What is the Puhnishment for Growing Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Omerta, May 9, 2004.

  1. Omerta

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    like let's just say,I got caught growing marijuana in my house right.I hear two different story's about growing marijuana puhnishment's.The first one is if you get caught you will be charged with a ticket like 150 dallor's,then another for distrubution of Marijuana.Probley adds up to 350 dallor's for one plant.The second story is that if you get caught,does the Justice Department have a right to seize everything you own,your house,everything in your house,your car's I mean everything.That kinda seemed really harsh or Just throw you in Prison and take all your stuff.So which one is true I really need a reply.Well in my opion I believe that the first is true,but hey I might be wrong you guy's know everything about Marijuana Laws.Plz reply peace.
  2. NowhereMan

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    go to
    look up your state if in the usa

    good luck
  3. david420

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    u dont get a FINE for growing weed dood!! they *incinerate* all ur plants.. put u in jail for 20 years, pop the tires on ur car. tow it to their yard.. make u pay for the towing.. and take all ur stuff and auction it off, the procedes going to the police of course..
  4. Omerta

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    are you serious,20 year's in prison for growing a plant I rather rob a bank and at least risk getting caught or getting away with like 100,000 dallor's.
  5. del...

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    i was nabbed in '99 with 80+ plants and received 2 years probation, no fine and no loss of property other than what was seized in warrant. it's different in every state, i'm in nevada...btw, i got legal med-use/grow halfway through probation and they let me off early! but it was kinda weird for the 1st few months i was legal but still on probation and had officers coming by to look at my plants and take pics each month...and watching em walk away from them without any hassle! now on my 4th or 5th legal crop and no more visits or anything from them...i just hope they'll look out for them while i'm away! (yeah right...)
    a dear friend is in an oklahoma county jail at this very moment waiting for her sentence of 5-15 for nearly same amount of plants i had but we're hoping for probation, at worst (2nd offense, same charge but 8+ years apart). we'll see in about 2 more weeks. she was a regular poster back in the hbc.com days and went by "mary, mary" or mm in case any of you out there know of her...keep her in your thoughts during the next couple weeks anyway, please...
  6. Omerta

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    thanks for the info and telling what would really happen.Yah seizeing your property lost my happy feeling growing my only one plant also im a newb-im learning.I hope this will never happen,if I ever get caught like you did I hope I end up in the same situation you did.Man I don't want to go to prison over plants that's retarded.Plus im a minor.Anyways my state dosent saying anything in NORMAL about growing.All it say's basicly is the more bud you have on you when you get caught the deeper the shit you are in.Like if you have a ounce on you and get caught it's felenoy or if you have roach it's a $150 fine or ticket.If you get guilty of distribution you will be put away for 20 year's.I don't really want to say my state for security reason's.Hey at least your helping the people who are sick.Hope your good friend good luck.
  7. skooboy69

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    i luv pot
  8. skooboy69

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    pleaze give me sum quick n eazy growing tips
  9. N30SS

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    wot about the uk? any1 no anythin about the laws here?
  10. Omerta

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    It's more wrose in the US.But I heard UK took it kinda easy on marijuana laws.But I don't live in UK.
  11. Valrasha

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    Hey, not only do you go to jail for marjuana in the us, but you also get introduced to a new sexuality in the system in a very harsh and brutal way. Don't you just love the lawmakers of our beutifull countrys ideas, just makes you all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it. No wonder why people who get busted for a minute amount turn on the public, maybe we should bust nanna next door for the morphine she's using for her pain because you never know if she's handing it out to kids. Then again why don't we just build a big cage around the country, give the politicians night sticks, handcuffs, shotguns and side arms, and just dress everyone else in an orange outfit.
  12. HvyFuel

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    The United States of Guantanamo, careful Valrasha they might like that idea.

    N3 - What law do you want? English law I can help with but the law according to Blunkett is a problem as it changes daily. Depending on the media story at the time and any reason he can think of to get on TV. I wish some fooker would train his dog to walk on motorways. He won't be happy 'til we're shouting Heil Blunkett. I hear he's planning to ban pens and make us write in braille(sp?). I voted for the Labour party but I'm f*cked if I know who our beloved government are supposed to be representing. I'm ranting again aren't I, Shut up Paul.

    peace :)
  13. Valrasha

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    Hmmm, sounds like your side of the atlantic isn't have a very good time either. Who would ever think in the past that there would come a day where you can't walk the earth freely without having to pay for something, you can't even get away from it all, the government and there brain washed people have to stick there nose up yer a$$ and tell the world what you're doing. Makes me wish I could go back to cave man day's, lol. Then again the government would probably follow me there and still chasitise me.
  14. podysmoka187

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    im in florida and my friend billy got caught by the DEA with 3 6 foot tall plants and they seized his house threw his dad in jail because hes under age and now his dad jack is facing 5 years a plant and 1,000 dollar fine a plant. the laws here in florida are pretty fucked up if you ask me.
  15. happyhi

    happyhi Registered

    how can we fl laws? and get med-use passed here? any ideas?
  16. RedRainDrop

    RedRainDrop Banned

    i live in canada, ontario would the laws be harsh here?
  17. HvyFuel

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    Medical use is already legal in Canada. As far as I know med users are allowed to grow for personal use.

    peace :)
  18. ineedskillz

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    Dude I live in ontairio 2 I got busted with 100 mature plants in my backyard and got 2 years prob."first offence" estimated street value $60 grand. Never had anything siezed. :)
  19. nancythestuntbum

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    Well in the USA the punnishment varies from state to state. Usually they give you three strikes and you are out. Out meaning jail for a long time. Depends on how much you are growing. Or how much you have on you at the time you are busted. Also take into consideration for sellers if they sell to minors. That's an extra fine or jail time. Not to mention selling so many feet from a school is also more punnishment. I have no clue about the laws in other countries. But if you live in the US. I would check out NORML. Their website has a link to all of the marijuana laws by state. Also a resource that shows how many arrests were made in each county of each state. But I think it's for the year of 1997. Although the laws are updated to my knowledge.

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