What is your favorite indoor strain?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by DAP8026, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Hey everyone. I am about to start my first grow here in a few weeks and I wanted some opinions. I want to grow four different strains in 8 5-gallon drip systems under a 1000w mh/hps light. I am probably gonna do three plants of the top strain I choose, two plants each for the second and third strain, and one plant of the forth strain. I know this sounds weird, but I want some variety to see what I like the best. I want to grow Indicas and Indica/Sativas only. If you read this, then what is your four favorite types of indoor grown weed? Do you like the body high from the strain or the trippy cerebral high? All input is greatly appreciated.:D
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    pure power plant

    its newb friendly, appears im gonna have a nice yield even though i stressed it a bit and only had a 400 watter, and the first sample nug i took made me trip balls after only two hits
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