What Do You Guys/Gals Do With Hash Trimmings?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by dejayou30, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. dejayou30

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    I have a butt load of trimmings from the plants I've harvested, and I have only harvested half of the total plants. I need somewhere to put the trimmings. Right now, I have some that are half dry in a big mason jar with the lid off, one full mason jar of totally dry trimmings, and then a huge mound of trimmings from two plants last night drying on this screen thing that there is no more room on. I am planning on trimming another one tonight so I need somewhere for these trimmings to go! What do you guys/gals do with yours?
  2. cigarettes42

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    if its dry can't you just put them in the freezer till you sift or bubble bag?
  3. dejayou30

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    OK, so maybe my original post was a bit confusing or misleading.

    My problem is that I have have the trimmings from only 2 plants HEAPED onto this screen thing and I still have 4 more to harvest over the next couple days and the trimmings I have will not be dry by then. I am just running out of room and want to know the easiest way to dry a huge amount or if I can just throw it in a bag until I'm ready to use it. I just don't want it to mold or anything. Thanks!
  4. psteve

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    A paper bag will work just fine. Turn the trim twice a day to keep it from molding.
  5. dejayou30

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    Another question: do you have to dry the trimmings before making hash or can you use them right after you trim them?
  6. zebulon

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    To dry stuff i use a textile sack....fill it up, hang it up and done....
  7. psteve

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    But you should use them IMMEDIATELY, like within the first 72 hours.
    After that, the chlorophyll will be breaking down, and you'll end up with green hash.
    I always wait until it's fully cured before making hash. That way I get the nice golden color, and buttery flavor.
  8. dejayou30

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    So after its dry, should I keep it in a jar to cure it? I have some clippings left from my first grow which was way longer than 72 hrs ago :D, and this new stuff is starting to dry finally but I want to do it all at once instead of having to do it twice and I still have 2 plants to trim. What do you think the best option is? Is green hash less potent or is it just less desirable?
  9. weedisboss

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    High Times published an article on making bubble hash, and they said that you should keep the sugar leaves wet. Don't bother trying to make hash from fan leaves as their THC content is wayy too low. They say to use only wet sugar leaves as this allows less green plant matter to find its way through the screens. I would suggest bagging up all your shake and freezing it immediatly if your not going to make hash asap. Freezing it would freeze all the moisture of course and no mold could grow in those conditions. Now if you're not farmiliar with making hash at all you take your least fine bag and fill it it halways with ice. Then add your frozen sugar leaves and stir. When you see a froth form, it's working. Then just filter it though all of your bubble bags and your good to go. The result is a delicious blonde looking hash.
  10. dejayou30

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    I think I have the jist of it. I am using the Gumby method. I put the trimmings in a tupperware container with a fan on top of it blowing up to pull air out of the bin and all the clippings are pretty dry so I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow. I will post back with results! :thumbsup:
  11. dejayou30

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    I've been waiting for 2 hours now, so 2 more to go. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have green hash because the water is green. Will this affect potency?
  12. psteve

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    No. Just the taste and texture.
    Curing longer can make it more potent, but you can cure the hash just as easily.
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  13. dejayou30

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    Well, I am done. It was much more successful than I thought it would be. I haven't weighed it yet because its still pretty wet. I somehow got a lot of plant pieces mixed in, but not too many. Its a light blonde color with tiny green specks. My camera batteries are dead but I am charging them overnight and will post a pic, final yield and smoke report tomorrow! :jointsmile:
  14. dejayou30

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    Well I just smoked some of the hash and it is awesome. I had a HUGE headache before I smoked it and I smoked .2g and it was gone immediately. I used a green screen, but the taste seemed very sweet and tasted a lot like my buds which I think is awesome although it doesn't really taste like hash. Its not very pure, I got a lot of tiny leaf pieces in there somehow. Overall though, a very enjoyable smoke! :thumbsup:

    Total yield of 2.4g from an estimated 2-3 oz of clippings. I have a really tiny scale so I can't really weigh large amounts efficiently. There is a big ball that is 2g and a smaller one that weighed .6 but its pretty wet so I'm estimating .4 final weight. Its also a lot less pure than the 2g ball I think.

    Overall, the Gumby Method worked pretty well. I'm not sure how I got all the green matter in my hash but I am satisfied for my first try.

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  15. stinkyattic

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    Cool beans! Now the next step up... BUBBLEHASH! mmmmmmm
    That looks great for gumby style though, nice work.

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