What is the "orange" in Orange Kush?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 2Triv, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. 2Triv

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    Alright I got some Orange Kush weed and smoked like 2 bowls of it and let my friend smoke some too, and I was all chillin' and relaxed, but he just bugs out and starts going crazy and shit like that, and he didn't even have a whole bowl!!! So yeah, I'm wondering what the hell is the "orange" stuff in that shit?
  2. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    its agent orange.......i thought everyone knew this
  3. 2Triv

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  4. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    im just bullshitting you dude
    its a genetic mutation that causes the hairs on it to become orange and has gradually grown into the strain known as orange kush, although many other strains of weed also have orange hairs it is still caused by a genetic mutation.
  5. 2Triv

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    Yeah I knew you where joking, cuz if you weren't, I'd either be dead or at least braindead. So what makes orange better than just regular weed? And why did my friend bug out so bad when I smoked a lot more than him and I was just relaxed?
  6. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    he was probably trippin, maybe a panic attack.
    the hairs are just an indicator as to whether its good weed or not.
    the real reason some weed is better than others has to do with the amount of trichomes the bud has on it, these are the THC glands. also, potency can be lowered by the way it was dried.
    curing just gets rid of the chlorophyl taste.
    mostly its genetics, thc is a natural sunblock so, naturally, cannabis in high sunlight and/or heat areas it evolved to produce more thc to cope with the stress.
  7. 2Triv

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    Alright, thanks for the knowledge! And this was the first time my friend tried smoking weed too, so maybe thats why he got so fucked up. The next morning, he said he blacked out a few times and doesn't remember it all.... but we got pictures, hahaha!
  8. pixel

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    let me take a guess, you live in california or near it, thats the only place i hear the term 'orange kush' coming from
  9. jaGerbom

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    ah i wish i lived in cali

    i just smoked some bud from cali the other day and it wassss wonderful
  10. LIP

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    The orange hairs are called pistilles. All strains have them, it's the preflower. You determine what sex the plant is with them. They come out in a V shape, and are white. The stay white during most of the flowering period but they start to colour over time and go orange, red, or purple depending on strain. Some strains have lots and lots of pistilles, and some have hardly any. Some may be cut off by the grower as he manicures the buds, but he'd have to be a crazy OCD to be that mitliculous.

    Buds harvested to early will also have more pistilles because the flowering period is not yet fully complete.

    Even if you harvest a plant late the pistilles will still turn orange / red / purple during the drying period before curing.

    Like i said, i'd assume that the orange in "Orange Kush" referred to the amount of pistilles covering the bud. That's if there isnt an orange hue, or an orange after taste. I supose it could be many things or a combination of things.

    OR, maybe it's just a name someone came up with and thought it sounded nice so he thought he couldnt make a nice bit of money on it.

    Who knows. I sure dont.
  11. graph

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    struck out.

    Has nothing to do with mutation, just back-crossing strains to bring out a prominent orange look and, surprisingly, getting sugar levels just right so it tastes "kinda" like orange.

    Also has nothing to do with how and when the plant was harvested, just really good crossing from really good growers.
  12. Nochowderforyou

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    I thought it had something to do with smell/flavour of tasting or smelling like orange? Anyways, who knows.

    I know the Blueberry strain is called that because it actually smells, and even tastes like it. People mistake it thinking that it's blue, like the berries, but you're wrong.
  13. Bob the Awesome

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    I think LIP's the closest anyone has to why it's called Orange Kush.
  14. LiquidMagik

    LiquidMagik Registered+

    Or it could be an orange strain (FD's Royal Orange, Aeric Cali-O, etc.) crossed to a Kush strain (OG, Pure, Hindu, Master, etc.)
  15. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    This is a very good bet... there are plenty of strains that have 'orange' in the name due to either the color of the hairs (most strains DO have orangeish hairs at ripeness; some have much MORE hair and it gives the bud an orange look) or a distinct orange flavor, such as the infamous Orange Velvet, an elite strain that is currently being used as a breeder by TGA's MzJill, and a parent to her 'jillybean', which is supposed to have inherited the orange flavor from it.

    The hairs on a bud are most often a pure white or very pale cream, but can also be brilliant red (I believe Stonehedge carries if not expresses this trait), varying shades of pink (for ex Stinky Pinky) or orangeish-yellow... however, when the hairs (pistils) dry up and shrivel at ripeness, they all just turn a browner shade of what they were.
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  16. Dutch Masta

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    Bingo. Strain names = useless, unless you are buying the seeds and growing it yourself.. and even still how could you ever know for sure? Besides, with how many times that bud changes hands it might even change names or be completely unknown until someone makes up a name for it.
  17. 2Triv

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    No I actually live far, far away from Cali..... I live in Wisconsin!!! I got this other orange stuff now too that costs $400 an ounce, that shit is fuckin awesome!!!
  18. wrasler

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    ever hear of an orange haired strain called "cali mist"?
  19. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    i was going back a little farther than just back crossing, i was going waaaaaaaaay back to when there were no orange hairs and then *boof* genetic mutation, orange hairs. its a dominant gene and overpowered the weaker gene that controls hair color and eventually developed into a stable gene.
    just like when a black haired human crosses with a blonde haired human the offsping is most likely to be black or brown hair because of the dominant gene.
    this is sort of like mendelieves experiment with the peas.
  20. KottonMouthKid

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    well, most kush is sativa, so you shoulda been really head high/mind fucked

    i think... i cant decide if its the other way around

    im too high

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