What does a healthy 2 week old plant look like?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Garden Knowm, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Garden Knowm

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    This plant was started from seed.
    A MANGO seed.
    It was a bag seed placed in a rockwool cube and sprouted in 1 day.
    At 3 days it was put into a larger rockwool cube 2x4x4.
    At 5 days, it was put in soil

    The soil is MIRACLE GROW. LOL.
    The room stays at about 70 degrees.
    I think it is a 1 gallon container.

    It is 14 days old 4.5 inches tall.
    The 5th node is just forming.

    It has 3 cfl' directly on top of it. 2(150 watt) and 1(200watt) CFL.

    There are 5 additional CFL's within 6 inches of the plant

    Notice how close the cfl's are to the plant.

    The container was watered twice thouroughly..
    1 gallon of water each time.
    No FERTS
    PH level... 8.0 (not the correct PH- correct PH would be 6.8)

    Letme know if you would like to see more.


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  2. orangeman

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    Your plants look 100% healthy. Though I heard some bad stuff about miracle-gro :p I dont know how much of it is true but yeah..I like what I see so far :D.
  3. FukingA

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    if ph is to high u stunt ur plants nutrient lock out is not good
  4. toniesamiam

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    I often wonder where those plants w/soil sitting at 4.0 or 8.0 are getting their nutrients from,,when they look so Healthy and vigorous.When everything you read tells you otherwise?? How much better would they really look if the soil was at 6.8??
  5. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+


    yes I hear you loud and clear

    its so easy... yes the PLANT is amazing...
  6. toniesamiam

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    If you used miracle-grow there are ferts in there,they will sometimes last up to 2 mos, you should wait three months after use of miracle grow to eat or smoke,Just a sugestion..... use something organic w/water.and the water is also ph balanced, when the time comes..
  7. Garden Knowm

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    yes toni..
    the point of the grow is to show how easy it is to grow..
    MG is definitley not the choice of soil and actually many people have had problems with it on this site..

    This is an experiment for newbies to see
    Especially people who start from seed
    So many people post pics of their seedlings at two weeks and they are 1/5 the size of this monster and 3 inches taller..

    So I came across this seed and thought I'd show a healthy BUGGER..

    : )

    PH 8 water to show that with MG SOIL.. you can just add water

    The water comes out of the tap here at 242 ppm.
    And must be filtered/RO to use in Aeroponic sytems. But it will be fine for a soil grow.

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  8. Garden Knowm

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    you started from clones?

    The plant above is from seed and grown under CFL...

    Wait till you see them at 3 weeks!!

    love : )
  9. scobbie

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    good job garden i used mirical grow on my first grow and they were no where near that size at that age will be following this thread very intresting :thumbsup:
  10. toniesamiam

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    ouch I have same problom in my grow room,but they havent started feeding on my plants yet,thank god.I really keep the floor clean every day i sweep or vacume or mop it,That helps w/bugs as well,as those pesky mice I set mouse traps every night and catch them every night,its a never ending battle.I just dont want anything nonorganic in my grow room. I heard once that x-lax works really well,but not if you have alot of them,That would not be a pretty site to walk into,10 mice who have shit them selfs to death in your grow room,yucky,anyone else have some good advice??? By the way that plant is off the hook for her age??Keep us updated?
  11. toniesamiam

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    Leem your plants look very well also for that age..
  12. Garden Knowm

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    Very nice...
    I will post some pics from day 21 soon.. and we can get a look at the difference...

    It willl be a good comparison between CFL and HID..

    LEEM, you said you have mice? eating you plants... why not set traps? Or purchase those ELECTRONIC pest deterent devices.

    : )
  13. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Wow Garden, nice plant. Kick-ass plant in fact.

    Here's a pic of one of my girls @ 2 weeks (14 days).

    Yeah, whatever... laugh all you want...

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  14. Garden Knowm

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  15. Garden Knowm

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    Hey leem
    That picture you posted... is that a real plant? Or is it a GHOST of a dead plant?

    It sure looks like a ghost to me...

    this is a case for NANCY DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. turtle420

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    Ok, calm down people...
    Leem, here's the situation:
    The thread is about a "healthy" plant.
    You posted pics of your plants. Garden is taking a shot at you by saying that they look like "ghosts". He's just teasing you dude... He isn't saying your a liar. He's just taking cheap shots at your plants.... just tell him that he gOOgled his images... or that his pictures are made in PhotoShop...
    But again, no, he isn't calling you a liar.

    Please people, let's be polite....

    -turtle420 :cool:
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  17. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Dude! He has no problem!

    He called your plants a "ghost" becuase, in the context of this thread, it looks "dead"... thus, a ghost.

    He's comparing your plants to his super healthy 2week old plant... dude, there's no point in arguing. He isn't insulting you.... let it go dude...
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  18. Powder Puff

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    Yeah.. Don't piss on Garden's thread!:)
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  19. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+


    LEEM I lOVE YOU and the plants (even if they are not yours.) ahahahah

    the picture makes them out to look like ghost images.... very artistic..
    you can post pics on any thread that I start... : )

    love leem
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  20. Garden Knowm

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    hey leem.. i was looking at the second set of ghost plants you posted...

    I believe the temp in the room is to HIGH...
    true? Leaves are pointing up... very good indication that temp is to high..

    I was unawre that even GHOST plants can be affected by heat... hmmmmm?

    GK -
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