what is the best way to store weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by + google it +, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. + google it +

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    i was thinking something like an airtight glass container or something. i heard medicine bottles are great too, but i can't find any.

    any other suggestions? the amount i want to store is about a quarter ounce, maybe half an ounce.
  2. psteve

    psteve Registered+

    mason jars.
    You can get them at most supermarkets.
  3. naturelovinpuffer

    naturelovinpuffer Registered+

    A glass jar one fo the old ones with the removeble and reusabe top and screw on side . .
  4. fearmygun1

    fearmygun1 Registered+

    if its not too much(like a 8th and under)one of those orange medicine container's works sooo good,u can have the dankest buds in there and it wont smell..and ur weed smells soo much better in there compared to just a bag watever
  5. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Sealed glass jars are the best. Mason Jars. Plastic isnt very good for storing for a long time.

    Just make sure the bud is dry first, and put it in a dark place. Storing at room temps is fine, and so is cool. Just make sure it's not hot, or in light.

    If your not sure about how dry the bud is, put in alittle bit of tissue to absorb any slight moisutre that could cause mold.
  6. DaZeDShAdOw

    DaZeDShAdOw Registered+

    I used a medicine bottle for a while, works great for a small amount. But mason jars are the best for storing for longer or for larger amounts.
  7. Conehead

    Conehead Registered+

    If your worried about stealth then the jars are the go anything glass and airtight really. If u can have it where it may be found then in the freezer i suposed to be good but still make sure it is dry and in an airtight container so it doesnt get ice on it. anything will keep better if u can freeze it without damaging it(remember airtight and dry)
  8. 2600HERTZ

    2600HERTZ Registered+

    Large quantities of dank I keep in the freezer, usually inside a few ziplock bags with most air pressed out, keeps em wet and fresh.
  9. 4twentE

    4twentE Registered+

    i can't keep weed long enough to justify storing it anywhere besides the bag it came in.
  10. ldg420

    ldg420 Registered+

    Dont freeze weed, would you freeze lettuce? or maybe celery how bout a tomato? Freezing will only dry it out. and try to avoid plastic bags....

    pill bottles are no good, they are not air tight, and they are predominately plastic...

    USE GLASS TO STORE AND SMOKE WEED>..........:stoned:
  11. tokinballer

    tokinballer Registered+

    medicine container for 1/8ths is what i use
  12. SkyHigh420

    SkyHigh420 Registered+

    i emptied out a jam jar and have since gotten a pretty kewl little glass jar from hippie gypsy and the airtight jam jar still holds it good. no smell and is large enough for me to even put my little pipe and 1 hitter in there for absolutely no smell. i got some super dank smellin northern lights and it was fine.
  13. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    I have a beautiful hand-carved oak box, with all kinds of neat patterns on it. It keeps my weed smelling fresh, it's functionally airtight (not literally, but I don't smell anything coming from inside when it's closed properly), and it gives my bud a nice cured taste.
  14. liberationfrequency

    liberationfrequency Registered+

    I don't really know about stashing weed because I smoke it as soon as I get it, but I know my dealer keeps it in this like empty bug spray can thing in his car.
  15. bklynbenz

    bklynbenz Registered+

    anything over an ounce gets sealed up with this vacuum food sealer i got, everything else goes in the mason jars

  16. ChronicJoint

    ChronicJoint Registered+

    i usually store mine in my lungs.

    (p.s. i CAN'T believe i actually said this first, HAHA)
  17. budl0v3r

    budl0v3r Registered+

    I store mine in fatty tissue.
    (Rebuttal to the person that said they stored theres in there lungs.)

  18. otottoto

    otottoto Registered+

    I live by the TightVac from the headshop... its simple, all plastic, perfect shape, completely opaque to keep out light, and most importantly, its not only airtight, but actually forms a slight vacuum when you close it, thus keeping the bud EXTRA fluffy and fresh...
  19. Zendro

    Zendro Registered

    Go buy a couple jar of baby food, for less than 2 bucks, u get stash jars.. and munchies :Rasta:
    Mine even has " Earth's best, 100% Organic" printed on top of the lid
  20. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    I use these cool air tight jars that I got from the local dollar store, too drunk/stoned to take a pic of them though lol

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