What is considered 'heavy' smoking?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by CentralPA, Dec 29, 2016.

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    First post on this site. It's going to be a long one too (sorry). I'm married with no kids (and it will stay that way). I recently started smoking again after a long hiatus. I used to smoke (both cigs and pot) regularly during my college years (I just turned 36). I'd smoke at least 3 times a day and was for the most part high constantly for a good year or so. I then met my current wife who absolutely hated the stuff. So I decided to stop smoking cigarettes and pot. I've stayed cigarette smoke free minus the occasional puff from a friends smoke once in a blue moon.

    Since weed has started becoming more accepted and now that states are starting to legalize recreational, I wanted to get back in to it. I currently don't live in a state that it is legalized rec but I think it's inevitable. I had a discussion with her and she was very reluctant but she ultimate said she was OK with it (but she still really hates it). She seems to think that smoking weed will eventually kill me. I beg to differ. But I started back up earlier this year.

    I don't smoke anywhere near as much as I did when I was in my early twenties. An 8th of weed (or a regular pill bottles worth) last me close to half a year (roughly 5-6 months). I will come home from work and take a pinch and pull a waterfall (if that is what it is still called) from a 12 ounce water bottle with a homemade bowl using a socket wrench piece (I know, very weak but it gets the job done). I take usually two rips and I am good for the evening. I even get a lot of house work done simply because I am relaxed and feel great. For the past year I had been doing this at least 5 times a week. Probably pretty close to almost everyday. I'd be around my wife and she knew it but she started getting very irritated about it even though I was helping out around the house quite a bit and not really doing anything bad.

    This past November we had a huge argument over it. She thinks I am killing myself. That I am a heavy user. I try and tell her for the amount that I am using and since I no longer smoke cigarettes that I am going to be fine. But let's be honest, I have no fucking clue. I just "feel" like I am really not overdoing it.

    We agreed upon allowing me to continue to smoke but only twice a week. I feel this is a little harsh but my wife allows me to do plenty of shit that most other guys wives wouldn't get away with. But, maybe I am a whipped bitch and I just don't know it. That's a whole different discussion though.

    So the bottom line is what do you guys feel is consider heavy smoking? Do you feel that if I smoked what I had described above 3 or 4 times a week I'd be OK? I know the jury is out on what long term effects marijuana use can have but I wanted to see if long time users or "heavy" users have had any bad health problems from this. Thanks for your time (and sorry for all the parenthesis).
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    First, show this to the wife;

    And B., you are far from a heavy smoker. :)
    I had to buy buds
    I consume about an ounce per month of medical grade, (one hit and quit), buds.
    And I am not considered a "heavy" smoker.

    Have done so for the last 10 years.
    Previously, I had to buy weed.
    Have smoked that daily for 49 years but quit tobacco in '81.
    My lungs are clear and healthy at age 73.

    If the actual facts do not affect your wife's attitude, it's not about your heath, yah?

    Some women just can't stand the thought of their men enjoying anything without them being directly involved, (and sometimes, not then :D ).
    It's time you two had an intelligent, un-prejudiced discussion about this.

    Weeze (the un-whipped) :D
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    Haha your 6 month supply would last me a day. I feel I'm going through a heavy use patch but a lot is going on in my life right now. I try to stick to a gram or less a day normally like Weezard(oz a month) and that would basically be smoking 2-3 bowls throughout the day. Right now it's like the Sublime song, I smoke 2 joints in the morning etc...
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    Thank you both. Weezard, thank you for that link.

    You might be right about women can't stand watching their men enjoy something that they can't. The company she works for does drug testing while mine doesn't.

    I love smoking dope. It's way better than drinking. Which we've done quite heavily over the years. I don't wake up feeling like ass when I smoke dope. Only negative effect for me is that I am goofball when I am high and consume just about every piece of junk food in the house ;-)

    I just wish she wasn't such a PITA about it. May be this weblink will help. Probably not. I greatly appreciate this though. Thank you both again.
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    I concur with the others above.
    The amount and frequency in which you partake does not constitute heavy usage.
    You seem to be a very moderate recreational user, akin to the husband that enjoys an adult beverage in the evening.
    It doesn't appear to interfere with your daily routine. Hopefully it's not.
    You're not sitting around wasted all day. Again, hopefully you're not..
    The link Weezard shared should be informative to her from a medical standpoint.
    It's difficult in a relationship when one spouse is unsupportive of something the other is doing that she/he is not into.
    Ingrained social stereotypes are hard for some to overcome and step away from.
    Sounds like she needs some modern education.

    Don't let it become more of a battlefield.
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    It is really difficult to impart yourself from your regular habit especially when it is some unfavorable act. But true love has the strength to turn up one’s mind which my wife has proven. I was in deep mental stress and started smoking. She was really worried and wanted me to get rid of it. She consulted with some doctors and even took help of http://www.regionalbikurcholim.org/ professionals to bring me back in normal state. It was her unconditional love and support that made me able to quit smoking in very short moment.
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  7. EvilCartman

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    We've already established that .25 oz annually does not constitute heavy usage. :D
    I'll chime in that I've been filtering marijuana bonfires through my lungs, going on 45 years, with no ill effects to date. (no tobacco, ever)
    I'm a fairly heavy user, considering I still work daily. Wake and Bake, a fatty on the ride in, a fatty on the ride home, a fatty walkin' the dog, etc, etc...
    I don't smoke at work, but that's about it.

    Ditto. :jointsmiley:

    I won't go there, but would love to know some of these other things she "allows". o_O
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  9. CentralPA

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    Thanks again for the replies. We've been talking more and she seems to be turning the tide ever so slowly. I am probably not going to be able to do it every single day (as much as I'd like to) but it's probably good to have a day or two of reality before sparking once more. Thank you all. Happy New Year!
  10. Weezard

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    I agree.
    The change is the thing for me.

    Letting it become habitual takes half the fun out of it.
    Staying high just becomes same old same old.
    'cept getting things accomplished can be more difficult.

    As the wife sees that it is more of a control issue than a health issue, she may even opt to join you.
    As long as she gets to say when. :D

  11. Pupp

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    Long term use heavy use can lead to Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Not sure if it's officially recognized, but with legalization, it's going to be seen more and more. From what I've read, it can happen after as little as 2 years, although 3 and 4 years is more common for it's onset. Of course, that's not saying it can't happen sooner, but 2 years is the fastest I've happen to read about.
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    I think I have read about this. Doesn't it cause vomiting?
  13. CentralPA

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    Sadly right now she can't partake as her company does random drug-screening. But maybe that changes. I definitely won't be doing it to the point where it becomes routine.
  14. Pupp

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    Try reading the article.
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  15. EvilCartman

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    Heh, now every case of cyclic vomiting will be attributed to smokin' the herb. :D

    Been following this and I'm not convinced this isn't some form of propaganda. o_O
    Other theories out there, involve insecticide. (not cannabinoid overload)
    It would be nice to have some real scientific research...

    I'm no doctor, but I'd lean more toward the pesticide angle. Some of that shit is just plain evil, even in trace amounts.
    With the increase in growers, who don't know (or care) what they're using on their crops, an increase in contaminated product is inevitable.
    Hence, the increase in this "syndrome". Or I'm just full of shit, whatever. :p
    I cringe to think about what some unscrupulous cash-cropper might use, in order to save a harvest.

    I don't know a soul who has experienced anything like that. (and I know many long-time, heavy-hitters) :D
    Whatever it is, it does not sound like fun.
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  16. Weezard

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    3 quotes because it won't let me hit the "agree" button 3 times. :)

    Been 50 years of smoking for me, and weed is still as anti-emetic as ever.

    Maybe it's because I grow my own meds and use no pesticides or fungicides, yah? :).

    People do bring me buds, (coals to Newcastle, yah?), and I usually thank them warmly, they mean well.
    The taste and smell of Serenade Neem, Azamax, etc. puts me off.
    And some of it has no detectable taste, but makes me feel, um, queasy.
    Not terrible, but not good.
    I end up discarding it quietly after they leave rather than hurt their feelings.

    I gift a lot of buds and it surprises me that many stoner's can't seem to tell the difference.
    That must be nice. :)

    On the other hand, I kept myself in meds all through the seventies exploiting my sensitivity by working as a taste tester for a group of wholesale dealers in S.F..

    We didn't have labs.
    If I didn't like it, they wouldn't stock it.
    Downside is, I had to smoke some iffy shit at first.

    Eventually the growers with crap sprayed on their product knew better than to even offer it to our group. :)
    Ah, them was some good ol' days

    Sorry, I seem to be rambling.
    Damned good Sativa. :D

    Aloh y'all,
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  17. tangentweed

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    Hopefully you never experienced the dreaded paraquat pot from back in the day..
  18. Pupp

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    It seems to be a fairly rare syndrome. With the internet, even 5 cases out of millions of people might make it seem like it's a common ailment.
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    The media latched onto it like it was the zombie apocalypse. ;)
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  20. Weezard

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    Same as it ever was. :(
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