What is your religion?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Coelho, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. trancefusion5

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    For sure!:thumbsup: :jointsmile:
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  2. GoddessHerb

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    I'm with Granny all the way!!!

    Granny~ I'm sure I'll meet you there someday but I'm not one for racing. I like to do things at my own pace. ;)

    I feel like I'm at a religion anonymous meeting. :jointsmile: I think I will share at this one :D

    I was raised Roman Catholic (baptized and confirmed) and discovered Witchcraft (from Wicca and Druidism among other sources) at age 13. Since then I continue to study many of the religions/philosophies/belief systems of the world and have taken the parts of each that resonate within me and combined them to create my own religion/philosophy. This includes Shamanism, Pantheism, Paganism/Neopaganism, Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Animism and Shinto among others. Practice includes use of music, dance, trance, entheogens, magick, chant, meditation, prayer, crystals, herbs, astrology, yoga, food/drink and the elements and energy of Spirit & Nature most commonly. However things are continually changing as I change and grow.

    I guess my religion is a mutt just like me. :hippy:

    Blessed be~
  3. TurnyBright

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    I do this too! It seems like every religion has aspects to it that are worth knowing and respecting. Unfortunately, it's usually only an aspect, and any given religion seems terribly corrupt on the whole.

    I was raised Roman Catholic as well, but I don't believe in any of it (in fact most of it disgusts me)! What I gained, though, is a deep respect and reverence for the concept of forgiveness. Unconditional forgiveness is central to my personality, and I couldn't have done it without Catholicism.
  4. Chong Version 2.0

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    Pastafarian here.

  5. potzombie

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  6. FlyGuyOU

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    Catholic. I don't go to mass often, but i'll like to go and sit in church alone and say personal prayers. I love being a catholic, it translates into "welcome all" which i think is cool.
    my dad was a methodists but converted when he married my mom...shortly afterwards our church had a party to dedicate the new organ. at the party our church had a beer truck in the parking lot with taps along the side of the trailer. my dad says that any church which brings out an 18-wheeler beer truck is the right religion for him.
    I agree!
  7. Specialxtina

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    i've never officially been part of any religion, however i am starting to adopt buddhist morals.

    i'm more spiritual than religious. organized religion is just another thing to put categories on people, we all just need to live in unity and peace regardless of what we believe.

    as quoted in the movie Dogma : it doesn't matter what you have faith in, as long as you HAVE faith.

    peace, love and happiness :hippy:
  8. Esoteric416

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    The way so many of the people on these boards (this includes myself) have taken ideas and information from so many places and incorperated them into their lives has inspired me to coin a term that may or may not be new but it seems to fit.

    Eclecticism: Drawing spiritual insiration from any and all given sources. :D
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  9. bhouncy

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    From Wiki...

    Did you write it? :D
  10. Esoteric416

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    I like mine better. :D
    And no i didn't write the wiki entry.
  11. Coelho

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    I couldnt agree more! :thumbsup:
    And so i think Ecleticism is one of the greatest (if not the greatest one) religions of the world...
  12. baggsend

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    I do not believe and think it has no place in government. Say no to Palin/McCain
  13. SnSstealth

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    Call me an Eclecticanite then....lol
  14. JakeMartinez

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    Eclecticism is definitely where I come from :D

    The places I draw from

    (zen) Buddhism
    Chaos Magick
    Elementalism <--a paradigm I made that works for me and a few other people I know.

    I also believe that all religions are iterations of the same truths, some with a lot of added things, some that are bare-bones.
  15. painretreat

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    I go with Eclet.. also!

    When I opened thread I already knew I was gonna write..if I want cookies, I go to the grocery store, want bread-bread store, milk-dairy, gas- service station,::: REligion- a church. I want God, I look in my heart! Church and attendance and religion :jointsmile: is a social thing. PR :jointsmile:
  16. sheilovealways

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    Pagan - Wiccan - Green Witch ~ there are many religous paths that I fall into, probably not to a tee. I believe in Karma and know that everything I do will come back to me, so I try to send out ONLY GOOD!

    Religion is a Path to Spirituality.
    Spirituality is knowing that we are all connected as ONE!

    I don't believe everybody has the same Path!

    Raised Christian with a open mind by very Magickal people, experienced and studied many religions throughout my life.

    I like the path I am on - I feel that I am evolving as a soul and a human. Declaring my religion over 10 yrs ago, my essence has definately improved faster than all the years I was a Christian. Understanding Life and the World in ways the Christian religion will never teach.
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  17. Live2ride

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    love it! I'm agnostic/atheist I think. Raised Christian by missionaries pretty funny my life is ironic. Are a lot of smokers atheist I seem to know a lot..thoughts on why anyone?
  18. Revanche21

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    Agnostic leaning atheist with buddhist overtones
  19. bigtopsfinn

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    I was raised Lutheran, but converted to the Church of his Holy Meatballs, the Flying Spaghetti Monster... aka Pastafarian

  20. TheNugget

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    I don't particulary care. I'm part of the "don't be a douchebag to everyone and TRY to do SOME good while you can" church. I just stay out of most peoples affairs and try to do good work, and I think that's what everyone should do. If you wanna subscribe to a religion, feel free, but as soon as that shit gets pushed on me, you better have been part of the track team in highschool, because you're gonna be running REAL fast. I think if there is a god, he/she/it is gonna be laughing at each person when we die, going "Damn, you guys have been smart for thousands of years and you STILL can't figure out the answer? Geez, I guess I put too much faith in you."

    Basically, I'm TheNugget, and I am my own religion.

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