What do you mix into your joints?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jebus2029, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. jebus2029

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    I've been trying to find a few new ideas because I don't want to mix mine with tobacco. I've tried blue lotus flower which was very good. Kinda smooth with an almost metallic taste to it. Plus it has its own psychoactive effects to it. I've also read here about people using peppermint leaves and fennel, although I have yet to try either.
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    Aloha Granny Storm Crow.

    Thanks for clearing that up.:D

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    You are an amazing resource.:thumbsup:

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  5. sarah louise

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    Ta Granny, I've been wondering about raspberry leaf as I am always running out of lesser strength cannabis to use as filler. Happy to see both blackberry and raspberry leaf listed, there is certainly no shortage of either of those in the garden.
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    grabbed some whole cloves from the grocery store while they are still legal (lol) and cut them up nice and small, mix in and enjoy, like clove joint. If ya wanna get legit with it, boil some water, put a handful of cloves in it. Wait a minute, take cloves out. Add your choice of pipe tobacco or any smoking substance(NOT POT!!!) and let simmer in liquid. Drain and dry, clove substance:thumbsup:
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    Hardly an alternative to tobacco and as for going through the effort of boiling up cloves with baccy, you might as well just smoke Gudang Garam.
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    what do I mix into my joints ? ...

    ... at my age, plenty of glucosamine, ibuprofen, and WD-40 :S2:
  9. sarah louise

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    I use similar but sub fish oil for the WD40.... wanna keep things natural.
  10. jebus2029

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    Thanks for the input. I like that guide granny. Working my way through it now. :thumbsup:

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