What is Kief exactly?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by StickyfingahZ, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. StickyfingahZ

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    I been saving up this stuff.I see it at the bottom of my grinder under the screen.I hear people talk about it and everytghing.I have thrown some in my brownies when I made them,but I smoked some last night.
    My Herb is down to the last 2 bowls....
    I sprinkled a bit on a bowl last night maybe a pinch,like you were feeding s fish......and I had an awesome smoke.It seemed to go on forever.I only lit up the bowl once and it stayed lit and when I toked it just got better,I dunno if I was just very very high or if it had something to do with the kief.
    This may be a dumb question,but what is that stuff exactly?....pot dust?
  2. flyingimam

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    u seen the powdery white stuff on a fresh plant? the trichomes so to speak? the crystals? technically kief is the powder from those stuff off of a dried bud

    u can fill a "kief box" with bud and dont even do much with it but move them around a lil bit once in a while or just shake it as hard as u can... on the bottom u will end up with some fine powder that has whitish/yellowish color... thats kinda pure THC and very potent... usually people top bowls with it or spice up their jays or blunts with it

    its more like the mother components of what good hash is made of

    however, what u get on the bottom of your grinder is a bit impure... it includes these same stuff but it also can include the green stuff as well
    it depends on your screen too. but my exp tells me that kief from grinder includes plant material in powder form as well due to the fact that the whole thing is ground and can fall thru the screen.

    kief can actually be used on some weaker bud to make a better experience or can be smoked pure but i dont recommend pure kief smokes at all... its a waste, it will burn it too fast

    what I would do is to layer my bigger pipes with kief and ground bud... kinda like cheese and pattys on a triple cheese burger lol

    or if smoking smaller bowls like the one on my steam roller just layer the top with about no more than 1/4 of a Millimeter of the stuff, so long as it covers your bud... should do the job:thumbsup::jointsmile::stoned:
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    i need a multichamber grinder, the single i have now isnt that bad, but its tough to pack bowls from it cause you dump the whole thing, plus no kief!

    and i smoke enough to have had a decent amount of kief built up. Sure i use the kief each time its created, but that isnt so much, and i dont think i get any higher than i would if i just smoked the straight green. but then i dont have a stash of kief to smoke.
  4. flyingimam

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    get a multi chamber on ebay... they are pretty cheap.

    and if u hold on to decent amount of resinous bud at a time, like more than just an 8th or a Q at a time, definately get a stash or kief box... that one has a screen that u cannot find in any grinder and will give u the best possible kief u can have and lots of it.... get a box that has a removable tray on the bottom as clearing a fixed tray from inside the box will result in much kief to be wasted and its just hard to do in a neat way.

    and dont be smoking your kief all the time, u miss the point of getting that extra high when u really feel like gettin it... but still u will be blowed anyways even if u use all the time, it just depends on your resistance.
  5. dean0000

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    As said Keif is just the trichrome (crystals) of the bud. These are the part of the plant that contain most the the psychoactive chemical THC.

    I don't feel satisfied when I smoke keif on its own, I think it is best used to 'turbo charge' your bowl. In a way it is like your bud has more THC.

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