What is Dry Ice Hash all about? This new Dry Ice Extraction Video will show you

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by compucrap, Apr 30, 2012.


Hows the dry ice extraction demo?

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  1. compucrap

    compucrap Registered

    Hello Everyone, New to this forum but a fellow stoner none-the-less. I'm here because I need the opinions and feedback of fellow like minded individuals.

    I've been working on making a really nice demo video for the dry ice extraction method. If you haven't heard of dry ice extraction you are missing out - it's pretty awesome.

    Dry Ice Hash Extraction Video

    How's the video/demo look? Did it intrigue you? Are you feeling frisky

    If you have any experiences with dry ice extraction or any tips feel free to speak up!
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  2. showstopper

    showstopper Registered+

    Dry ice is the fastest and cleanest way to extract trichs, i bought the bubble bags and ran a plant through with cold water and ice method, it was good but no quantity and a messy cleanup with product loss. my next run i used dry ice and what a difference, way more quantity, no clean up, and pure trichs raining down from the bag. dry ice keif is the only way i do it now.
  3. silent leprechaun

    silent leprechaun Registered+

    I know what I will be doing with the trimmings from my outdoor crop :)

    Thanks for posting a great video ! I didn't know of that method even though I have bubble bags myself !

    I watched a different video and they went with a 90 micron bag. They advised to keep moving with the bag around a table, The gold looking trichs at the start are the best quality and the greener trichs the lesser quality. Maybe shake for a bit over on area and then move on to separate the qualities.

    Great video ! thanks for an informative post !
  4. compucrap

    compucrap Registered

    Yeah its a great method for harvest. Only do a few shakes when you start at first - this first pass will be the most golden stuff. From there it will get greener. The darker stuff is great for cooking but safe the gold for an awesome toking experience.
  5. compucrap

    compucrap Registered

    Got a question for anyone NOT living in the U.S.A. How readily available is dry ice in your neighborhood. I had a chap in Britain ask me if I knew of any dry ice retailers in his area the other day.

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