What is your best live concert

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  1. jimiblings

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    Musical talent asside the best stage shows I've seen are:

    1. GWAR

    2. Insanse Clown Posse

    3. Kottonmouth Kings

    4. Kid Rock

    5. Marylin Manson
  2. jimiblings

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    Other shows worth mentioning

    Limp Bizkit

    Rob Zombie


  3. intelplatoon

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    PRIMUS at the greek theater in berkeley
    WEEN at the santa cruz community center
  4. pepurr

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    ELO & Deep Purple

    The first concert I ever went to was REO Speedwagon at the Jacksonville, Florida Collisum back in 1974. It only cost $5.00 at the door. It was fun, but not the best one.

    The best one for me was Deep Purple and ELO at Indianapolis in 1974 or 75. At least I think it was '74'. Memories a little foggy about the date. The music was awesome and the crowd was great. Maybe the micro-dot made the music better. It certainly made the experience strange. I was going to take my girl friend, but she pissed me off so I took a friend.

    It was so funny after the concert. A man with a bible walked up to my friend Mark and said, "Did you know Jesus is your lord and savior"? Mark replied in a way that had come to be expected of him. He said, "Well actually I worship Satan". The man with the bible held the bible up to Mark's face, and Mark put his hands to his face as if to protect it and ran away screaming and yelling. It was so funny. The man with the bible just stood there with his mouth open in disbelief. We laughed our heads off.
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  5. psychocat

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    ELO were always a good show , I saw them a couple of times and they rocked the roof off.

    These guys have been gigging for decades and they always give the feeling that they are there because they love their work.
    YouTube - Golden Earring - Long Blonde Animal
  6. gypski

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  7. Buck Rogers420

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    I always wanted to see Traffic. A few years ago they did a reunion show with Santana and Jeff Beck. Just an incredible show. (Jim Capaldi RIP ):(
  8. Shovelhandle

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    I can not say the best or can I remember half of the great concerts I've been to in the 60s, 70s. First recording band was the Beatles Suffolk Downs, Boston '66. They were great but the shows seemed to get better later in time. However, over time I was getting more and more fucked up and many great concerts I can't say much other than I was there.
    The Doors - Boston Arena 1970 was fun for $3.50 general admission.
  9. gandaff

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    Definitely Riot Fest in Denver last year...Blazing the whole 3 days of the concert topped off with Rancid playing And Out Come the Wolves in its entirety

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