What is your best live concert

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by LetsSeeYa, May 17, 2010.

  1. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    OK, song list:thumbsup: How about top live shows list. Which were your best. If i could narrow it to 5 i would, if ya can just pick 5:D I cant leave any of these off my list, so list 5 if you can:hippy:if not lets see them:cool:

    Rolling Stones
    Dave Matthews Band 3 x :D
    Pink Flyod
    ZZ Top
    Elton John
    Van Hallen
    BB King
    Niel Young
    Jethro Tull
    James Taylor
    AC DC
    Fleetwood Mac

    I guess you could say i like classic rock, lol
    Not an any order:Rasta:
  2. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    Best concert I was ever at, I shit you not, is Weird Al Yankovic. :thumbsup:

    The rest in no particular order:

    Deep Purple
    Grand Funk
    Jon Luc Ponty
    Buddy Rich
    Journey (before Steve Perry)
    Doobie Brothers
    Molly Hatchet
    Johnny Winters
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Marshall Tucker
    Gary Wright
    Emerson Lake and Palmer
    Jethro Tull (although I thought Ian Anderson sucked that night)

    One of my greatest regrets is missing Pink Floyd in concert. Had a chance to go see them on the Animals tour and just didn't have the money. :(
  3. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Nice list man, Deep Purple would be one id have like to see, plus America and Grand Funk, Kansas, Journey. Il bet they were great shows. I was lucky to see Pink Floyd, but Waters wasn't with them, it was a great show though, Learning to Fly album. Tull was great when i saw him, guess everyone has a bad night.

    Thanks for posting man:Rasta:
  4. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    Don't have to thank me. I think you had a great idea for a thread. :D

    Journey was the opening band for Jethro Tull. Journey played stuff from their first three albums and the crowd was in party cruise control. Then before Jethro Tull came out, one of the roadies came out and started with this huge list of shit Ian Anderson didn't like and wouldn't tolerate. Of course, as soon as the band came out everyone did all that stuff. :thumbsup:

    The band played great, but Anderson had his panties in a bunch and kept breaking into his flute parts with loud snorting noises. It was really irritating.
  5. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    My concert choices are a little different...but I thought I would chime in! :jointsmile:

    Sublime (some people thought bradley was awful in concert, but I'm such a big sublime fan, i was just excited to be there!)

    Metallica (even though I can't stand Lars, they are magnificent in concert!)

    Tom Petty (come on, it's tom petty....of course it was great! :jointsmile:)

    Rage against the Machine (I saw them about 4 times from my junior year till I was like 21....there ain't nothing like a RAGE show!)

    Pepper (I love them, they are from Hawaii and have a reggae/ska/island sound and put on a great show!)

    I've seen quite a few shows in my day....these are just a few of my favorites! :jointsmile:
  6. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    Best live Shows here

    Maybe different but yours:thumbsup:, your younger il bet so there will be differences, but thanks for posting :hippy:. I didn't list bands like Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Docken, Molly Hatchet, REO Speedwagon, Blackfoot, Foreigner, Joe Walsh should have been one my list, but forgot And Stevie Nicks, Jonney Lang, BluesTraveler:wtf:, the others and a few more just weren't my best, so thats why i didn't list them. But thans again for listing your best shows:thumbsup:

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  7. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    Thanks! I also love classic rock....but am a tad younger (thanks :thumbsup:), so never really got a chance to see some of those old classics! I have seen Foreigner and journey several times. I've also seen Styx, trick pony, and Def Leppard! I'd love to see Stevie Nicks! Great thread! :jointsmile:
  8. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    I like alot of different music styles... Wish I could have been around for Floyd and Zeppelin...

    Any slayer concert that ive been too is great..

    Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, too many to list.

    Basically anything good thats playing at the Merriweather (sp?) post in columbia maryland. One of the loudest venues on the planet. Nearly lost my breakfast when I saw Prodigy there. Bass was unbelievable!

    Oh ya also Cypress Hill! Was the highest i have ever been at that concert. Just spliffs of the dank roll past you every 2-3 minutes. Was a great time!

    Awesome thread!
  9. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    Oh my god....how did I forget about Cypress Hill??? Maybe cause I was stoned off my ass! :jointsmile: I also saw the "up in smoke" tour with snoop dogg....it was a great show! Nothing like seeing Arco Arena hot boxed! :D
  10. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    lmao Arco Arena hotboxed thats funny,havent been there in a while. Best concert ive been to is prolly Tom Petty,ive Also seen Slayer at the ampitheater in Marysville 2 times,and saw them once at Memorial auditorium. Ive also seen a few shows at arco like Metallica(who I cant really stand anymore),seen godsmack too a long while ago.:jointsmile:
  11. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    Have to say my number one "kick ass" show was Nine Inch Nails. Great live show. One singular energy of 40,000 people screaming out Reznor lyrics together. Very moving indeed.

    Korn was good live but full of too many teeny boppers and trash. I love metal, but really don't understand the concept or reasoning behind a "mosh pit". Buncha idiots bound and determine to ruin everyone elses good time if you ask me.

    Saw Cypress Hill back in like 93' in Chicago. It left a lasting impression on me. I've been high ever since :D

    Still waiting to find my Tool show :( Never been able to catch em'.
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  12. CovertCarpenter

    CovertCarpenter Registered+

    Have been to a coupla, but I'd say it was...

    ...RUSH, performing in Calgary, at the Saddledome, a coupla years back.

    Tho the 'dome wasn't full, the energy was insane, and we even got to sing Neal Peart "Happy Birthday" for his 50th...

    I swear, there wasn't a person there who was either breathing or blinking when he launched into The Rhythm Method.

    Some serious weed going 'round, too! I brought some fine Calgary Purple Haze... :pimp:
  13. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I will be revealing my age.lol
    The best band I have ever seen live is Heart, twice, they are the most talented musicians I have ever seen. Saw Alice Cooper live, he was ok, saw Led Zepplin live in LA I think in 74, was disapointed with them. Loved the Guess WHo at the Paramount in Seattle.
  14. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    I tried to post this last night, but the site had to many people in it or something. You saw Zepplin:thumbsup:You gotta brag on your age for that. Wow ya gotta try to put some details with that show man.

    I never saw Heart, but at one point i had all their CD's. I used to DJ, we played pretty much what we wanted to, which was mostly classic rock. We did it for fun free beer and a few bucks, but mostly we got to control the house, well an get drunk as hell, lol. I remember at a wedding, we were playing''The Pusher'' and the mother of the bride said ''turn it off'', she was going on about using the lords name in vain. We just kept telling her she was not hearing it correctly, till the song ended. I had the most fun with this, hell sometime we played just for beer, lol. Thanks for posting, and your lucky man, Led Zepplin...........:thumbsup:

  15. boaz

    boaz Registered+

    yes, I must concur, KW, seeing Zep in L.A. in '74 is definately brag worthy! I would love to have seen them but I am just a little bit younger I guess. not much tho. :jointsmile:

    I did see Pink Floyd in L.A. in '93 (ish) and that's gotta go down as one of my favorites. I think they were all in the band that year.

    I also got to see great Buddy Guy show in Hollywood at this little club on sunset. Eric Clapton was known to show up every year at this event and this time was no exception. that was probably my coolest concert experience. we were right in front. :cool:

    The Rolling Stones at the L.A. Coloseum. :smokin:

    seeing Metallica literally bringing down the house in the monsters of rock in the Coloseum was pretty cool. got some great photo's of it, I'll post them if I can find them. saw those boys four times. :Rasta:

    Rush! always an awesome experience. seen them many many times. :cool:

    saw Cheap Trick when I was in high school at the old lady on brady. festival seating. :pimp: which, for us, meant front row center stage every time :Rasta: right in front of Rick Neilson with all his double neck guitars, his beatles guitar, the black and white checkered guitar, etc., etc. . . . :smokin:

    oh yeah, :Rasta: Jane's Addiction in '87 or '88 (just right before they hit it f'n big time) at the coop pizza place in the student union. just coming back from the computer lab, come and to get some pizza and these dudes start setting up. I stuck around for the show . . . :S5:
  16. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    my first live concert...Lovin' Spoonful.. Sept, 1967...it was free...like me...:thumbsup:...John Sebastian threw a frisbi at me...and I just watched it sail on past me...I'd never seen one before...:wtf:..apparently...you're suppose to catch it....:stoned:
  17. boaz

    boaz Registered+

    oh yeah, just one more . . :Rasta: Van Halen a couple years ago with Roth playing all the old classics. :smokin: best VH show I can remember ever seeing.
  18. LetsSeeYa

    LetsSeeYa Registered+

    I gotta few tunes from Lovin Spoonful:thumbsup:

    Yeah ya catch it.........now thats some funny shit man, as im putting myself in your shoes watching this guy throw something at me and thinking ''WTF was that, did you see that almost hit me in the head'', lmao:wtf:

  19. psychodelic

    psychodelic Registered+

    Britney spears ftw!
  20. Born To Stone

    Born To Stone Registered+

    Reading this makes me want to go to a gig..

    My best concerts have been:

    Aerosmith in Hyde Park
    Blur at Glastonbury
    Red Hot Chili Peppers at the stadium in my city (no bands ever come here)
    Rage Against the Machine (acoustics weren't great but I like the band so much I forgave it)
    Foo Fighters (one of the 1st bands I saw)
    Kasabian (every time I've seen em they were great)
    Bruce Springsteen (wasn't even a big fan but the performance won me over)

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