What do they look for in a drug test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by pdxguitar, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. pdxguitar

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    Creatine and THC (or the metabolite, don't know the word). I am (counting today and the first half of Monday) two days till my UA. I have just failed a home test about 30 minutes ago and was thinking about pounding a bunch of cranberry juice, creatine, and some multi-vits. Gonna take some Niacin too, don't know if it really works or not but might as well try it. Wont go overboard, just enough to get a good flush any way. It's been 14 days TODAY since I smoked last, and I have not smoked in about 6 months prior (not sure really when but it was a while). Last time I smoked I had to take a UA and passed in like 5 days. Dunno whats different this time but it sucks.

    My question.... What do they look for in a drug test? What is in URine that makes it "authentic" or not dilute?

  2. SFGurrilla

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    Your clean dude. Get a friends piss. Or get Doctor X
  3. pdxguitar

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    I am worried they will watch and I'm obviously not clean since I took a test about an hour ago (30 since my post). I'm pretty sure I wrote that. Anyhow, thanks for replying. Still looking for insight.
  4. SFGurrilla

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    Is it for show cap, court, job testing? Where will they send you?
  5. pdxguitar

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    It's for a job. However it's at a drug testing clinic, I am nervous they may watch. I had one test a couple years ago and the watched me undress and put on a gown, then followed me to the bathroom, made me wash my hands, handed me the cup then watched me piss. I was clean then tho...
  6. Rapidfire187

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    Lmfao, you're a stoner trying to get a job at a drug testing clinic? Classic..
  7. SteelerCat

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    Actually, I think he was saying he has to take the test at a drug testing clinic. At least that's how I read it.

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