What happens if you fail the first drug test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jakez, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. jakez

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    Ok I got a year of probation for possession (1st time) but if I pass a urine test and take a 4 hour class and pay court fines I am freeeee. At first I was going to quit smoking for a little over a month to pass the urine test but it's too hard at first and my mom didn't help at all when she told me the purple stuff you can buy is guaranteed to work and that I can keep smoking. She told me her friend has smoked the night before and pissed clean the next day by drinking the test passing stuff and not eating anything that morning. But now this kid I know just told me his friend had 6 months of probation and he failed the urine test and had to finish the rest of his 3 months in jail?!?! Is that really what happens?!
  2. kknight

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    Honestly. If you are on probation, ask your lawyer or look at the papers you should have recieved at the time of your court date.

    I'm on it, if I fail, I'm fucked. It's court related- you shouldn't fuck around with it. I wouldn't place my fate in the hands of a people on a messageboard who chance's are don't live near you or have the same guidelines to follow by.
  3. dawninthemorning

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    you are messing with your future. most of us here will tell you that there are some instances that are worth quitting for.
  4. Rollafatblunt420

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    you will prolly just get put on trust house arrest or the bracelet. thats what happens around here in your situation. but if it is your very first test tell them that it is still in your system from when you got arrested.
  5. TheTHCInMe

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    if it's your first time, if you tell them you're going to drop dirty, they might just give you extended probation.. jail is probably unlikely, depending on your record though. It all really depends on whether your po decides to violate you for dropping dirty.. or, if it's a shity cheap little strip test that they check right there, dilute and you'll have no worries.

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