what exactly is popcorn?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by montyhatesyou, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. montyhatesyou

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    where i live there are only three kinds of weed, schwag, popcorn and dro, and i still have no idea what popcorn is except that its great. the only thing ive heard is that it was homegrown but from someone who didnt know what they were talking about, does anyone know what it is?
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  3. smokerofweed420

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    Where the hell do you live ?
  4. Popcornnugzland
  5. iNHALE.xHALE.

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    [ sigh ]

    " dro " isnt a strain, its just weed thats been grown using hydroponics

    schwag is... well its schwag:D

    and popcorn? noo clue, i was on some forum and read that its just small (really dry) mids
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  6. OLDE ENGLISH '800

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    i guess you could be talking about popcorn nugs..little buds that looks like popcorn but what do i know :toilet_claw:
  7. Brett1038

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    popcorn is food

    weed/pot is marijuana
  8. dean0000

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    Schwagg and dro are not kinds of weed. Schwagg refers to low quality weed and dro means its been grown using hydroponics. Kinds of weed are strains like kush and haze.

    And popcorn, never heard that in my life.
  9. RhinoGrowUK

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    hahah:D :thumbsup:
  10. myeyesarered

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    I've heard of popcorn around here. He said it was "baby dro". So maybe it's hydroponic that's been harvested early? Sounds stupid. The guy smokes mids, and calls everything "dro" if it's good.
  11. dankus maximus

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    where im from, popcorn refers to getting a bag of smaller, lighter, fluffier nugs. Usually its mid grade, as the nugs come from the bottom part of the plant where they are more sparse/leafy. it esentailyl looks kidna liek green popcorn, hence the name, and usually the popcorn i get tends to be sativa (hence the looser/fluffier bud structure)
  12. montyhatesyou

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    im not a fucking dumbass i know dro isnt a strain and i know what schwag is im just asking what the fuck popcorn is and yea ive heard people selling high grade popcorn as "baby dro" too
  13. montyhatesyou

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    i mean the shits real good if you get it at the right place but usually its always black people that are selling it for some reason. im begining to think its probably just a name they can sell schwag under.
  14. montyhatesyou

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  15. r0k

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    Once again, :S2:
  16. SantaClawz

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    Are you high?
  17. robo scat

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    Maybe they mean popcorn as light and fluffy nugs. I really don't know. That's weird shit.
  18. delta_9_fools

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    I know a Brazillian guy who called my hair popcorn. (it's curly.)

    Also, that just looks like schwag.
  19. Totty

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    I wish i could still get high off that
    to make it the best
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