what does everything mean??

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by i_have_feet, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Skihigh

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    I'm a LBN...Low Budget Noob...Sorry, just had to! It is amazing how much one can learn around here without ever touching the keyboard...IYKWIM!
  2. smello

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    what was that last one?
  3. SunLake

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    what is the uS stand for on my meter?
  4. ErnieLsCousin

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    Thank you!!

    I am a *LBN* also, so have been using this site to LEARN. This thread has helped a LOT! I'm not lazy, I just keep going to other threads to look up stuff & forget what I was doing in the 1st place.

    p.s. I am Ernie Lundquist's cousin.
    (Remember the author of A Child's Garden of Grass??)
    Everything I post here or anywhere else is based upon his experiences & knowldge and is only for entertainment purposes.
    I do not advocate breaking the law​
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    There are a few problems with the search function, one of which is searches OFTEN bring up answers saying "You have to search before asking you big #@$!@#!@ " so a noob has to keep searching still AND sift through all the garbage.

  6. Ocotillo

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    What does every thing mean? :what:

    I ask myself that same question every day! :rolleyes:

  7. bigsby

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    A couple to add myself:

    DIRFT: Do it right the first time. Often followed by DA (dumb ass).

    M2C1: Measure twice, cut once. Also often followed by DA
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  8. budlover13

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    Why is MG so frowned upon? It's what I'm using for my first grow (Definitely trying the K.I.S.S method). I plan to start using nutrients that are tailored for cannabis as I gain more experience as well as more advanced methods such as SCROG. I just kinda figured that my MG tomatoe plants are huge every year so I was hoping for similar results for my cannabis.:jointsmile:
  9. rcpilot04401

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    T.H.O's means titty hard on's....in case that wasn't in anyone's list.
  10. tlranger

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    Folding. I don't want a growing tip shaded, but I don't take leaves off, so I fold them under.
  11. tlranger

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    Grow store. Place to have your picture taken
  12. tlranger

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    Go organic

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