What is a 20 bag?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by EstimatedProphet, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. EstimatedProphet

    EstimatedProphet Registered+

    What exactly is a 20 bag? I have no clue.
  2. ....well i'm guessing by bag you're refering to not the top grade weed in which case around here 20 bag = 7 grams....it cost 20 bux....
  3. Lightitup44

    Lightitup44 Registered+

    Most likely a bag (of weed) worth $20. Aka a dub, 20 sack, or many other hip terms for a smallish quantity of weed. The size of the bag of course depends on the quality of the shit.

  4. EstimatedProphet

    EstimatedProphet Registered+

    Ok ic. 20 bucks
  5. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    Jesus, slipknot either you're not smoking the right stuff or you just have a hell of a deal. At best I can get 2 grams of mids for $20, but I don't like to smoke mids, unless I'm really tight on cash.
  6. Dutchmaster

    Dutchmaster Registered+

    20 bag round her a gram
  7. OreO

    OreO Registered+

    ya its diffrent here...a 20 sac of good shit is only 1 gram. Mids is 2 grams for a 20 and then dirt weed is 4 grams for 20....those r the only 20 sacks around here, im luckyi get mine for 15
  8. supersonicchronic

    supersonicchronic Registered+

    "Round here we call it a twenty twen twen". Chris Tucker- Friday
  9. deuceswild323

    deuceswild323 Registered

    Hey Oreo, I saw you were doing some business with BCbud. How'd that go?
  10. dont' ask me either i can't explain it...it's just basic price around here...and it's not scwagg either...granted it's not always the same and you do get schwagg sometimes the actual shit i get would fall under either regs or mids....hardly any seeds if all, most the time sticky, very nice smell, very nice taste, virtually unharsh in every way....i don't know.....i've had everything from true schwagg to kb tho so i know decent weed when i see it...and it's for the most part decent....all i can say is move to houston and experience the phenomenon yourself....
  11. OreO

    OreO Registered+

  12. mynameismike0

    mynameismike0 Registered+

    damn... i get a gram for 10$ all the way up.

    heh... dealers special i guess
  13. mynameismike0

    mynameismike0 Registered+

    and thats pretty dank shit too. highest grade buds around without actually being like... the medical buds and shit like trainwreck or northern lights. just straightup fluffy crystally 'dro
  14. jadeius

    jadeius Registered+

    a 20 bag around here in sc is about 4 grams, or $20 a gram for dank, $20 will get you about 2 grams of mids but i don't usually fuck with that shit 'cause chances are their schwag is just as good
  15. mellowman420

    mellowman420 Registered+

    to get the very good shit you get a gram for 20$. and if i grow it myself its 0$ a gram.
  16. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    £20 gets ya an eighth here 3.5 g approx
  17. Bwueh

    Bwueh Registered+

    Twank, dub, 20's.
  18. Stonedboy12

    Stonedboy12 Registered

    First of all you are a dumbass, what are you like 12? a 20 bag is 20 dollars worth of weed do you know what weed is probly not but it is also half an 8th or a gram hope this helps im going to smoke a few bowls

  19. Sentinel

    Sentinel Registered+

    i think the question has been answered lol
  20. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    dicks like you are the reason why there is violence

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