What does a Substance Abuse Assessment entail?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by zihowie, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. zihowie

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    I see most people on here that have to take probation tests regularly and it seems im lucky to just have to go and get an assessment with one test.

    But what does this mean? I imagine some set of questions along with a urine test. Has anyone gone through a substance abuse assessment? Obviously, Im not going to say I smoke pot and yaddy yadda? And is it if you pass the test your free and if not need treatment?

    This is the last condition of my probation and if I get them to say i dont need education/treatment I will be placed on unsupervised probation.
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  2. Stigma420247

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    ok i have done 3 of these in the last few years...my advice (from my experience) is to LIE LIE LIE ...tell them u NEVER smoke and u NEVER drink or do other drugs... if u even hint to them that u smoke weed or do other drugs they will try to make u take a bunch of classes...and they cost a lot of $$ ... if u are smart u will take this advice....

    i dont know why your on probation...but if its for a drug or alcohol related charge...tell the counselor at the assessment that when u got busted it was the ONE time u happened to drink or do drugs...u have never done it before and u have suffered so much from gettin caught this time u are afraid to ever touch the stuff again :)

    good luck
  3. zihowie

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    Thanks man. That was my plan and if he/she ask why im there itll be because it was in my car, so i got the blame despite the fact i dont take anything even tylenol and cough syrups. - I think that adds a nice touch:)

    Btw- Your saying even if i pass the drug test, I can still be required to receive classes and what not? gay
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  4. Stigma420247

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    yep...u got the idea...get creative and be confident...they cant call u a liar...and on the written test if u have any common sense u will know what multiple choice answer to pick :)
  5. KNOTME66

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    I TOTALLY agree with Stigma......LIE...LIE....LIE!!!! Don't admit it to ANYONE!!! I had a drug related charge and I LIED like a fisherman. BUT....over time I became a "role-modeled" probationer in their eyes. I never got any flack from my PO, even though she was still firm. I invested a lot of time, energy and money to make sure I never failed a test.
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    I have done a lot of these assessments in my day. I would definitely lie, but be consistent in your lying. (If that makes sense to you) When I went for 1 of many substance abuse assessments, I only had a simple possession charge and DUI, but even though they were supposed to test me they never did.

    Good Luck
    Are you actually on probation? For drug related charges?
  7. Stigma420247

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    i was never even given a drug test at ANY of my assessments... they just ask u a bunch of questions and then tell u weather or not u need to take classes...its up to the councilor to decide weather or not u gotta do a drug program...so make them think yer a saint and u dont need it... they cant justify forcing u to take classes unless they have proof that u have a drug or alcohol problem...
  8. detroitfish

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    lie your axx off tell them what they want to hear or your screwed :thumbsup:

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