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What is the best way to un thaw frozen urine

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by whats good, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. whats good

    whats good Registered+

    Hey guys

    what is the best way to unthaw frozen urine,, I was thinking of using hot water from a coffee maker and just putting the bottle in a cup with the urine in it and letting it unthaw that way or can I put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds,, I need advice

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  2. stonedassassin

    stonedassassin Registered+

    usually u what it to be thoughed about room temp i just leave mine out ovr night and pik it up in the mourning
  3. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Human urine can be microwaved, but you must remember that human urine is bio-hazardous and should not share the same play area as food and utensils.
  4. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen Registered+

    Just leave it out overnight.
  5. originalblu

    originalblu Registered+

    wouldnt puttin it in the micro smell really bad

    DR_CANNABIS Registered+

    shit you can freeze urine? shit, im gonna start a collection now!

    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    I'm not even going to ask...

    Leave it out overnight and keep it out of the kitchen.

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