What is your religion?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Coelho, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Coelho

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    OK... i know that a thread like this has a great probability to turn into a flame war, and maybe be deleted, wasting all the time i spent typing this.
    But i would like to know what are the religions/religious views of our members here... many times isnt easy to know someones religion only by reading their posts...
    Anyway... i would like to ask you, to please, dont bash others religious views. No matter how absurd they seem to be.

    So, what is your religion (or lack of it)?

    Im half-christian, with buddhist, occultist and shamanic (Don Juan Matus's) influences...
  2. NaughtyDreadz

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  3. cygnustaxt

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    i was catholic, but i have since converted to Hinduism.
  4. illnillinois

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    LDS aka Mormon..
    but religion is just a title..

    i am a god fearing, self respecting good soul.

    all i need..
  5. stinkyattic

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    Unitarian Universalist
  6. bhouncy

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    Agnostic. Although there are different levels of agnosticism. I believe something is going on that we don't know about. But to call it a god and to say this god has these abilities without giving any evidence puts me on in the 99.99999% bracket of not believing.

    To me any characteristics given to a creator are the work of creative minds.

    Edit: Agnosticism is not a religion.
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  7. ATrain

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    I'm not apart of any religion. Wasn't baptized nor have I picked one up along the way.

    As for my views I'd say I'm sitting in and around the agnostic side of things with a touch of atheism :jointsmile:
  8. Storm Crow

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    "There are many paths up the mountain,
    the view from the top is the same."

    Race ya to the top! :D- Granny:hippy:
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  9. Shovelhandle

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    Raised RC in parochial school. Learn some other things since that time, now I assemble with my wife's church (she seldom goes <g>) Episcopal Church. I have other Episc in my family. I just like to worship and sing to The Lord. Same Lord as we all have, regardless of church.

  10. Priincesss

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    1/2 Christian.. 1/2 what I like to call my 'Bs beliefs' where I follow what I believe about religion, God etc.
  11. Stoner Shadow Wolf

    Stoner Shadow Wolf Registered+

    I am not religious, only spiritual.
  12. GreenDestiny

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    I try to maintain a reasonable balance...

    my "bad" side says:
    My religion is porn and self-deification

    and that's no joke.

    as for my good side, it's a mix of Humanism, Spiritualism, Esotericism, Existentialism, and Agnosticism. Just whatever feels right and makes logical sense to me... random philosophical shit instead of religion.
  13. StickyfingahZ

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    LOL,I like that^^

    I was born and raised mormon,I like it,its cool.
  14. Mindbender

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    The One before Our Beginning.

    As set in stone, we have a beginning. Thus, on towards an ending. Logic has it this way. Our logic being the human mindset we have adopted thru what we perceive in this life time. As though we are programmed to advance through our awareness. That being said. Most see life as a chance of odds stacked in a vast nothing. If this nothing was nothing then how can it give birth to something? Nothing = Something? That does not make logical realistic since. Creation seems more "logical" (to Me) than an existance with no definition. If we are nothing how come we have a sense of feeling to project us to do more? If we came from nothing then you are saying that You and I are but nothing. Then how did we come so far for instance as the Internet if we are nothing? Does not make logical sense. Seeking the awareness thru God has strengthend my mindset here on earth. Religions are man made. Trust in God not man. Utilize God's organic medicine here on earth as well.
  15. all ablaze

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    I have no religion simply because certain biblical texts have been withheld from the masses.
    I believe in an afterlife because i have seen ghosts.
    I believe in Aliens because my mother saw a UFO with about 100 other people at the same time.
    Why are there no religions i can find apart from scientology that really are open to the possibilty of Aliens.
    I read all i can get my hands on to look for the answers i need to know.
    I have read the Bible, Koran , Old testament, Dianetics and many books on tibetan buddhists and carthusan monks.
    I can't understand people (i'm not judging) who pick one religion and stick to it.
    It's like saying "i love strawberrys and blueberrys are just wrong!" having never tried blueberrys or even looked in to there nutritional content.
    Picking a religion is putting blinkers on. I want a panoramic view of all that is open to me.
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  16. Nightcrewman

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    I am not in any way religious I thought this might change as I got older but it it hasn't.
    I have no time for religion in any way shape or form however I do hold with the highest respect other peoples religion no matter what it is.
    If a belief gives you comfort and a sense of being then thats all right by me I sometimes wish that I had the same belief but unfortunately I don't.
    I do believe in an afterlife of some sort, how it might tie in with religion I can't put my finger on though.

  17. texas grass

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    i was brought up southern baptist,
    but i dont really believe that
    im kinda athiest/confused
    i believe in treating others the same i want to be treated
  18. StickyfingahZ

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    Thats how I used to feel too bro,BUt like granny said,"There are many paths up the mountain,
    the view from the top is the same."
    Just because you pick a religion doesnt mean you close your eyes to the world or anything in it or outside of it.
    There are extremists in everything especially religion,but you dont have to be like that,Iguess having a religion is like belonging to a forum......some people dont agree iwth us smoking weed and talking about it in this forum,but we believe in it and we gather together and talk about it.We have rules just like any other organization,you know,we cant talk aboout other drugs and certain things.
  19. GreenDestiny

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    I love the interpretations of biblical texts that explains everything as being alien encounters. Or that Mary was impregnated by aliens to give birth to a half-breed that posessed special powers. Despite which stories were fiction or not, it makes logical sense to me to see it as aliens instead of deities.

    I guess that's part of my belief too - alien intervention.
  20. happiestmferoutthere

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    I was raised as a Southern Baptist. I was baptized as a child. Its easy to brainwash a child. What I saw as I got older, disgusted me. The Southern Baptist are huge hypocrites. "Do as I say not as I do. Believe what I tell you, not what you feel." I no longer go to church. Haven't gone in 35 years. I DO NOT like people telling me what to think , or better yet, what not to think. That's all organized religion does. Try to alter your thoughts and beliefs. I'm a good person who lives my life as I see fit. And its a great fit!
    Like any Baptist though, I LOVE hymns! The only thing I really enjoyed was the singing!:jointsmile:
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