What is the best type of bong to buy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by THCeeker, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. THCeeker

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    Hey I have recently decided to go all out and buy the best bong I can. I have put a down payment on a frosted Illadelph white label that also has a frosted illadelph diffused downstem, however tonight I saw an Ehle tube where the mouthpiece and the bowl are both crowned and worked with yellow and black reversal work, as well as the downstem which has the same diffuser style as the RooR.de diffusers.
    Now I'm just trying to figure out what I should do, I can't get a RooR.de because I don't want to get anything mailed so it's down to something like a Toro, Phire, Illadelph, Ehle. May be able to find other things, such as RooR.us and Lux, possible PURE or whatever, so just leave your opinion or what the best bong you ever hit was and help me make up my mind.

    Any suggestions are welcome, and please no flaming of people's favorites.
  2. anbesol

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    Yo! I have a frosted Illadelph 2! just bought it the other day. Its the best bong i have ever had or used and i own 3 glass bongs. Your money is worth it. My next purchase is the official illadelph ash catcher
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  3. flyingimam

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    all i know is that if u can get an authentic persian or middle eastern bong, u will be happy... they have some wicked designs, although i have seen some contemporary ones in the states as well

    but a good bong to me in technicality is a bong with longer trunk, u can get bigger hits, and also how deep the intake pipe hits the water... the deeper the smoother the hits

    also it should be somewhat of the right weight, depending on type of ur consumption, some people wanna move it around then u want a smaller one as big ones turn out too heavy for regular move arounds especially after u get blown :p
  4. mad_clown

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    def get a pure (baby brand of roor) if you can get a pure with a pure ashcatcher i have a 2 foot pure with two diffused ash catchers and is easily the smoothest best bong i have ever hit.
  5. seelos

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    i live near illadelph's shop/gallery in los angeles (melrose) and so every once in a while i go in there to drool. i can attest to the beauty, but i've never used one so not too much valuable information here unfortunately!
  6. CaptainDank

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    How tall is the Illadelph? As long as it is at least 20", I would be happy with it. Is it beaker bottom or cylinder style? I personally prefer the beaker type.

    I haven't tried an Illadelph bong but the one I checked out at my local glass shop was sweet.

    Get an ash-catcher with a diffuser and you'll be set.
  7. one.stoned.wookie

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    anyone got some good sites for GONG bongs they could pm me besides EDIT and grass city im looking for a USA based site...i dont wanna order from overseas and deal with customs......but best type to buy IMHO would he any GONG bong with a perculator.....never tried one but they look like hot shit

    ps stinkyattic please dont erase this my roor is broke and need a replacment i tried google no luck and i want a place people in the forums have orderd from.....and i aint ordering from a stupid ass legalbud website
  8. puff themagic dragon

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    in my opionion, i would get a hamm scientific bubbler!

    go on youtube and look at my friends dad using it.

    just type in hamms scientific bubbler in the search area
  9. AnEpicMelody

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    I just got a Phire bong, all glass on glass, diffuser, ice catch, etc. It hits reaallyy nice, and it was only 150 bucks! They're as good as Roors, but way cheaper. If you can find em they're well worth the money, and then some.
  10. tmayu2

    tmayu2 Registered+

    :(sorry bro nothings as good as roors
  11. KingKronic420

    KingKronic420 Registered+

    lol ignorant.

    Illadelph, PHX, LUX, Phire, RooR are all good companies. Just do some shopping around and find what you like and what you're wallet likes.

    but what ever you do you must report back with clean shots, and milk shots. :thumbsup:
  12. tmayu2

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    ok not ignortant you can debate that lux and whatever else you mentioned are as good as roor. they are good just not as good (you get wat u pay for)
    I would say that roors hit the best and has the best craftmanship imo.

    the one u mentioned that does compare is illadelph theyr the shit too but i havent hit one with one of the frozen coils on it yet so mayb those coils are the shit and they alone beat roor but if the ice coils arent the shit i give it to Roor:thumbsup:
    plus illadelph is overpriced at least the ones ive seen (not that roors arent extremley pricey too) my .02
  13. MPLSweedman

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    not exactly a "bong"


    honestly, biggest, smoothest rips ive ever experienced. cheap & easy to clean too
  14. Hollywierdtoker

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    Customs will get you the best craftsmanship for the $$ along with design, function, and class.
  15. cman20118ut

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    i recently recieved a molino glass bong with the glass precooler...its 45 cm high and i think it was 4.2 mm thick...anyways it hits hard and i love the carb on the back b/c i'd hate to have anybody fuckup my bong pulling the slide out while clearing it...hits amazing...oh and it was only 120$...although i didnt buy it...it was a birthday present from my girlfriend...lets just say after this its hard to go back to a bowl
  16. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Look for a bong with these qualities:
    Thick glass walls with no obvious weak points at teh joints
    Easy to clean
    Stable base- the Erlenmeyer-flask ones like the Mad Scientist are very stable by design
    Don't pay extra $$$ for a fancy name etched into it when a generic but well constructed bong is a better value... Unless you're a 'ZOMG do you like my Gucci bag?!!1!!' kinda toker ;)
  17. Sandm4n

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    Where can i get a hamm scientific bubbler! that is probally the sickest piece i have ever seen :stoned:
  18. 415plus5

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    i personally think illadelph bongs are the coolest, but they can be very expensive. my best friend just got one.

    i attacked a pic. the whole blue swirly part is detachable and freezable. very cool.

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  19. 415plus5

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    bahaha. excuse me for being a stoner. i just realized you already talked about it. hahahaha.
  20. miked003300

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    roor best bong ever

    you get what you pay for i bought a pure and the beaker broke with in days of buying it. i mesured the thickness of the glass on the beaker part and it was only 1.5mm. way to thin!
    later bought a roor and have never been happier!

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