What is meant by "commercial" weed?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by NGC1300, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. NGC1300

    NGC1300 Registered+

    I'm assuming this means imported????

    I paid $50 for 1/4oz, and while it gets me high, it just doesn't seem as euphoric as some of the stuff I'd been getting from a buddy of mine.
  2. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    your stash is an example of 'commercial'-grade pot ... it's lower-priced, and 'average' potency, etc ... that's all it tends to mean, 'average' street-obtained pot ... usually grown and distributed in bulk ... :smokin:
  3. CaptainDank

    CaptainDank Registered+

    commerical is not the same as imported. Commercial usually refers to regs or mids grown in mexico and packed into bricks. Imported weed can be some of the best, especially when it comes from our neighbors to the north :jointsmile:
  4. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    What I came in here to post. :thumbsup:
  5. XXBlaze of DesiréXX

    XXBlaze of DesiréXX Registered+

    weed thats on a commercial!DUH!:wtf: lol jk I have no idea.:jointsmile:

    keep on tokin:stoned:
  6. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    What is available depends on the region of course, but in my area commercial is synonymous with mexi-brick. I just picked up 1/2 OZ for $70 (which is a little high, I am used to $60 or $65 for a half of middies) of stuff that doesn't taste bad and does have a real good high, but is so dry and uber-compressed that it resembles green-brown particle board packed with seeds.... or cannaba-granola perhaps.

    For reference good "nug", be it Widow, AK-47, Blueberry or what-have-you usually runs around $50 or $55 an eighth around here.
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  7. theforthdrive

    theforthdrive Registered+

    You didnt put you location so its hard to tell. Its different from place to place. In the SW its mexican low grade crap. North its mid-grade/ outdoor BC buds. In N. cali. its more than likely indoor large operation buds. LOL, mexican dirt weed couldnt even get sold in cali or north.
  8. roninwithnoname

    roninwithnoname Registered+

    While I'm sure others from my area will disagree, here in South GA/North FLA "commercial" weed is the same as "headies" or "name brand" (i.e. high quality bud of a specific, identifiable strain, usually blueberry or kush). However, it seems it typically refers to Mexibrick elsewhere.
  9. dragonrider

    dragonrider Registered+

    Around here, it's weed that interrupts your smoke session every few minutes to try to sell you car insurance, laundry detergent, or non-prescription pain reliever. It's really annoying.
  10. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    *smoke* damn caveman *smoke* I know tricks are for kids *smoke*
  11. Gotabud

    Gotabud Registered

    This is the #2 listing when google searching for "commercial weed," so I figure it's better to resurrect this old thread for the benefit of everyone than making a new one just for me :).

    There are a lot of different definitions I've heard for commercial weed.. As people in this thread have said, it's "mid-grade" brick weed. But honestly, just from a logical standpoint, why would anyone grow "mid-grade" strains when they know they can't sell them for as much? It doesn't make sense. The same applies to "KB" (as it's called here) or "nug" being a "name" brand (Northern Lights, White Widow, etc), versus commercial being a random strain (why wouldn't everyone just grow highest yield, highest potency strains?).

    I've also been told that the difference between commercial and KB is that KB is only buds, whereas commercial is mostly leaves and stems. Now, THIS makes sense if people want to claim that KB truly is worth several times as much money, but I can't find anything online that confirms this.

    Also, I want to say that I've heard market prices that sound way too high.. Where I'm from, $60 is the going rate for an oz of commercial. KB is a ripoff, IMO, at like $15-20/g. I've actually always considered KB a ripoff, because people are convinced the difference is the strain, and strain potency doesn't vary more than possibly a great strain doubling the potency of a failed one. Paying 10x as much for 2x the potency is a ripoff, period. Buds vs leaves would change my opinion, though.

    Adding to the confusion, "bud" is a common slang term for any kind of cannabis, commercial or not.
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  12. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    IMO, Commercial weed is any weed grown in massive quantities and is therefore widely available. Quality has nothing to do with it - but most of the time weed grown in this fashion is usually not the best quality.
  13. Gotabud

    Gotabud Registered

    Are you saying KB/nug is likely the same or could even possibly be worse quality than cannabis sold as "commercial"? And are you also saying that both consist of mostly/only buds?

    This is an important question to answer, IMO, because even the most "seasoned" "pros" disagree about this, and if they're wrong, they're complete idiots who embarrass themselves. For instance, l33t smokers who speak of the "real deal," like there is "one hit shit," when anyone who knows anything knows that potency can't even really vary that much. If I was one of those idiots who dealers exploit and con into really believing they're receiving "one hit shit," or that their "nug" was anywhere near worth as much more than commercial as they paid, I would want someone to tell me the truth.
  14. Gotabud

    Gotabud Registered

    You know what, I don't even see why the same wouldn't apply for people who think they're grading weed. It seems like the grade is synonymous with the potency, so if someone says "mid-grade," they mean mid-potency. But the difference between mid-potency and high-potency strains (15% and 25%) means you'd have to take an extra 2/3 hit of mid-grade per one hit of high-grade to obtain the same amount of THC. That is NOT very much, insignificant if you ask me.

    So can someone please enlighten me on what I'm missing? The forums at cannabis.com would be the last place I would expect to find ignorance about cannabis..
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  15. Gotabud

    Gotabud Registered

    So I guess no one really knows what the difference is between commercial and nug, besides the obvious, that one is bricked and that one is supposedly higher "quality," where quality is completely subjective and does not refer to potency.

    In that case, ignorant stoners are just being exploited and greedy dealers are just being deceptive. I don't like this at all... -.O;
  16. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    When that happens, I usually just walk out to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. Doesn't happen often though as I don't do commercial product very often.
  17. RelaxaBIT

    RelaxaBIT Registered+

    I would rather smoke nothing at all if all I can get is that "back-yard boogie" or the "brown-frown" seriously, as hard workin as mexicans are you would figure they would do more than just scatter a bunch of seeds around and then just pick it,piss on it,spray shit on it, and then brick it up to ship out. Be careful with that brown shit because who knows what kind of chemicals and shit that are on it as well. sometimes it doesn't even smell like bud. I remember smelling some stuff before that smelled like straight embalming fluid. talk about gross.

    If my bud isn't neon green with crystals, I don't want it. ( with the exception of chocolate thai, and the afghan buds. though they are dark, they are still very crystally and potent)
  18. RelaxaBIT

    RelaxaBIT Registered+

    in my opinion and personal experience it's not about achieving the "same amount of thc" it's the type of high. with mids, you can take as many hits as you want, but you still wont get that type of high that Hydro or high potency nugs will give you.

    Low grade/reggie: usually can get you high, but is more of a tired/dirty high. You do have to smoke more than a bowl or whatever, this is why most smoke blunts with this weed. usually a brown/dark color with stringy leaves and usually a not so great odor. usually around 25 dollars a quarter or less. (and it's always bricked up)

    Mid grade/Middies: will usually get you a better high than the reggie, and actually tastes decent and looks alright. most of the time it's a good color green and a good smell. It gets you about a "medium" high in my opinon. a big reason why it's called Mid-grade. the best of both worlds because it can be smoked in a pipe,or blunt. (this is what most of everyday smokers get if you can't grown your own or you can't afford to constantly be buying dro.) best bang for your buck in most peoples opinion. Anywhere from 40 to 60 dollars a quarter. (can be either bricked up or mid nugs)

    High Grade/Hydro,dank,etc: This is the bud with the most THC in it, and normally looks the prettiest. the bud will never be bricked up,and will be nugs. The high is a uppier,cleaner high and you stay higher longer. Most of the time, there will be no seeds in this bud and the smell is wayyyyyy more potent. Prices range from 90 to 120 dollars a Quarter here in Raleigh,nc and in Virginia.
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  19. Gotabud

    Gotabud Registered

    Okay, you say that nug is the cannabis with the most THC in it, but logic already shows that mass growers are almost surely NOT growing a strain with the lowest potency and are actually probably growing strains of mid- or high-potency. At the same time, people who are interested in the type of high are not necessarily interested in the most THC, otherwise they would all be growing the highest potency strains ONLY, which they are not. So nug is actually not always the bud with the most THC in it. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. I'm trying really hard to understand this..

    Also, people seem to correlate hydroponically grown cannabis with THC potency, which is also not necessarily true. It can be assumed that more care was given hydro, but the growing medium being water or dirt alone isn't enough to change anything. All the extra care would mean is that the cannabis was nurtured into the high end of its potency range (15-20%), which is equally as obtainable in soil. You can't insult commercial by saying it was grown in the ground.

    In my opinion, the high probably doesn't vary as much as people think. It's mostly just the placebo effect and prejudice. It's kind of strange to me that the only thing people know about the different grades of weed are what they look, smell, and taste like, the high they're supposed to give, and how much they cost.
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  20. superskunk1

    superskunk1 Registered+

    I always thought that commercial weed was like big bud, rocklock strains like that, that produce large amounts and are mostly used for commercial growers.

    For like SOG?

    But if its that mexican weed that gives me headaches than i dont know why im about to buy Rocklock when it says its for commercial growers. So i would assume big yields
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