What is the most STRONGEST weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by SiXFeEtDeEp, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. SiXFeEtDeEp

    SiXFeEtDeEp Registered+

    yup thats the topic lol. what is the most potent strongest weed out there. like half a hit your baked lol.

  2. st0n3r

    st0n3r Registered+

    all expensive seed strains.........white russian, white rhino, medusa, the tree of life, armageddom skunk 11:59, california orange etc etc.
  3. ArtRollins

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    Stoner is right, the breeds are all very strong. Favorites might be better for this.

    I find the AK47 the easiest to grow, great yield, very sweet and amazing high.
    My personal favorite is the Greenhouse Super Silver Haze (do not be fooled by Mr. Nice). It gets about 10 percent less yield than ak but the high is amazing and the flavour is astounding. It is the avatar I use. The buds are like fists on the top of the stems and need support *I use yo yos to keep them aloft.
    Others I always around
    Jack Herer, a HUGE plant, mine usually around 12 foot tall with buds around 8 to 15 inches covered in glands.
    Marlies Collie like sugar coated dreams
    Senis Star, really nice buds and a great plant.
  4. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    Yep, I'll also agree with st0ner and ArtRollins. It's pretty much impossible to say that any one particluar strain is the strongest because a lot depends on how its grown and can differ from plant to plant. Even if you take a strain like white rhino you'll get crap if you just thow the seeds on the ground in a field somewhere. You can't expect the same results as someone who grows them indoors with months of TLC.

    Any of the strains commonly offered at the cannabis clubs for medical use are all super potent. Most have THC levels of 20% or more . Some of the ones I've tried from a med mj supplier are

    White Widow
    Sour Deisel
    Jack Herrer
    Juicy Fruit
    Green Dragon
    Manatuska Citrus

    All of these will get you pretty stoned with one hit. Two or three hits and your toast.
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  5. Melton420

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  6. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Chocolate Thai.
  7. st0n3r

    st0n3r Registered+

    no offense but in amsterdam me and my bro tried thai and it woz SHIT........seriously it woz quantity over quality
  8. del...

    del... Registered+

    hey art, judging by your post i'm assuming you're an outdoor grower (at least concerning this) and was wondering when your haze is harvested. i have a few huge neville's haze plants which have just begun flowering (the c99's and indi's are looking like they'll be done by the end of this month) and am figuring a harvest for them after thanksgiving well into december...which will mean i have to build a greenhouse around them. does your SSH come in before thanksgiving? i really like haze (who doesn't?) but am looking for a quicker finisher with the same high potency neville put into his version of it. i will have some c99 x nh crosses for next year along with the haze crossed with blockhead and positronics master kush (huge plants, btw!) due to a lone male hiding in the tall weeds until a couple weeks ago but caught it before they were heavily pollinated.

    what i'm getting at is...i'm looking for outdoor growers who have the space to grow at least a dozen or so looking for the c99 x haze crosses that have the c99 finish time. i can only do up to 25 here and it's not really the kind of strain fit for working indoors due to its insane long flowering time. plus i always have a variety in the garden so there's only room here for a dozen or so too. it'll be worth the time and space in the search too as c99 is already a plenty potent sativa dom and this haze infusion can only increase the heavy sativa stone...but it's gonna take some work looking for and breeding what we're looking for in the hybrid...ya know?

    canmon at yahoo
  9. st0n3r

    st0n3r Registered+

    hey del.........this is a question for you my friend............im gunna do a outdoor grow next year..........ya kno like 60 odd plants so mass harvest.........but once i get the harvest......i wanna keep about 25% myself and sell the rest........is it better to become a dealer and sell it slowly or sud i do summit like sell it all TO a dealer for perhaps a few grand????

  10. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    keep going
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  11. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    I haven't had any of that in a long time. But it tastes great. Maybe you got a shit bag. I don't know, I just don't smoke shit-weed.
  12. Az.

    Az. Registered+

    i know this isnt to me but if i were you i would sell it all to one dealer cause imo your less likly to get busted...get it all off your hands at once...just make sure you have enough for yourself....you dont want to have to buy any back off them.
    however youll make more money if you deal it yourself....look at the pros and cons
  13. del...

    del... Registered+

    dunno stoner, depends on the situation at the time. if you have a place to store quantity, then by all means store as much as ya can and release it slowly so you don't flood the market while keeping a good cash flow coming in. but if you need quick funds and have no storage spots then ya gotta do what's safest (which is always done anyways) and get rid of whatever you can't store. you can always grow more...
  14. SiXFeEtDeEp

    SiXFeEtDeEp Registered+

    Damnit i hate you guys. J/K. why the fuck am i stuck in a town County that has ZERO good herb. i've been asking everyone and there mother where to score "one hitter quiter" weed can't fine it anywere. WTF :(
    thx for the replys

  15. s8nlilhlpr

    s8nlilhlpr Registered+

    Six, I'm in the same boat....you'd think in a college town it would be easy, but I don't know any smokers here, and a lot of bible thumpers. Looks like time to try out the green thumb....
  16. thefable

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    i got to kent state.... and lately we been smokin g13 at my fraternity and it is the dopest dope i have ever smoked... i took 3 hits and literally laughed my ass off and passed out... im an avid smoker and i have never been high like that ever or that fast.. it was the experience of my lifetime now thats all anyone ever gets in kent its the life right now... has anyone else ever had the greatest weed of all time because that definantly ranks... besides that i like lemon g, ak 47, ak+jack herer and strawberry cough... i personally believe its the bag or jar of weed you get... sometimes you get lemons and sometimes you get wet dog.:Rasta:
  17. IAmKowalski

    IAmKowalski Registered+

    What's the strongest wine? There is so much variety and such different qualities of high, taste, length of high, degree of mental clarity or lack thereof, degree of body high, degree of couch-lock stoned effect, and etc. to consider - not just a generic potency ranking.
  18. Tox

    Tox Registered+

    It's like that scene in Napoleon Dynamite when there watching the tape of the Uncle throwing a football... and Napoleon was like "this is the worst film on the planet" or some shit and his brother says "Napoleon like anyone can ever know that".
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  19. Revanche21

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    maybe a more appropriate question is what is the strongest Sativa and strongest Indica as they both have separate medicinal properties
  20. marijuanavillebilly

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    to my knowledge the strongest strain of any of the cannabis family is, White Widow.

    from what i have read the plant gets upto ~27% THC.

    dont hold me to it, im from KY the good bud here is called 50/100...1/2?
    could never figure it out.
    i want some 1 if 1/2 is good.

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