What is this about testing for Uric acid now?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by lampost, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. lampost

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    Saw in another post that some labs are now testing for uric acid, which would Quick Fix come up as a FAIL!
    I think someone mentioned that the state of Oregon is doing this? Can someone with some knowledge please elaborate? Is this the Oregon DOT? I thought DOT tests were governed by a national standard. Are there any other states that could potentially be doing this (e.g., COLORADO)?
  2. Dieselboy1

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    I've heard of Oregon and Hawaii. Not sure about any others personally
  3. lampost

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    Where'd you hear this? Do you have any source info on it?
  4. Burnt Toast

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    DOT tests are regulated by the Department of Transportation. All parties participating in DOT testing (employers/employees, collection facilities, testing facilities, and Agency designees) have protocols that they must follow in regards to collection, processing, analysis, interpretation, and the reporting of test results. Failure to follow the protocols mandated by the Agency can result in the nullification and voiding of the test. Labs and collection facilities that repeatedly violate the Agency mandates can lose their certification to conduct DOT testing. Since DOT testing is mainly a labs bread & butter, this would spell the end for the lab as a business.

    Here is the link to the regulations outlined by the Agency. And in it, you'll discover that uric acid is not part of validity checks, nor there is a set criteria for uric acid, as they are with all the validity checks mandated by the Agency: U.S. Department of Transportation / Office of the Secretary of Transportation
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    It should be clarified that people have stated they failed in those two states. No one has ever shown a document that verifies that so I am still quite skeptical that Oregon and/or Hawaii are failing. I am interested to see one if someone can produce one that shows that the person failed for have too much or too little "whateveritistheyarefailingfor".

    The fact remains that if you buy integrity/validity strips off the net and check your synthetic and before using it at the lab. If it passes the checks, you will pass the lab test if you get the temp right. No ifs, ands, or buts. I would wager that 90+% of QF users don't check before using. Even a legit sample of QF can go bad.
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  6. killerweed420

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    And these were not DOT related UA's. They were for a private company so theoretically a lab could test for uric acid if they wanted to.
  7. lampost

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    I appreciate all the feedback...

    Can someone recommend a good place to order these integrity strips? What if I ordered directly from urineluck.com? Would there still be the need to perform the integrity check?

    I've used QF successfully 3-4 times with no problems. But some of the new info is a bit disheartening. I'm sure it's just some headshops that sell that shit when it's expired or don't store correctly or some shit. At least I hope that's the problem and not a QA/QC issue at the manufacturing level.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    Do a Google search for "drug adulteration test kits".

    If you want peace of mind (considering that its your job and your future thats on the line), then the answer is a resounding yes.

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