What is your religion?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Coelho, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. RedLocks

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    Mi god, Mi gun, and Mi bible.. well maybe the god and bible part..
  2. roninwithnoname

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    I have my own private religion and my creed is simple: "Nothing is real."

    Other than that, I have been a student (but not really a follower) of Toaism, Christo-Gnosticism, Zen Buddhism, Shaiva Hinduism, and Neo-Shamanism.
  3. the image reaper

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    Jesus Christ ...

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior ... no, I don't even have a single bumpersticker :D
  4. Bongboy89

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    Born into the Catholic Church... HOWEVER, I do not believe in God, so yes, I am an Atheist... My "Atheistic"(I dont know if thats even a word) believes consist of going to college and striving to be the best Student I can be... I believe the views of Charles Darwin to be correct as man did (in my believes)evolve from apes... I wish there was an after life when we die, but i think that we probably just rot in the ground.

    After the day is done and the grades are good and ive excersised..... than Its time for MJ, Which makes every activity THAT much better (sex, eating, drinking, breathing, talking/conversations, hanging with animals, TV, video games ESPECIALLY!) So my first "God" to being an Atheist is MaryJane, Or as to the Rastas call it "The Tree of life"

    I would never judge someone based on faith... Religion is very interesting and is fun to talk about when your baked!
  5. MzTadpole

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    :)Well when I was 12 yrs old I was baptised in a seventh day adventist church but I don't claim that as my religion. I claim to be spiritual. I REFUSE to claim a religion, simply because I think they all point fingers at eachother and I think that is wrong. My father was a soul searcher and I attended a lot of different religions and I found that the jist was the same. I believe there is a higher power out there-bein what have you- I will call him-the energy-GOD. For those who don't believe that is their opinion and they are more than entitled to believe that-hey I AM NOT GOD therefore cannot judge-that is the spiritual aspect of myself-being 1 with nature. I do not know the bible as well as I probably should only have tiptoed around it but even that book only backs up my spiritual beliefs that their is something bigger than myself. when I am on MJ I feel I can hear better and I hear nature in itself more like I hear MY GOD (pardon to those I offend) speaking and in some way showing how we are indeed all connected by spiritual, love, energy, what have you, but I see it, feel it, hear, it, and nature reassures me....blame it on the MJ, call me crazy, I don't care, I have this even when I don't have MJ but it seems more heightened when I am on MJ that is all-more spiiritual experience that is all. MY MJ spiritual experience is always an elightened one.
  6. overgrowthegovt

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    I think Eclecticism is the way to go, not just regarding spirituality, but in all things. Rigid schools of thought, dogma, all that...no room for growth, for blending your own unique flavour. I believe that adherence to any one system is detrimental to spiritual and intellectual autonomy. No system or individual can possibly be correct in all things: every philosopher I've ever read had ideas that can hold up to scrutiny, and some that were bullshit. Error is deeply embedded in human nature (and religions are man-made constructions), so it is, I believe, a fallacy to follow Jesus or Mohammed or whoever, simply because they cannot POSSIBLY be correct in ALL things. Many good ideas, possibly...but never perfection. Fill in the gaps yourself and you may achieve some kind of harmony.
  7. Thathighkid

    Thathighkid Registered

    Im an Atheist.
  8. psychocat

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    I believe in me and thats all I'll ever want or need.
  9. biggmoneyme

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  10. ch3nkokid

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    I am a Grady,
    I created my own religion based on zen, new thought, and others. Came up by the time I started smoking weed, made me realize a lot of things. I was born Muslim, raised like one, but being trapped in a religion full of rules and extremists who wants you to follow all those rules, and if not kill you. Some Islamic beliefs are still in me, but not much.

    ^^ I love this guy
  11. chris62008

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    i am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian!!! and I LOVE IT!!!
  12. thebeat

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    I am a catholic...by tradition really, I have an agnostic view but I remain spiritual ...I find it hard to understand true atheism as opposed to those who say they are atheists and do not know it by true definition. Simply put I could not live as nihilist. :hippy:
  13. pepurr

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    My religion is that belief in a universal God. That being, God is all and all is God. Before the creation there was God. The creation was of God and made from God. All things are a part of God.

    Where we see chaos there is order. We see chaos because we do not understand. Thus the creation.

    We were evolved from other creatures. There is no shame in that. To be able to call myself a part of Earth's life, instead of pride fully trying to use God and religion to lift myself to a undeserved higher place, is a joy. Do not we all, human, animal and plant return to dust. Just as every man and woman is my brothers and sisters, so to is all life.

    I do not hate this life as some would have me do. This life is a gift. I will not hate such a precious and rare thing that God has given.

    Our understanding, and our quest for that understanding, is the universe attempting to understand its self. Another way to look at it is, God trying to understand God.

    I believe Jesus lived and died on the cross. Even though people have told me time and again he was of virgin birth and raised from the dead and raised into heaven, I can not say I believe that. They were not there and I was not there to see it. Even though we are told that them who believe and have not seen are blessed, we are also told to beware of false prophets. I can not rule these things out completely. Some of the things we find in the universe are not what we would expect.

    Having said that, I do believe Jesus was a great man who had special insight into the nature of God and man. I truly believe Jesus only had good intentions. He brought us a message of love and hope. Jesus, like us, was the son of God. A part of God. I doubt Jesus would be happy with people forming personality cults in his name. I doubt Jesus would be happy with people using the threat of hell fire to get them to say they believe.

    Why believe? Why do good? The prospect of hell and damnation is not a good reason. Anyone can say they believe and not believe. Some have even used the convoluted word of God as reason to kill and cause suffering. How could they believe in the words of Jesus and do evil in his name.

    Believe in God and do good works for your pleasure and God's. When the wise Jesus said, "when you do for the least of these, you have also done it unto me", he said it because we are all of God. When one does evil, it is done to all creation. When we do good, it is likewise done to all creation.

    These are a few of the things I hold true. I will stop now because this could turn into a book. That is beyond the scope of this forum.
  14. lalasa

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    Born and raised a Jehovah's Witness. Baptised when I was 16. Became inactive about a year and a half ago because I finally accepted my sexuality. Now I consider myself to be somewhat of an existentialist.
  15. firstaid

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    Your a Christian with guts! Not many are so willing to throw it out like you did..religion is very open ended. In healthcare we avoid questions regarding religion. I can't say I'm a christian because I haven't been completely in His will but really trying too. I don't know what I am..probably lost
  16. Apelles

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    Still have not found what I am looking for. But I know it's not Christian, Muslim or Jew.
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  17. Shelbyweedjesus

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    I must say that I don't believe in religion, I'm a spiritualist :) I believe in every good and right thing and incorporate that into my believes. :)
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  18. Weezard

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    I like that last one. :)

    Hmmm, if I believed in anything at all?
    I'd be a Pantheist.
    But, I don't, so I'm not.

    Empathy, balanced with rational self-interest, makes ethics mandatory.

    Think about that.

    Now, should you sneeze, I might say "God bless you."
    Not because I have any faith in anything.
    It's just nicer than saying, "That sounds terrible, I hope you don't die and rot in a box" :D

  19. Schrodingers Cat

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    I was baptized in a southern Baptist church, in a rural Missouri town.
    I heard only part of what the bible has to say, (a real fire and brimstone service, with lots of the good old christian songs) but for some reason our church didn't teach the strict southern baptist rules (like dancing in public) thankfully.
    I moved when I was 13, and never found a church I felt comfortable with, since then I adopted my own belief system, which is a linear type string running from Satan to God with everything, and everyone else placed between.
    I believe I (and everyone) should be nice, non judgmental, helpful, and free to live and love.
    I believe God is a loving entity (regardless his religious name or title), and that most problems are peoples conflicts.
    I don't care what others do, as long as it doesn't interfere with someone elses freedoms.....

    There's more but basically be the best you can be, regardless how others are.
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  20. Shovelhandle

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    I was schooled Roman Catholic so that is still my religion. I have my own beliefs that sometimes disagree with it but, you'll have that. I always go to Mass stoned. It helps my reasoning and I enjoy the experience very much, usually.

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