what does a gram look like?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Jay22, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Jay22

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    Hi, im a newbie when it comes to weed. This will be my second time buying some ganj, the first time i bought an 1/8 with a friend. but now im going to be buying just a gram i was wondering what it shold look like? About the size of a quarter?
    i do realise that it could be dense and look skimpy but what would see would look around right? sorry i dont have a scale.
  2. Satan666

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    About a quarter.
  3. i'd say the cap to a king cobra 40..or something close to it....it's kinda hard to actually give some size refrence becasue it does vary by density and compactness....if you can roll a couple of joints with it, chances are it's atleast close to a gram.
  4. andruejaysin

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    Compressed is obviously different than fluffy bud, but an eighth is 3 1/2 grams (probably you knew that already, but it will help someone) My advice, buy one of those 5 dollar plastic powder scales if you want to weigh a gram. Really the only way to judge weed (or any drug) is, did you get high enough for the money you spent?
  5. GSW389

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    ita bout the size of my anus
  6. Killa.Kali

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    bout that much \/

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  7. ermitonto

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    Make a ring with your thumb and index finger. Now if you break up a gram of weed, the pile will be about as big around as that ring. But of course it will vary according to the density of the weed.
  8. NightProwler

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    naw that looks like more than a gram to me...
  9. lateralus

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    That sounds about right. A gram fits snuggly into one of those mini ziplocks. The kind with the little bud leaves/spades/hearts/etc on them.

    EDIT: It's going to look a lot different if it's compressed.. of course I doubt you're only going to buy a gram of compressed weed.
  10. Killa.Kali

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    it was 1.0g on my scale, it was fluffy nuggets
  11. 1234abcd

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    hell yeah killa kalli..that looked right on to me..everyone is blind and didn't look at the lighter right by it..but at first it kinda does look like an eighth until you see the lighter and its fucking huge...killa kalli is dope for taking that pic for u..props

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