Registered

    you read the title what did ya'll name your glass? mine, big boi. i think it explains it's self. big purpleish/ blueish
  2. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    my love was Raul, hes not here anymore, hes with MJAH's Rainbow having fun in pipe heaven
  3. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Leet Pete
    he has a big bowl, and has a big mouth piece/stem or whatever, so it can collect a lot of smoke in it. yeah, he owns.
  4. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    Quicksand was my first glass piece. it had a blueish grey stem and the tip of the bowl part was shades of orange. when you held it bowl part towards the ground it looked like quicksand sucking the eiffel tower down
  5. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    This is my first, only, and favorite piece. He goes by El Capitano in my neck of the woods, and he has slain many unsuspecting potheads...

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  6. station

    station Registered+

    heres my glass piece that is no longer with me. R.i.P big guy. his name was Mr.Biggins and smoked like a champ. i will not go into detail on how he lost his life but it was a very sad sad day to say teh least :( was my only glass bong ever. i havnt gone back to buy 1 since. not even a plastic one at that. iv just been thro to many bongs and after i lost that 1 i said not till i got my own place again that ill buy a glass one

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  7. Collie&Wine

    Collie&Wine Registered+

    First pipes name was Trish. She was a beautiful Tommy Chong Spoon. I got her the day of my 17th birthday. We had a good run for a while. But I left her at my brothers house when my parents busted me and he used it one night and accidently knocked it of the counter top onto tile. So this goes out to you Trish.

    Remember the pipe that started all the fun,

    Those long smooth tokes in the Forida Sun,

    Spiraling colors created with every bowl,

    Sleep peaceful with your pipe friends,

    God rest your soul.

    (Kind of Mr. Deeds-ish...."Good ryhme")
  8. TheAtomicPunk

    TheAtomicPunk Registered+

    Elmo, because he was big and red and made me happy and I could probabley watch elmo after smoking him, but I'd rather not.
  9. pass the chicken

    pass the chicken Registered+

    sidekick clear glass steamroller(size of a highlighter but a little bit longer) with carring case. My buddy bought it, came over, we broke it in, he decided he didn't like it i traded him a quater for it ha then stashed all my pariphinalia? at his cuzins house cause my apartment was about to be searched his cousin loved it so much i ended up giving it to him for letting me stash at his place funny how the world goes round huh
  10. Prunedale

    Prunedale Banned

    Mine was blue with green lines, since my friend blows glass, that mutherfucker was "perfect" the holes were perfect, the bowl was perfect, the size was perfect. Sigh... And my fucking stupid ass gf, sets it on the couch arm and then I walk by and brush it, and eeeeeew kingeeedling. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! /cry
    Yea I cried. That meant something to me. I still have it, hang on lemme take a pic.. cry with me yall.. /cry

    Thanks guys you inspired me to say fuck it, I threw some packing tape on it air tight, and we just smoked a bowl to once again honor the piece, and stoner moves.

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  11. Prunedale

    Prunedale Banned

    OOOh El Capitan.....mmmmm is this your Yacht?
    I like that.
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  12. tokinballer

    tokinballer Registered+

    mine was a sidecar that i named marjane

    and i had a secong sidecar thatm looked close to exactly the same wo i knamed her hashley

    so maryjane and hashley.
  13. GreenLadyOfDankDowns

    GreenLadyOfDankDowns Registered+

    Mine was a three foot tall blue bong named Little Boy Blue. He is greatly missed.
  14. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I had many homemade peices, but none of them wewre really special as I could just make something new.

    The first real piece I ever got though is when I was 19. Glass spoons were a new thing and was quite cheap at the time. It was spoon shaped, but had a glass bubble on the left side with a little mushroom in the middle. On the left side it had another bubble that was the shotgun hole. It had blue swirls going down the stem piece, and had blue swirls on the bowl. It was a color changing one and if I remeber right, I got it for $25 at the time.

    The colors I remeber were so bright and vivid. I haven't see any other pipe like it since. The bowl shape kind of reminded me of a hammerhead shark head. Where the sides kind of went out, but the stem piece narrowed a bit.

    I loved that thing, but it broke many years ago.
  15. jessem98

    jessem98 Registered+

    bong that i named JR Bizzle, but called it Junior all the time (JR's made up from my first initial with my buddies initial). It was about a one footer, diffuser, ice catcher, mushrooms made of glass detailed on the neck. it also had a giant circle bowl, amazing for party bowls. Sooooo many good times with it, buddys dad through it out :(. Man i remeber this one night (about 3 months ago) we packed what mustve been a gram bowl chopped with a little bit of blunt mixed in, after that shesh i could barely walk/stand i was so high.
  16. Lamperus

    Lamperus Registered+

    My first one was named Scrooge ... I still love the thing. Just a spoon, but I love it.
  17. Funkmaster H.O.H.N.

    Funkmaster H.O.H.N. Registered+

    I don't think I ever named my first glass piece, my old sherlock, got shattered a little over a year ago. My second glass though, my bong Iron Mike, got it's name from the strong hits you get from it.
  18. THClord

    THClord Registered+

    Elrond McBong
    Drilled a hole in a vase and epoxy glued a glass stem into it.
    The vase came with 4 matching shotglasses, so the entire thing is a smoking-drinking set.
    It all looks pretty awesome. Amazing for home-made.
  19. Cannakush

    Cannakush Registered+

    terry toker. Very small and cheap pipe. Didn't really like it that much and it broke after like a month of using it.
  20. katyowns

    katyowns Registered+

    I called it the Pacifer or The retro bowl depending on what mood I was in. It had this weird art deco look to it, but it also kinda looked like a sucker haha. I didn't start smoking until I was 19 so I got into the game late.

    I did a lot of digging to find pics of it lol. It broke on our basement floor

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