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    alright, i've been reading as much as I can on this forum trying to figure out what techniques I want to use for my very first grow, but I'm confused as everyone just uses a series of letters to describe what they are doing! so if someone could please enlighten me, what do things like LST, LIT, SCROG, MIT, PBS, CIA, STD, HIV, BBC, etc. stand for?

    alright, most of those i haven't actually seen on here, but you get the idea!

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    Lazy NOOB !!!!!
    lst = lo stress training
    scrog = screen of green
    sog = sea of green
    fim = fuk i missed
    hid = hi intensity discharge
    hps = hi press sodium
    mh = metal halide
    cfl= compact flour lighting
    mit = mass inst of tech
    pbs = public broadcast sys -or- pretty bad sensi.
    bbc = big block chevy -or- british broadcasting cynd. ? Lip ?????
    cia= coroupt intel agency
    hiv = a.i.d.s = anal inflicted death sentance

    A Sticky Maybe ????

    Crispi :jointsmile:
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    Kudos and (lol) to Crispi for the awesome list! Just to define each term now that the acronym is broken down, I'll take it the next logical step (short explanations)...

    low stress training - taking the side branches of a plant and securing them with a small amount of stress to a solid base (usually via a tie down method). This induces stress and causes the side branches to grow up and out from the main stem, producing colas similar to the apical stem.

    screen of green - like SOG but with a screen to aid with various functions

    sea of green - many plants packed into a tight area, usually limited in their maximum height. Many times you will see SOG setups in meters squared configuration. These are very dense and high yielding setups.

    fuk i missed - originally printed in HT sometime back. You take the top 25-35% of a growing tip off with a blade, sometimes in a curved pattern (bowl shape) instead of slicing the whole growing tip off (aka "topping"). This produces multiple growing tips from the primary site and is regarded by some as superior to topping.

    hi intensity discharge - type of lighting system used in more expensive indoor setups.

    hps = hi press sodium - another expensive lighting system, these are used for just about everything indoors when not using CFLs, HIDs, or MH due to their decent spectrum (they can be used for veg and flower).

    metal halide - again more lighting, pick your poison (see a lighting FAQ for more details)

    compact flourescent lighting - the cheap, small, "energy efficient" bulbs you see all the time on TV that look like tiny tubes coiled up in weird patterns and fit in regular light sockets. Very good starting lights and extremely inexpensive. Can be used equally well in flower and veg.

    mass inst of tech - seriously?

    public broadcast sys -or- pretty bad sensi. - lol

    bbc = big block chevy -or- british broadcasting cynd. ? Hah I am going with the latter, unless we are talking a '67 Camaro...

    corupt intel agency - the DEA's mentally challenged cousin. Then again, they all have mental handicaps...

    anal inflicted death sentance - what happens when you get busted for growing with intent to distribute
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    I always thought it was 80% to 90%.

    Crispi I can't believe you took the time, I wasn't going too.LOL;)
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    Hey Pete ,
    Only did it in hopes of a vacab. sticky so we wouldn't have to go thru this all the time .

    DWC = Deep Water Culture
    NFT = Nutrient Film Techn.
    G/H = General Hydroponics
    A/N = Advanced Nutes
    W/F = Water Farm

    Come on folks add to the list . Help the slow kids out so they don't have to learn to use the "SEARCH" function on our site . :D

    Crispi :D
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  6. You mean you can actually search for things on this site...... Holy new function batman where do i learn how to use that?:D:thumbsup:
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    ah, you guys forgot the MOST important Tip of all : 'K.I.S.S.' :wtf: ... (keep it simple, stupid) ... nothing kills plants quicker than 'over-love' ... I have a single Willie Nelson outdoors, in the record-heat, now it's cold and rainy ... I virtually ignore her, and she is doing wonderfully ... the deer have eaten every tomato and pepper plant in my yard, and haven't come near that Willie ... go figure ... Bambi probably will eat her the day before harvest :(
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    LOL nice reap. Just stick this picture up on a sign out by Willie :thumbsup:.

    On the FIM % - I don't remember what the actual percentage is, seriously come on - I am not going to do ALL the work, even if I did some. Either way, there's no way to get it exact. The point is cut off part of the growing tip, but not all of it. I very seriously doubt % matters much as long as at least 30-40% is left over on the plant.

    HECP - herbaceous energy crops program
    HOC - hydrophobic organic compounds
    SDS - sodium dodecyl sulfate
    SGP - single gauss point
    SRWCP - short rotation woody crop program

    And one of my favorites,

    AIFHTSAWAYDISWW - "'Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away' When All You Do Is Smoke With Willie"


    BTW Reap, IDK why but I just now noticed your siggy. :( RIP HST indeed...

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    A sticky! Oh yay!
    I was actually in the process of writing up a little glossary to tack up here somewhere. But this is better.
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    Great work & some good laughs guys & Girls (Sh*t almost forgot & ran the risk of a be..atch slapping from stinky:thumbsup:).

    "On the FIM % - I don't remember what the actual percentage is, seriously come on - I am not going to do ALL the work"

    On the FIM topic once the noobs learn to use the search function there is already a good thread on the site about FIM & it has pics which show exactly where to cut. Don't have a bookmark to the exact thread on this site but here is the link it has in it to the pics. I used it for the clones I FIM'd.

    Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing tips & photos
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    Normally FIM means remove 85 to 90% of the growth tip.

    OK, here's some I can remember. I'm going way back on some, but all are still legitimate.

    PPM - Parts Per Million
    EC - Electrical Conductivity
    TDS - Total Dissolved Solids – How much stuff is in your water.
    RO - Reverse Osmosis – Strips water of chemicals and contaminants.
    FFT - Fog Feed Technique. Just a little ol' thing I like to call... The future!
    CHAOS - Cataclysmic Horrific Annihilation Of Species (this is a real one).
    KB - Killer Bud.
    KGB - Killer Green Bud.
    OG – OverGrow.com - Slang definition referring to a massive, popular weed site that got shut down.
    OG - Organic Gardening – Actual definition. However, assume people around here are referring to the slang definition.
    RZ – Root Zone.
    SC – SuperCrop – Repeatedly smashing the stem (gently of course), with hopes that the injured part will grow back bigger, thus making nutrients able to flow more freely.
    LED – Light Emitting Diode. No really, I’m not kidding. They’re not coming soon, they are here. Just another little ol' thing I like to call... The future! uh, of grow lights that is.
    nm – NanoMeters – This is a unit of measurement for the wavelength, or color of LED light output. 430 and 675 are the two ideal numbers (if there were such a thing) for veg and bloom respectively. Our visible range is from a little under 400 to a little over 700.
    mcd - MilliCanDela - The unit of measurement most commonly used to describe the intensity of LED light. It measures light production at the source of the light. Compare this number when shopping for LEDs.
    OZ – Ounce.
    O – Ounce – More for sellers and stealth.
    g – gram.
    QP - Quarter Pound.
    MJ – MariJuana, pot, herb, dankness, weed, chronic, one-eyed trouser snake – No wait, not that.
    CB CannaBinoid - There’s a little fewer than 500 chemicals in MJ, and 69 or so are cannabinoids. They are unique to the weed plant. Guess how to remember that 2nd number. Most are abbreviated with “CB” at the beginning, and are spelled like cannabsomething. They are responsible for the psychotropic effects (changes in your mood and consciousness), and other effects. Much is unknown, but they all work together kind of like a really smart ant farm. Some CBs do nothing but regulate others. Others grab onto your brain and some even get sucked inside. There have really not been any decent studies on all but just a few of the major ones. (PLEASE POST LINKS IF ANYONE KNOWS OTHERWISE.) The 3 CBs we are most interested in are THC, CBD and CBN.
    THC By far, the main cannabinoid we’re concerned with is delta-9-TetraHydroCannabinol. Hemp can contain less than 0.5%, while a prime variety like AK-47 can have as much as 22% or more. 12 is the average for THC percentage in plants siezed by law enforcement.
    CRI – Color Rendering Index – This is a scale from 0 to 100 which measures how well a light can reproduce colors of things it lights up. The sun is 100, and many of both CFL and HID light manufacturers are saying their lights are 90 or above. Compare CRI before buying cheap bulbs.
    K – Kelvin – A temperature scale for measuring color of light. Yes you heard right. The color of light we want corresponds to peak chlorophyll activity of plants, therefore the most efficient colors for veg and bloom lights are 5500 or 6000 (not between) for vegetative growth, preferably 5500, and 2200 or 2700 (not between) for blooming, preferably 2200. Whether you’re buying CFL or HID make sure you look for those numbers.
    PH - Potential of Hydrogen (P is a logarithm). It’s one of the the most important considerations in weed farming, especially with hydroponics. Last, but the opposite of least, this measurement defines how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The lower the value, the more acidic the solution is, and the higher the value the more alkaline. Neutral is 7 and the scale is from 0 to 14. Hydroponic solutions should be around 5.5, while the soil of conventional grows should be around 6.8. The scale is logarithmic; 4 is 10 times more acidic than 5. You must buy a $25 PH meter if you plan to seriously grow anything.

    Search this crap if you don’t get it. It’s need to know.

    Perhaps more coming if I think of them. I'm going to have some cereal and go to bed.
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    I'm still thinking, a little, and all I'm getting is:

    HVAC - Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning
    ST - SuperThrive - An additive for nutrients, mostly B1 but many other ingredients. Many people in this forum swear by it. Used clone through veg stages, especially to promote big, healthy root growth. Looks expensive, but a gallon needs only 2 drops.
    LQ - Liquid Karma - Another great additive, used during blooming too.
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  13. Opie Yutts

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    Oops, obviously Liquid Karma is LK, Not LQ
  14. Opie Yutts

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    MG = Miracle Grow - A brand mostly frowned upon in the weed growing community, but if you want to put some plants outdoors, or some place where you don't want to have to deal with them, put them in some MG soil that has the time release fertilizer in it. It will definitely do better then nothing, and will help grow you some big, beautiful plants.
  15. Opie Yutts

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    TLC - Tender Loving Care - what you want to make sure you don't show your plants too much of.
  16. Opie Yutts

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    HD - Home Depot - Or as I like to call it home labyrinth. A huge store for all your home projects, including weed farming. They'll probably have everything you need, but not everything you want.
    DIY - Do It Yourself - Refers to saving money and/or having fun by constructing instead of purchasing. Go to HD to get most everything you'll want during your DIY projects.
  17. Opie Yutts

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    EFT - Ebb and Flow Technique. Known in slang as Flood and Drain. Roots are usually just sitting in dry medium and flooded and drained several times per day.
    AFT - Aerated Flow Technique. Known in slang as Deep Water Culture. Roots are in air for a few inches and in the nutrient solution for a few inches. Solution is aerated constantly.
    DFT - Deep Flow Technique. Known in slang as Raceway Hydroponics. Roots are in several inches of water that is constantly circulating via pumps. Also known as Dynamic Root Flotation.
    DIT - Drip Irrigation Technique. Used in deserts because of it's extremely efficient use of moisture. Roots are in any number of mediums, and fed with drops or trickles 6 or 8 times a day.
    RMT - Root Mist Technique. A mist is sprayed constantly or at intervals onto the roots. Also known as Aeroponics.
    FFT - Fog Feed Technique. (PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED) A very small size of droplet is sprayed onto the roots at all times or in intervals.
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    Damn, Opie, you're on a roll. Rep to ya for all the time you're putting into this. :thumbsup:

    PC :smokin:
  19. Opie Yutts

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    Thank you PC.
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    Thanks for clarifying acronyms.

    How about all the slang words? Or some of them? Thanks.

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