What do I do if I find cannabis plants growing in the wild?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by stinkyattic, Oct 3, 2006.

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    I might get starstruck at first and suddenly, will stop and think "wow, what a very nice stuff I've got".... then leave it alone! Just that :D
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    I have 5 acres and a few years back was walking my back acre near the lake and stumbled across 25 plants. They were ready to harvest and I had a good hunch who the plants belong too but no proof.

    I did leave a small note saying this is on my property, do not get me into trouble.

    few weeks later went up to lake to go fishing at my usual spot and found a small cooler, 6 pack of beer, half oz and a note saying sorry and thanks for not taking my stuff.
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    See how that sheet works...Great job, well done. Leave other peeps stuff alone.
  4. bronc76

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    I lost half my plants a few years back and would have killed the person that took them. I worked way too hard to get them to that point. They were like eight to ten feet tall and on my 10 acres of land. Damn that sucked!
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    What would you do?

    Allow me to throw out some things that happened to me in my younger years growing in the cane fields.

    You have a exceptional patch. August is ending, your plants are starting to bud. You notice a few seeds scattered throughout your girls. You take the next two hours checking for the tiny bit of fag that you missed. Nothing. Where are they comming from? What do you do?...or...

    You did a lot of work that day, you're burnt, and the sun was setting so you slammed your last 10 holes in a single empty spot and called it a day. Months pass, your plants are getting nice. On your last trip in you find that someone has put a small patch of three holes 50 ft away from your grow. What do you do?...or...

    You come in for harvest. Your plants are gone. The stems are still wet so you know it was done recently. As you look around you notice a scuff mark going deeper into the field. Next you find a boot print. You follow the trail back and find some nice early budded plants. What do you do?

    In the first case the only place pollen could come from is another grow. You head upwind (thank you trade winds) and sure enough you find another grow with a big male in full bloom. In this case I ripped up the other patch. Didn't want to have seeded buds due to someone else's mistake or lazyness.

    The second case those three may come back to haunt you. If they do good the growers will come back and put more in. You rip them out, cut the drip lines and cut and stomp a trail in from a different direction. Make it look like green harvest was there. I was there first and I don't want anybody planting on top of me. Or finding my plants.

    The third case was personal. I searched the entire block and found quite a bit more. Let them go into full bud. Kept my eye on that field,and learned they like to work on the weekends. Then, when they were fat and jucy I took the tops. On Friday, a day or two before they came in to harvest. Two weeks later I came back and took the rest. Left one behind, stripped her to the stems. On that stem I hung a single dollar bill.

    In my field adventures I have stumbled over many other grows. A few were big and ready. All I left alone except those three. Two threatened my crop. The last was payback. More than once I have pulled and moved my just planted starts because the area is occupied.

    Getting ripped off is not fun. I hurts. But it is the cost of playing the game. I will rip up your grow if it threatens mine. Or if you steal from me and leave an obvious trail back to yours. It is also a painful way to be taught a lesson. But it is a lesson you will remember. Most of you would have done the same thing if you were in my shoes.

    Proclaiming to the world how honest you are is all well and good. Waiting around to meet the grower is a good way to get hurt. We don't want to meet you. Grid searching a cane field is a good way to have your car set on fire or your bike stolen while you are making noise in the field. Do this for a decade or two and you get very good at tracking and putting yourself in the other persons shoes. Leaving a note will just force the guy who's plants you found to take them early. The best thing to do is to get out of there and forget the entire day.

    Don't go out of your way to look for other plants unless you want to work the area. If you want to work there check the entire place well. Some extra searching may save you a lot of disappointment down the road. If you feel bad about a place, your feelings are right a lot of the time. Don't question your feelings. Just walk away.

    Above all stay safe. Weed is just a plant. No matter what they did it is never worth phyisicaly hurting another human being. It can easily screw the rest of your life up. And it just is not worth it. In the big picture I can hide and plant them faster than the punks can find them and swipe them.

    I have rambled for too long. Time to take a few more hits and go to bed.
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    I live in Central Cali and we have a LOT of small farms(5-10 acres) in the area that are notrious for growing bud. Most of these fields are owned and farmed by Asian immigrants who sell their vegetable to local grocers, restaraunts, and at farmers markets. Every year several are busted for large scale grows. Usually 5000+ plants. Since so many are busted, it only seems to reason that there are quite a few that didn't. I have known quite a few people that will cruise around and look for these fields and then raid them at night. Their thinking is that they are stealing from a criminal so what difference does it make. I've even heard one try to justify it by saying that at least he knew it wasn't going to end up being sold to some kid. I've also seen a few get arrested(looks kinda suspicious driving through fields at night) and a couple get the crap kicked out of them. You would think this would be a good deterrent, but they are gearing up for this years harvest. Absolutely SHAMEFUL!
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    It's popular to grow in corn fields here as well as other places. Driving down the road in certain places you can smell the sweet goodness. I just smile and keep driving. I am sure it would be easy to locate her by smell. but i figure if there is honor among thieves, then why not a sense of honor among stones?
    are thieves any better? When you take someone else hard work you have no honor.
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    Go ahead and steal someones plants, but be willing to pay the consequences.
    If I catch anyone near mine, they get what they deserve. No, not guns or booby traps.
    Mine are well hidden on private property, where nobody should be out for a stroll.
    The only strollin thru the woods I do is on my property, and would be kind of upset to find someone elses grow.
    These people that would come on my land, and leave a grow, deserve to lose it.
    No sharing, or taking clippings or leaving notes or other B.S. They are putting me and my property at risk, and if found by the wrong people, cause me greif.
    Rant over.
    I would never go on anyone elses property without permission, and definitely would not take anything belonging to another without asking.
  9. gr8misadventures

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    19 plants put out, 5 plants stolen.

    2 were stolen from a location we believed was used the previous season by someone else.

    Our Mother was stolen the day before we went to harvest her, along with a smaller plant that was next to her.

    The final straw, this season alone, was the drywaller who stole a plant from behind my shed, on my property, in broad daylight. While I was at home and believed he was downstairs doing what he was paid to do.

    19 plants, or 5000 plants, I will defend what I work for. Unfortunately, until we have a proper justice system, this could include violence at times.
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    if i see weed growing in the wild ill take as much as i can get
    weed is an illegal substance and its grown on no ones property
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    Good Post ! ,. My moto is that you dnt have a dog and bark ya self ! ,.If you get what i mean ?? ;) ...
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    Yuno this!!! For sure!!:jointsmile:
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    a mother fucker named lil g jacked my shit one year so i fucked his wife and kicked his fucking ass lol
  15. bicflikr

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    mr bud.
    he didnt
    and no
    you didnt
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    I think courtesy is virtue worth more than Patience if you ask me. Good to see someone making a post like that:jointsmile:
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    Reminds me of a story my dad told me .He was from alabama and when he was a boy ,he walked up on a moonshine still. He kept walking and latter in the day he was downtown and a guy walked up to him, and said "good thing you kept walking" You never know, the plot may be guarded and it is best to just keep on walking
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    My dad used to do handyman type work including mowing yards, he had people help him from time to time and this one guy who was helping him borrowed one of my dads mowers and wouldn't return it. My dad went to the guys house one day, guy wasn't home but there were a few nice plants in buckets on the porch so my dad grabbed a couple and drove off!

    Not the smartest move and I asked my dad never to tell anyone about this cause he told me like the day after he took them. Fortunately nothing bad came of it but it had me worried.
  19. you smoke it, you roll it up and smoke it.
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    If I found the plants early on in the season I would leave, go home, grow around 10 male plants indoors then go back around six weeks before harvest with the male plants and try to pollinate all the females...

    No, not really, I wouldn't do such a thing. I just have a twisted imagination,, lol.,

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