what gets you the highest?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MyMARYJANE, Mar 12, 2006.


    MyMARYJANE Registered+

    what normally gets people the highest? by that i mean like smoking out of what? a bong, pipe, bowl, blunt/philly, joint, etc...
  2. infinitereverie

    infinitereverie Registered+

    a bong

    that has been my experience and the experience of all my friends, at least.
  3. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    as long as it has Northern Lights in it :):) So far, building one tripple-tipper F joint (whatchacallit in english) always got me stoned for the rest of the night every time.
  4. rico8908

    rico8908 Registered+

    i get the highest by takin the biggest rips out of a bong then coughin my lungs out....i get the most fucked up when i have about 4-5 beers with that.:D
  5. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    gravity bongs all the way cracka! lol a blunt by yourself is always good, too.
  6. scentsaf

    scentsaf Registered

    spots is the only way to get fucked as unless your on the streets but you can still use a blow torch
  7. Mary Jane x3

    Mary Jane x3 Registered

    My little bowl... its beautiful
    Never hit a real bong just one made out of a gatoraid bottle but g-bongs are a killer
  8. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    Gravs get you fucked up the most I think. Even if you smoke a full 3g blunt by yourself, I bet you could get just as stoned by taking 1g of hits from a gravity bong. I've packed such small bowls and gotten huge hits from gravitys, used to be 1-2 and I'd be done. Still is about the same, but fatter bowls and maybe 3-5 hits if I wanna be stoned longer.

    While any other device I find 10 hits to be equal to 1 good grav hit.
  9. I love Macaque

    I love Macaque Registered

    Me and Macaque prefer the bowl.

    MyMARYJANE Registered+

    I DEF. have to buy a bong sometime soon!!!! :stoned:
    can someone explain to me what a gravity bong is? I've heard of it and know people that have made one, but I'm not sure what it is?
    how do you make it? can you buy one?
  11. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+

    I heard the waterfall takes awhile and sucks cause you gotta hold the lighter for so long. Plus you can't push it down and force the smoke into your lungs like with a normal grav bong. I'd like to try it once, but I doubt it would be anywhere near as good as a regular one. Especially since being able to FORCE the hit into your lungs is what makes it get you so high.
  12. Jahangir 420

    Jahangir 420 Registered+

    smoke wit a bong..ran out of papers a few days ago so i said fuck it and made a two minute watter bottle bong. this shit gets me fucked up like crazy lol, aye its not the appearance that counts, its the buzz haha whatever works
  13. NotALlama

    NotALlama Registered+

  14. Chaos

    Chaos Registered+

    gravity bong quick.........then blunt......bong......joint........bowl
  15. soxsuk6432

    soxsuk6432 Registered+

    Gravity bongs or bongs with big ass chambers. I took 3 hits out of a 3 footer and was stoned off my ass I can't wait till I hit a 4 footer. Low tolerance kicks ass.
  16. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    bong or blunt no doubt
  17. fatweedsack

    fatweedsack Registered+

    Reverse Gravity Bong's yo. dont use much weed at all, get you really high, for a long ass time. 2 or three hits and your set for about 5 hours. even with mersch
  18. MullManiac

    MullManiac Registered+

    I always think of being high as amount of weed you've smoked + how much fun your having and joints are more fun then anything else (for me at least) so joints get me higher.
  19. HazyInsomniacToker

    HazyInsomniacToker Registered

    def. a gravity bong or bong would get you pretty fukin high

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