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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^what do i need to grow hrydro
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    On that question nobody can give you a straight forward answer. There are numerous different methods to growing hydro. Your best bet is to read more info on all areas of growing. Here is a site with a simple hydro setup though that works well.


    With a little of imagination you can find many ways to modify this setup. Good luck.
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    thanks man im workin on it today
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    I bought some 4" PVC pipe and a drill attachment for drilling holes for doorknobs 3" and drill the holes 28 inches apart down 25' pieces that I glued together. A sump pump in the plumbing area of any hardware store some 1/4 black sprinkler tubing which you run to the 4 inch pvc pipe thats your water supply line that carries your food to the plants with 150 gallon black rubbermaid tubs bought at a farm supply store. They also have these 3 inch plastic baskets that fit right in the holes on the 4 inch pvc pipe...start whatever plants you do let them grow to about 6-7 inches in soil take them and wash all the dirt off the roots with some luke warm water and place right in the 3 inch baskets in the 4 inch pvc pipe make sure the roots fit in all the way to the water flowing in the pipe. Also at the end of the 4 inch pvc pipe we used run of the mill gutter we bought at Home Depot and that runs back into the 150 gallon supply. Sorry but I just smoked some good purple stuff and I'm kinda jumping around a bit. We ran the water supply pretty much 24/7 that way the plants are constantly feeding so you have to make sure that the water supply is checked every few hours for PH changes and at a young age if the water stops for more than an hour with the roots in the dry air they can wilt fast but later on the roots actually grow to fill the 4 inch pvc pipe and crack it, man it was a nightmare trying to clean out the pipe for the next cycle.
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