what is superthrive and what does it do ?????

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by 1stimegrower, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    ive heard to use superthrive but before i use anything on my
    baby girl i need to know what its for and exactly what is does
    chemically to make my plants buds better or bigger or whatever
    any input would much appreciated !
  2. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    SuperThrive is what God initially used when he wanted to root the 1st plants.

    What it does chemically?
    Dude, have you seen the bottle of SuperThrive?
    There's no way in hell that a person can decrypt all the information that company puts in its labels.

    You shouldn't use SuperThrive in late flowering, as it tastes like crap.
    But to start up plants, and a little here and there... Perfect!
    Be aware that it is not a replacement for nutrients... it's an additive.

    Hope that helps.


    -turtle420 :cool:
  3. the image reaper

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    ... SuperThrive is a rooting aid, works well to help sprout cuttings ... it gets touted as a miracle ingredient, but it doesn't deserve all the praise it gets ... highly over-rated, and can be fatal to young seedlings, when used more than a drop or two, per gallon ... I have never seen one bit of difference when added to my plants, except when used to root cuttings in my bubble-cloner :jointsmile:
  4. Megatron

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    I can tell you for a fact that using superthrive will cause you to have more males when growing from seed. Its been studied time and time again, and if i can find the link to it from the old OG FAQs then ill post it. Its only to be used if a plant is dieing and you need that extra umph to bring her back. But I would not use it if i were you. I have it at the house, but I only use it on dieing plants... house plants at that. hope we helped, laterz.. Oh and yes it taste like shit, just for the record.
  5. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    Well shit!!!!!!!!

    ts a good thing i didnt go out and buy some for 35 bucks!!
    ismokealldaylong420 recomended it !! i went and got some
    guano made by the guano company the guy at the local hydrostore highly recommended it what do you all think about guana and how do you think it helps??????
  6. ismokealldaylong420

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    well hey dont blame me man i use it all the time:thumbsup: but anyways bat guano,fish emulsions, are good but i think everyone agrees with me that fox farms ocean forest mix is one of the best soils on the market but back to the superthrive i used it on all my plants every day for foliar feeding with regular feedings of plain water to get that poder stuff of but it does taste nasty if you dont quit using it the last couple of weeks before harvest it has over 50 vitamin hormones that your plants do like or at least thats what i thought otherwise i wouldnt of went out and bought it there are however tons of other organ ferts and whatnot that you can use that may work better than superthrive all i did was give you a recemendation you should go take a look at a hydroponic store for some good ferts
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  7. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    its cool bro

    its just hard to really know whats good. + guess everyone has their own ways of growing shit. everyones opinion is valuable and i do appreciate your input! HAPPY GROWING!!!!

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