What do you do with leftover vaped herb?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JOHNNYBLAZE36, Sep 18, 2010.


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    So ive got a nice little tin can halfway full, probably silly question but the leftovers cant be used for edibles or anything else can it?

    I dont vape it till it is toast brown so its still got some light green color. I fugure save it for dry day?! probably end up just trashing the older it gets
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    brownies bro....1 cup of vapor duff..2 sticks butter.. 9x9 inch baking pan

    melt the butter add the duff... simmer for 30 mins on a low heat....strain the duff out of the butter using a pulp strainer/filter... let the cannbutter drip into the brownie batter(your replaceing the veggy oil with the cannabutter) bake at 325 until done....makes 9 -1 inch servings 1 piece is a nice trip:hippy:
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    sounds nice man didnt know i could use it that way, but couple things first i dont have a full cup ive got maybe about a 1/4 cup could i make anything out of this - say off your measurements maybe cutting everything down something like a half a stick of butter and 1/4 cup of duff?

    also since thats not even enough for brownies on top of the fact im not big on sweets at all, could i use the butter as is out of the strainer on something like over toast or on top of muffins? unless its required after you make the butter and strain that you bake again for it to have effect?

    appreciate your insight :hippy:
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  4. VapedG13

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    yep you got the idea bro...:thumbsup: you will just need to solidify the cannabutter....use a plate or jar with water some on or in it... drip the butter on top the water.... it will seperate and solidify in the fridge
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    thanks Vaped not getting this last part though, ive got some extra mason jars so youre saying once its time to strain fill the jar up with say like half or 1/4 cup of water and strain the butter into here? are you sure itd seperate once its cooled off seems itd just all mix together and ruin the butter with the water cutting everything down?

  6. VapedG13

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    trust a bro:hippy: it will seperate ....oil and water..

    thats how we wash the butter too
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    Thanks brother was just unsure if i read it right seemed strange, will do it probably tonight and report back results :D
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    I do it in 2 steps. First, I set my vape to a lower temp, save it, and when I'm dry, toss it in on a higher temp. Takes more bowls to get you high(Obviously). Then, THAT leftover I cook with.

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