What is the best hydroponic system?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by hydrogrow827, Nov 27, 2008.

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    What hydroponic system is better. Ebb and Flow or a dripp system? With drip system how do I controll how much is dripped? Also, should I have a recovery system or should I not reuses water. I'm concerned that the used water will have a lower concentration of nutrients than the resevoir and it will change the concentration of the resevoir to a different level than I want. Is this a legit concern?

    Thanks for you help
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    In a drip system the amount of time the plants are fed is determined by you then you set a timer to make your pump come on and off at those times. most drip systems are recirculating.
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    Well, I use ebb and flow in veg, and drip in flowering....
    I don't really think either is superior for each other. The drip system can be more troublesome, such as drippers plugging up, but it all depends on how you do things, what kind of media you are using and your feeding times. I use strictly hydroton for media in both places. I also really have a 'dripper system' without drippers, because I just use the 1/4" tube, and stick it directly into the hydroton.... so I have no plugged drippers. But if you try that you cannot do it unless you use no media or just hydroton. Both work fine for me!
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