What do I do if I find cannabis plants growing in the wild?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by stinkyattic, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. mr_majestic

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    I completely understand the posters here but when planting guerrilla style in the woods, there are inherrent risks. Bottom line, its not your land, its public land. So literally what you reap is what you sow. I also notice that many of the people posting in this puritanical "no bro leave that shit alone" type way, probably a) would steal it anyway and b), do they see all things in this super honest way or just things related to weed? If their friend's super hot girl offered them a blow job without their friend knowing, would they take it? You fuckin bet.
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  2. mattj12pint2

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    ide leave a note saying, we should pow wow sometime lol
  3. backwoodsganja

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    i plant every where i hike, i like to look at myself as "johnny-pot-seed" i travel along the trails i hike popping seeds into the ground lol never know one day i might venture that trail again and find it growing strong
  4. backwoodsganja

    backwoodsganja Registered+

    hahah that would be hilarious
  5. Michael Oliver

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    Thanks for the sage advice Bro!
  6. Mainely Growing Weed

    Mainely Growing Weed Registered+

    Having last year's harvest stolen 4 weeks before harvest time I can say that anyone low enough to steal from someone's stash deserves what he/she gets.
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  7. drydraws

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    I expect half of my grow to be found/ripped off each year.Last year, ALL my grow was found/ripped off:mad:
    this is a MUST year
  8. pyeyed1

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    the kids karma is the kids karma ... mite wanna let his karma unfold as it will on its own........ to think you have to enforce it or help it along .....
    ....as even if you could.. karma dont work like that...the karma you might be thinkin about is the karma you be creating for yourself....
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  9. A$her2Stoned

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    Well in Kentucky, us hilljack kush growin ganja farmers usually tie up a rattlesnake after we cut the rattlers off its tail so yo don't even hear it.. in reality that's as legit as it gets Cuz here, its either take it or leave it and most of the time when someone walks up on a crop they steal it.
  10. brotherbeau

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    I had this happen to me a couple years back. Had about 20 plants in the woods behind my house. I went to check on them one day and every last one was gone. I was kinda freaking out at first cause I though it might have been cops ya know? I never heard anything so I decided it was just some jerk stealing my stash. The next year I got smart and planted about 30 plants, in groups of two all over my land so that if they found them again they wouldn't find them all. It was a LOT more work taking care of them since I had to walk a lot more but worth it. By the time harvest rolled around i had 18 plants still. A few I'm sure were eaten by deer or what not but I salvaged the rest and might i add that it was some righteous bud.
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  11. CartoonStoner

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    Id probley just leave a note saying u ever wanna sell some heres my #
  12. gardenermendo

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    Best to be careful how I report this.
    Real story (2014) came through knowledgeable people. Several hundred miles away a large grower, who had to hire helpers, got ripped of by thugs coming in at harvest time with heavy guns, took millions that were trimmed. Sounds to me like someone squealed. And who do you report this crime to?
    Grower may be decent, but when you get too big, your risks go really high.
  13. JayD57

    JayD57 Registered

    I would definitely just grab a medium sized nug and leave the rest, the grower would want you to have it if you were going to be that chill about it. One nug gone is still better then someone that doesn't like weed stumbling across it.
  14. cuzzy1

    cuzzy1 Registered+

    Grow indoors
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  15. Sanse

    Sanse Registered

    ''Does stealing from someone who is a criminal any less of a theft?''

  16. Wagonweed

    Wagonweed Registered+

    A big pile of chronic lol.

    Also everyone who the fuck would you rather steal it... me who will enjoy it or the cops who will destroy it?
    I tend to go with the lesser of the evil.
  17. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    ^^^ enjoy stolen goods? I hope your liver rots. LMFAO
  18. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    I would love to run into someones guerilla. Id take notes on layout and pics..And disappear with little more knowledge for myself....
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