what did you name your first glass you have ever owned?/and or describe it

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  1. Mr. Brown

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    Ze SS. (german accent) Short for Slow and Steady, the hole in the bowl is kinda big so you gotta take it easy or else you get snacked when its cashed. I bought it at this festival in kansas, Wakarusa. I was in the market for a bowl so I was wondering around at like 2 in the morning on the last night, stoned out of my gourd on all this L we bought. I see this guy, hes like 7 feet tall carrying one of those rifle lookin cases for carryin the bowls he makes. He was like a beacon in the night, i walked straight for him and i was like, hey man can i see your bowls? He said sure and put the case on the ground and opened it up. there must have been 50 or 60 in there. It was the first one I looked at, my eyes went straight to it like the holy grail of bowls. I picked it up and he said, ya man that one came out really good, and I said how much, and he said $40. I had no idea how much money I had at that point I was in no shape to negotiate, so i reached into my pocket and pulled out all the money i had left and handed it to him, it was 2 folded 20s. It was meant to be, I said thanks man and he said ya have fun, and we went our separate ways.

    Ya it was my last $40, and i had to eat nature valley bars the whole 27 hour car ride home, but she's my baby. sorry for the epic, but i love tellin this story. peace

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  2. AandS

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    Oh dude, i'm sorry to tell you this but... you got majorly ripped off man. At wakarusa, this guy staying at our campsite was a glass blower, and he was giving amazing pieces away for super cheap-- 10-15 dollars. You could probably have found a cheaper piece just searching around but... its alright, at least you have a good story for it.
  3. trancefusion5

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    The Storm - R.I.P. !!
    Standing Sherlock bubbler (my fav) Blue and yellow colors on the mouth piece, flat lip, with blue and yellow cane on the can. Inside was fumed with silver and i always thought gold as well but i could never be sure(this gave the color glass a really tight 3d look. This thing was nice! Oh yeah lets not forget the dicroic marble and matching ribbon!
    Custom made, that dude was good! Wish i could still find him!!
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    my first glass piece was a bowl named Poncho... so far my favorite piece, alas he is not with us anymore... the shit just TASTED better, coming out of him... he saw good times.
  5. trancefusion5

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    You know the pipe i was talking about broke so i took some stuff,i think called cold weld?) It comes in a black tube and a white tube and when you mix the two together its super strong. I used it to glue it back together and it works better than any other way ive ever seen somone try to put a glass pipe back together. Yours looks perfect for this since its one crack right down the middle. Sometimes you cant even tell you used it but others all you can see is a little gray line where the crack was. Ill never use the pipe i stuck back together, i just did it cuz i loved the way it looks (well not so much anymore but...) i get kinda picky when it comes to my glass!
  6. trancefusion5

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    If anyone know the real name to the stuff im talking about in the post above please let us know. Thanks!
  7. 420wonzerotoo

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    I had a beautiful Zong Bong that i called Mount Everest, sadly when i was smoking with my bestfriend at a parking lot and after a few jokes of this bong being unbreakable, i hear cop sirens and BAM! I tip over mount everest and she shatters all over the floor.
  8. Dabberville

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    The Horn of Chaos - even after 24 years my brother and I still laugh about this one. It was a giant home made pipe and the bowl was ringed with the outside metal of my old VW bugs key ignition. Only a memory, moms found it and destroyed it of course but even that is a funny tale for another time. Long live chaos!
  9. Dancing_Bear

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    Jack Straw
    I named it after I smoked out of it listening to "Jack Straw" by the Dead.
    It's got a bamboo stem and a metal bowl.
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  10. Dutch Pimp

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    "precious" IMG_0416.JPG
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  11. Pupp

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    When I was in Basic Training, a long time ago...

    ...The first day we went to the firing range, suddenly everybody was talking about naming their rifle. I don't remember what I named mine, but by the time I got to bed that night, I decided that giving a rifle a name was lame. I guess a lot of other soldiers felt the same way, because as far as I know, nobody referenced their rifle with a name for the rest of Basic Training.
  12. Lit Up

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    Wiggles. Threw it out the window when I was 19. Yeah, I quit smoking once.
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