What is the safest -non-vaporizor- way to smoke?

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  1. sensistar

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    I have heard the doing a J is the safest ,but does anyone actually have some scientific answers.

    I put ice in the little bong and let loose but wonder if it is worse than other ways,i just cant smoke out of little glass peices and i definetly dont smoke blunts ,and vaporizors __well i just dont like them
    any good help would be appreciated..
  2. roninwithnoname

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    I'd have to say smoking a joint is probably one of the least healthiest ways to consume cannabis. Remember, you're not just breathing in cannabis smoke with a joint, you're also smoking the paper as well. A waterpipe is most likely the healthiest after vaporization, but remember that waters filters out THC as well as tar so you'll probably be smoking more to get the same effect which could negate the benefits. There's always hot-kniving though.

    Honestly, I suggest just using a pipe or a dry bong.
  3. Revanche21

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    Probably water filtration is the best since THC is not water soluable

    The THC passes thru along while other contaniments will stick to the water
  4. roninwithnoname

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    Some of the THC is removed from the smoke when it passes through the water though.
  5. roninwithnoname

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    Check this out:

    MAPS/CaNORML vaporizer and waterpipe studies

    Look under the section "Joints and Waterpipes". It points out that water tends to absorb THC. However it also proves me wrong as well, seems the joint is healthiest method after vaporization.
  6. DAP8026

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    Get you a bong with a diffuser and one or two perculators. This will increase the surface of the smoke allowing the water to filter it better. The warmer the water the better it will filter the carcinogens. The colder the water the easier it will be to take big hit and more THC will pass through the water, but the smoke won't be filtered as effectively.

    This guy here is on my wish list, but you could even get a roor if your willing to spend the money:WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm - Double Tree Perc - Online Shop
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    I think the healthiest way to use cannabis is vaporizing hash oil (not with a vaporizator, but just heating it gently enough). Doing so you only inhale the THC-containing resin, nothing else, like smoke from burnt plant material, tars, etc.
  8. Reefer Rogue

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    Eating it
  9. sensistar

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    eat it ..lol

    glad someone else saw the J thing ,i heard that alongtime ago
  10. GraziLovesMary

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    I love these topics :D

    THC is not water soluble, but bong water quickly builds up particulate matter, in addition to whatever the water initially contains, as well as whatevers built up on the inside of the piece. THC magnets. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the bong.. just dont be fooled by placebo effect. The impact from a bong comes from the larger and immediate volume of smoke into the lungs.. usually followed by lots of coughing. The saying is pretty true: you dont get off until you cough. Not saying you wont get high, but I imagine that coughing after a huge hit sends a nice rush of THC-laden blood to the head where it surrounds the brain and eye balls and gives quite a nice stone.

    Other than vaporization, joints are absolutely the most efficient way to smoke. Flame destroys an absurd amount of THC when it touches the weed.. about 50%, so using as little fire as possible means more THC in the body and less weed you have to smoke. In addition, the smaller cherry of a joint causes only about 5% to be destroyed by heat. Around another 5% is lost to non-inhaled smoke, and about 20-25% of the THC can be found in the roach, so smoke it all the way to the bottom kiddies! If you have virgin fingertips and lips, stuff the roach in a bowl or bong. Keep in mind that these percentages are based on expertely rolled joints so get you some papers and start practicing!

    P.S... I forgot to agree with the last couple posts.. get a good recipe for cannabutter and make some cookies or something. Or better yet.. go to the recipes forum and make you some Green Dragon! Wondrous concoction!! And minimal wasted THC! But then you dont get the nice cross-effect from the CBD reacting with it and that leads to a more heady buzz that you might not recognize if you dont like vapes.
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