What is the best procedure to get tempeture using hand warmers....can it get too hot?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by 12halfmoon, May 9, 2010.

  1. 12halfmoon

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    I am using syntheic urine..and have hot hands2 to warm the pee bladder...how long does it take? will it get too hot if it is left for hours before test?
    and if I microwave first will it mess up the tempeture strip ?....I start monday and was to be tested prior to starting so I think they will send me to a lab some time on monday..
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    hand warmers never worked for me. and those fucking strips on the bottle suck. ive never used the synthetic urine before, a couple guys at my company did and the lady put her nose in the bottle and smelled the piss and said it smelled like chemicals. nothing like an overachiever to fuck your day up. i get someone with clean urine to piss for me. then i put it in an elmers glue bottle. get a hot cup of coffe from the gas station and put it in there for a few seconds. go buy a $5 digital baby thermomator from the store and test the urine every minute or so. get it up to 100 or 101f and then stick it in a sock i keep in my boxers with a paper clip or two and i go in. i think it has to be between 90 and 100 degrease when they test it. works every time.
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    I did it .......I am now a member of the sub club......
    I practiced with hot hands and it paid off !!!!
    Went in to labcorp...had 2 hours notice..it took 2 hours for the pee bag to get to 98..went in no waiting ..less than 5 minutes I (peed) LOL....
    temp was on the money ....practice ...practice..practice....makes perfect...as long as synthetic works....i got the job !!! thanks to all that has posted about subbing.......smoking a fatty now !!!!!

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