What is the purpose of watering with Epsom Salt or Molasses ?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Buds Buddy, May 12, 2018.

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    In some of the posts I've been reading I hear people comment that they water with Epsom Salt or they Water with Molasses. Why do they do it ? I haven't been able to find a reason for it. I hear some say they start using Molasses water the last 3 weeks of Flower. Not sure why ???
    Please fill me in....I'm here to learn all I can. Thanks !!!
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    Both compounds are high in magnesium content. although you never really want salts to accumulate in your soil, a foliar spray of light epsom salt solution is sometimes used as a quick fix or a band-aid to stop an out of control magnesium deficiency until a more permanent solution can be found. Except as a dry ingredient in trace amounts used in building a living soil, I would never put epsom salt in my soil.
    Molasses however is an almost perfect solution to the very common problem of magnesium deficiency and its sugars are easily broken down by even a little bit of macrobiotic activity in the container. In most grows all of molasses goodness and multiple compounds can be taken up into the plant. Many of us here as a normal part of our nutrient regime will add 1 tbsp / gal of molasses from the last week of veg clear up to 2 weeks until harvest, and only because application after this will add a harsh magnesium taste to your final product. Advice to use it only during the last 3 weeks of flower is so totally off the mark that I would suspect everything this particular font of misinformation has given you... to use it in this way would give you few benefits and to my palate would ruin your final product.
    You will find through experience that the very best thing you can do during that last 2 weeks of flower is to starve them of ANY nutrients and give them all the water they can uptake. This does several very good things at the end of their life, forcing the plants to put their very all into the last effort to build those buds before they die, and it allows them to express the unique traits, tastes, thc/cbd mix and terpenes that your particular variety of cannabis genetically can produce, without the harsh taste of artificial nutrients.
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    Thank you so much. Now I understand it.
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    I've only used epsomsalts to pop seeds. I've read it helps and it seems to work, for what it's worth...
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    I used to pop seeds with paper towel on a plate yada yada. I now dont waste my time. Pop em in a red solo cup with and soil water, wait 3 days...and they all pop......
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