what is topping does it increase yeild?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by turborunner03t, May 14, 2005.

  1. turborunner03t

    turborunner03t Registered+

    what is topping and how do you do it? what does it do? and what does bending do? does this increase yeild?
  2. sykobabble

    sykobabble Banned

    makes em real bushy if done rite.then tieing em down will bring bigger and better buds,bending for me lets the plant know it is about to be worked with and it opens up more grow shoots and by time goods arrive to bud it has to work real hard to get there so it be real strong by time of roller coaster ride of bends and turns
  3. sykobabble

    sykobabble Banned

    bending my stems

    looks wierd i say but better bud another day or 2 away

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  4. Zandor

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    And toping will give you more branches to grow more buds. This plant was 3.5 pounds of buds

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  5. turborunner03t

    turborunner03t Registered+

    WoW could some one please tell me exactly how to TOP
  6. ProjectEight

    ProjectEight Registered+

    yeah, I second that.

    Any links that show step by step on how to top?
  7. sykobabble

    sykobabble Banned

    dont go by those links.please.they say use fishing string.....no!no!no!.it will cut into ur grow and break off at where tie is at...use metal cloths hangers only,that education is wrong.go use string and see what happens.very wrong inexperienced idea!!!!!!use metal cloths hangers and look at my tie or hooks and toppings.sorry.that is the only way.just cuz i never been in a book dont mean shit.only use metal cloths hangers.and only the experienced should try this.this is the one and only way to do a propper tie(hook) and topping

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  8. turborunner03t

    turborunner03t Registered+

    can i tie the bottom branches and top the plant if it is an outdoor grow?
  9. sykobabble

    sykobabble Banned

    yes.look how young mine are.i am loading more update on tie and top pics and bending and snapping as well.only the experienced try this or find males and make sure far away from your grow plant ,males miles away and practice on them.u do mean hook .but i still say tie cuz i know what im doing.
  10. sykobabble

    sykobabble Banned

    bending,topping,tieing .snapping

    i have found to be great
  11. turborunner03t

    turborunner03t Registered+

    I am thinking I will tie the lower branches down to allow more branche to form. what type of string materials can I use regular string?yarn?I was thinking tie the stirng to a paper clip and wrap the clip around the branch to cause less stress. also can topping turn the plant into a male?
  12. fludd777

    fludd777 Registered

    3.5 pounds...I dont know what i would do with myself...
  13. mand

    mand Registered+

    Hello turborunner03t :)

    Topping, well I call it pinching ;) . Yes it does work and it does increase the size of the yeild. I just pinch the once before inducing flowering which then gives my plants 2 main stems.
    I just simply pinch off the new growth at the top of the plants between my finger nails being carefull not to take off any of the area where the new stems are going to grow from.
    It really is very simple :)

    Affraid I'm not yet up to Zandors standards, don't think I'll ever quite manage that but I'm trying :eek:

    love mand xxx :)
  14. budman2000

    budman2000 Registered+

    This plant was topped, kinda looks like a "minnie me" of Zandors. The other 4 in the tubs were and are tied down. :) (middle pic was topped)Frosty nug pics are in pics only thread if any one is interested

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