What is your religion?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Coelho, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. boaz

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    I was also raised Baptist in a small town in Missouri. We weren't part of the Southern Baptist, just a tiny church in our tiny town in the boonies. Our preacher was pretty mellow and cool, but we had the occasional evangelical visiting preachers that taught the old school brimstone, shi ite. Me and my buddies thought they were hilarious.. I was baptized by our preacher dipping me into, possibly, the coldest creek in SW Mo. ;) you could just feel those sins washing away.
  2. Weatherman420

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    I'm an Atheist. :)
  3. MedMiracle

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    Your Dogma is steppin on my Karma, Man:hippy:
  4. Tomadashi

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    Raised RC and had certain native(Cree) values instilled in me as a child but as the years passed I developed a more spiritual nature through MA training-particularly through studying Iado and temishagiri.
  5. fargon

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    I am a born again christian, was Southern Baptist, now Lutheran.
  6. joden

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    For me I cant belive in any one as there are so many to choose from so I accept them all & follow none but try to live my life the best I can and help others where I can.
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  7. jimmydurant

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    I belong to "i don't know" religion. the fastest growing religion on earth :Rasta:
  8. Over the hill

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    When I meet my wife she was brought up as a Baptist so I was around that type of religion, I my self do believe in the King James Version of the bible. But I don't call out a certain religion I do believe in god and his son Jesus and he will return one of these days. And god made certain rules we need to follow for the good and love for other, we are all brothers and sisters no matter what race or color we are on this earth.
  9. DTRave420

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    Jewish(non religious). Definitely not typical as most peg me Irish Catholic...

    My father was Jewish. He was a good man. He brought back a German Luger from WWII. Funny as shit. I miss him dearly.

    Ma was adopted and knew nothing of her birth parents. She was raised Jewish by her adopted parents. My kid brother had his DNA done for this reason and he was found to have Celtic lineage. He then ran out and had a Celtic Cross tattooed on his arm lol,(he's cool for a doctor,he brews his own beer). Good chance I have some too then I guess,so down the line anything is possible as far the religion practiced by my ancestors on Ma's side of the family...

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  10. The Widow White

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    I am very proud to say I'm a Christian. This is an odd post because I was recently pretty much kicked out of my church that I had been a member at for years because the preacher was told that I use marijuana. Not very "Christian-like" behavior in my mind, but no sweat. I blew his mind when I told him that I am exactly the same person today as I was years ago when I joined the church....same convictions, same beliefs, same everything...so why all of a sudden did I supposedly become the devil? He would rather I take a double handful of chemicals to deal with severe depression rather than use something natural to treat it with. Just a bunch of old, uninformed, brainwashed people who don't have a CLUE what they are talking about. I realize that and feel no ill-will toward them because I actually do have the love of Christ in my heart, but was sure to let them know that I wasn't the problem with their church and I'm pretty sure they would realize that rather quickly. LOL No people are more judgmental than supposed "Christians." That's pretty sad!
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  11. Over the hill

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    If your father was around I would thank him for standing up to defeat a evil empire at that time in WWII. I know a few WWII vets and they have some amazing stories. To me they're the true vets in this world they went thur some horrific things I can't imagine what they went thru but I do thank every single one of them and help them out in any way I can. And the guys from WWI and Korean War.
    I know the wars now a days are not fun but technology protects a lot more people these days.

    The widow white
    Is sad the judgemental people (supposed Christians) talk about other people but one day we all will be judged. Since that church kick you out that's a good sign of good things to come. Our father works in ways we don't understand right now.

    You all be safe and enjoy life, we grow old quick.
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  12. Akaashik

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    I am a naturalistic pantheist deist. I believe the entire universe IS God, including our minds and spirits. A way to be closer to God is by using our powers of reason to understand the universe (God) more completely. I also apply tenets from various religions: from Christianity, I learn that helping others is conducive to their happiness, and therefore my own. From Hinduism, I learn that time is cyclical, and that all things are one (Aum). From Buddhism, I learn to control my desire and relax my mind. From Paganism, I learn to respect the Universe (God). From Satanism, I learn not to take things too seriously. From Agnosticism, I learn that doubt can be healthy in moderation. From Atheism, I learn that reason is essential. I apply teachings from non-religious ideas as well. For example, I believe in a form of reincarnation, based on Jung's idea of the collective unconscious. When we die our sense of self inhabits a new life, and, if it was a strong sense of self, the new life will be more like our own.
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  13. emilya

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    Congratulations on knowing what you believe in Ak, that is indeed rare in this world today. I also have a clear set of ideas that I have defined as my beliefs, and these are what I teach as the female head of my group. I am an ordained member of the Wiccan clergy and have been for some time now... dang, I am starting to get old!
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  14. Tkm953

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    Raised,both southern baptist,and Methodist still have my original sin.Helps keep me warm at night.Never got baptized for some reason.
  15. Dancing_Bear

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    Eastern Woodlands Natives. The Great Spirit.
  16. gardenermendo

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    I've been studying about the Sumerians and Annunaki which predate biblical scriptures... and the more that has become available about the Sumerians, I realize their history certainly shows me how much man-made-up content (with no evidence) was placed in the scriptures... to control man.
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