What is the best container size for small sea of green op?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by overeasy, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Hello all, and thanks in advance for your input. What would be the ideal container (pot) size for a small sea of green op? Looking to veg for 4-5 weeks, then flower for 8 weeks. Would like to maximize all available space (7ft x 3ft closet). I have several 5x5x5 square pots, and several 3.5x3.5x3.5 squares. The 3.5's seem too small, but I am the noob here. Any suggestions?
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    whats your lighting? i dont do SOG because of the number of plants needed but ive been told that 1gal pots, 24 under a 1000hps w/ a 3-5 day veg works great.
    3x7 is tight, i had a veg room that size that i used a 600hps w/ a mover and it worked great. i did finish one run in there w/ the mover but it produced less bud than other non moving lights.
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    i wouldnt flower in anything less than 1 gallon for SOG style grows.. You want to think about yield and that one gallon will at least give you a juicy head bud from each plant anything less is going to be tough..Ideally I'd get square one gallon pots and bang it out... Tough in the U.S. to find square pots though. good luck d:Rasta: On second thought if your going to vegg that long your plants may require bigger containers.. In a SOG style grow you are ideally using clones so you can keep your canopy nice and even.......:thumbsup:d
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    heard....How are you gonna veg that many weeks and do SOG? SOG man, you veg a clone for a week tops, and I use either 1gal (he's right, cant find square anywhere...bastards!!) or this tub is BANGIN for 12 clones...I go clone to rockwool, once roots are out, place in 16oz styrofoam cup. Wait till almsot rootbound (roots circling bottom and all sides), then throw em in this tub here. Rest of my room is 5gal...yeah baby
    SOG might be alot harder with seed though...

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    i flower straight into 4.5 inch pots.....with the bagseed im working with there is no differece in weight between 4.5 and one gallon pots, (ive tested) now im sure if i vegged for maybe a week or two the one gallon would produce a little more but thats not my goal here. Ive been getting 7 grams a plant with a 150 hps.
  6. overeasy

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    I'll be starting from bag seed under 10 3ft flourescent tubes (cool white), switching to red spectrum floros for flower. Really trying to go balls out on light. Is 4 weeks too long to veg seeds before flowering? I have no prob going shorter.

    Another container question: would there be any disadvantages to using tall, skinny 1 gal containers compared to short squatty ones, or is a gallon a gallon a gallon...

    Hope my questions aren't too silly, just want to gain some knowledge before I blow some cash.
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    In my experience 1/2 gallon poly bags for 4" to 1' plants with 1 gallon poly bags for larger than a foot is enough and the bags waste no space like a pot might

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