what does everything mean??

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    Okay now your taking it too far. Read and Think if your having this much trouble reading the forums due to lack of critical thinking maybe you should K.i.s.s. and stick to tossing your seeds out your window. Tyvm

    Thank you to all of you wonderful people who have given me access to their limitless information.

    I to had troubles learning the ropes but cmon think people.
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    Actually, this is only one method of 'supercropping'.
    Fim, Sog, Scrog, LST, and even topping, are all considered forms of supercropping.

    I will just add...
    NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.

    And, I will add a word of advice.
    Never use acronyms to label your clones.
    If you label your clone 'BB', is that Blueberry? Big Bud? Bubble Berry?
    Is that 'WW' clone a White Widow? Or is it a William's Wonder?
    Spell it out to avoid confusion.
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    Lil testy today are we Pf?

    I think a list of slang might be nice.

    Good addition psteve.
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    I gotta differ on use of the term 'supercrop'.

    When I hear the term, it means maintaining a continuous canopy throughout an annual plant's growing season by use of progressively-larger growing containers.

    This is what is done in commercial nurseries:

    Seeds are started at fairly high density in flats or 6-pax, then thinned when it is apparent which are most vigorous.
    If the first step was in flats, the seedlings are then pricked off into 6-pax for growing on.
    When the plants become crowded, they are transplanted into just slightly larger containers, about 3" depending upon the type of plant and how closely they can be spaced. Gerbera daisies, for example, have a broad, stiff leaf spread, while basil, left unpinched, grows rapidly quite tall. Again, the goal is to maintain a canopy which uses every bit of light and space efficiently.
    When the plants are larger, they may be potted-up yet again, or sold.

    Having endured my share of the drudgery of a commercial nursery, I aim to mimic this in my home cannabis AND vegetable grows.

    So we have dual duelling definitions... ;)
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    I certainly believe you stinky, at least for the nursery world. For the weed world I'm going with psteve.

    Supercropping (Feb. 99 HIGH TIMES) is a term given to a group of techniques that when used in conjunction will produce greatly improved yields over untreated plants.

    Plants naturally bend towards the light. They do this for their benefit, trying to better get into position to receive more light. Why wait for plants to evolve, use your smarts to bend plants into positions that are beneficial. Bending the tip of a branch over into a position where there's no vegetation will speed growth for 2 reasons:

    First the branch tip you moved is now getting more unobstructed light by moving it to an area free of vegetation. Second, the area you moved the branch away from is also receiving more light than before. So those parts of the plant also benefit from the move. Potential for growth is increased.

    Forceful confinement or the use of string, twist-ties or a brace of some kind may be required to keep bent branches from simply growing back to their original position. Massage the bending point of the branch with the fingers of one hand while slowly bending -- only intuition will tell you when you've reached the breaking point. Some branches don't have a breaking point, you can tie them in a knot a they'll still grow. Others will snap as soon as you try to bend them. It will take practice and a few broken branches before you learn how far, if at all, any given branch can be manipulated.

    Breaking is an advanced technique(Supercropping II, Sep. 00 HIGH TIMES) whereby you break the inner herd of the plant without damaging the outer, which is where all the plants strength comes from. Break open the stalk of a cannabis plant and you'll notice immediately the hard, outer herd. This is where textiles come from. The soft inner, lighter colored material is pure cellulose.

    The plant passes water and nutrients cell to cell through this network of cellulose. Breaking the plant's inner walls will cause it to rebuild. But it rebuilds these networks better than they were before; it rebuilds so fast (under good growth conditions) that 24 hours later the plant is using the new highways and it's increased capacity for moving water and nutrients.

    This technique can begin as early as the seedling stage. Twisting the plant gently, using both hands so you don't pull on it's roots. Work each of the plants branches every 2", up to once week. Do this by grasping the spot to be treated with two fingers of each hand. Use one hand to stabilize, while the other gently, slowly twists. Or you can twist with both hands in opposite directions, slowly until you feel a slight snap. When the plant's get heartier you will actually be able to hear it.

    Never top an unhealthy plant. Topping is a simple technique of cutting the tip or top of a branch off using sharp scissors. It doesn't matter if it's the main(stem) top or the tip of a side shoot, the resulting effect will be the same. Instead of one top or tip resulting in a single bud, the treated shoot splits and produces 2 or more tips.

    It is debatable whether or not this practice will actually increase or decrease the size of buds or overall yield. A healthy plant generally thrives under careful stressing and physical manipulation. This is not something you want to overdue, start slowly and increase the frequency and intensity of your pruning practices over consecutive crop cycles. Gain some experience so you can recognize when you have overdone it.

    hightimes.com grow
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    i always called twisting the branches till they snap to make em stronger was super-cropping...i may be wrong...you should hear how i say petioles, and cotyledons....lol

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    I saw everything posted but DWC what does that stand for?
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    DWC = Deep Water Culture

    The best beginner hydro method IMO. Awesome results with little effort or risk.

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    sorry but had too add my 2 pence in



    so there ya go lol :D:jointsmile:
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    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but here goes anyways. I saw another post where he said he had a "proc. cooling fan". I guess I'm just wondering what the "proc." abbreviation stands for.

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    Hey Drew, welcome to the forum. Sorry I don't know what "proc" stands for.
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    Probably "processor" cooling fan, as in a fan that is used to cool a computer processor? Just a guess.
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    I'm just thread browsing and thought this one might strike interest.


    ...bong rip.

    ..bong rip.
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    WHAT IS IMHO????

    Can someone help me out i know its stupid question but i was wonderign what it means???:thumbsup:
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    IMHO = " in my humble opinion " :smokin:
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    Well as one of those learning the "SEARCH" function what is a nute ? (and you don't want to know what Google gave me) and you already know how many pages I got here

    My guess is that it is the name for a bud that grows out of the main stalk
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    Thank you very much Dutch Pimp :thumbsup: I just wonder why SEARCH didn't turn up your post. Maybe because I didn't use the plural when I searched ???

    I am going to push my luck and ask what is: looks like nads to me! when discussing sex of a plant ?
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    'nads is pure slang for gonads, balls, nuts....they are referring to male preflowers

    some peeps get carried away with slang
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    Thanks again Dutch Pimp I got it now :thumbsup:
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