What kind of bud is Jamaican bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by SnoopDoggyDog, May 6, 2008.

  1. SnoopDoggyDog

    SnoopDoggyDog Registered+

    I'm picking up from my friend and he said that I'll get a high like I've never gotten before and that it's a calm high. So is he right, is it really good? And what strain is it?
  2. marijuanavillebilly

    marijuanavillebilly Registered+

    it is impossible to tell, but if it is a real couchy high it will be indica, but if its a zoomy high it is a sativa strain
  3. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Well, from what I gather it's a weaker strain of MJ. Low potency (they gave it to that one lady on the "Should I Smoke Dope?" documentary).

    I hear it's kinda garbage.
  4. Thats in amsterdam this guy is in the USA i doubt hes getting the same bud as the woman on should i smoke dope
  5. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Oh, well in that case, I know 2 people from Jamaica and they tell me lots of what I'd call schwag are from those parts.

    One girl's brother "imports" the stuff. The other guy I just kick it with on rare occasion, he tells me it's just "regular weed" or "as you call it schwag" lol.

    But it could be some shit from the same lineage grown properly.
  6. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Years ago, Jamaican weed was available in NYC and elsewhere in the country. It was better than commercial Mexican in the 70's, but usually not as good as most Columbian. Occasionally, batches of Jamaican came in that were higher quality than usual, but never really exceptional. I would guess that they keep the best varieties in Jamaica for themselves.
  7. SnoopDoggyDog

    SnoopDoggyDog Registered+

    He said he got it straight from his uncle in Jamaica but I shouldn't believe everything I hear. So this is some shitty weed?
  8. Giro2007

    Giro2007 Registered+

    Had some jamaican in the dam, it was pretty shit
  9. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    bud from Jamaica mon!

    sorry, couldn't resist

    peace, love, dope
  10. RobPA

    RobPA Registered+

    I have been to jamaica and took a tour of a place called "Orange Hill" Which is located outside of Negril, Jamaica. I actually was even able to videotape this tour. I actually had a selection when I was there and there were a TON of differant Strains. I asked him specifically for somthing "indiginious" to Jamaica and he picked out a very dark Indica that he said his father and Grandfather grew. It was the most potent weed I have ever had and it had a very piney taste. It was covered in Trichomes and sensimilia of course. I also smoked some jamaican "regs" which had seeds and was actually decent (I had it in a huge cone joint). Im one of those guys whos not afriad of anything and i spent a lot of time hanging with locals and had an amazine experience there. I have never had anything in the US which was "PRoven" to be from jamaica. I actually used to get some herb from a "Jamaican" and he had a bunch of whiteboy customers who always got weed from him and figured since he was from jamaica he had "Jamaican Weed". He always used to laugh because his bricks came straight from texas (obviously mexi-weed).

  11. SnoopDoggyDog

    SnoopDoggyDog Registered+

    Hmm so one person says it's good and everyone else says it's shit. I'm guessing a lot of people get ripped and the dealer says it's Jamaican bud when it really isn't and Jamaican bud is actually very good.

    It may be very hard to answer this question since I'm sure that there's probably a lot of different bud grown in Jamaica but would the bud be indica or sativa?
  12. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+


    Because knowing 2 actual Jamaican people who don't sell weed are lying to me for kicks?
  13. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    It all Depends man.Some Jamaican's Probably Grow Shwagg while some probably Grow some insane Organic blueberry Skunk!
    If it is actually from jamaica there's a good chance that it will be sativa dominant.On the other hand it might be indica as lots of young Jamaican's are growing indica's for the faster season.
    In this Documentary I Recently Watched this young Jamaican was growing Blueberry and skunk and some other indica Dominant Hybrids,This allowed him to have a crop every 60 Days,
    He Said he get's 6 crops a year.
    But It might not even be from Jamaica,it could be the name of the strain...I had a very Good Sativa a while back called Jamaican Sugar.and I'm positive it wasn'y from Jamaica.(It was at least AA Quality.)Perhaps one of the original parents used to create the strain was Jamaican.
  14. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    your friend has weed and says it's good either trust him or go look at it yourself, nobody on here will be able to tell you if your friends "jamaican" weed is high medium or low quality, you just have to find out for yourself.
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  15. blackmushroom

    blackmushroom Registered

    well i mean, it depends who you get it from, the guy i kno gets it from a dude named janoi, who i've meet, who actually used to be bob marley's photographer, and he has some of the most fire kushs i've had in my five year smoking career, but there is garbage weed in jamaica as well. but this is the same anywhere u go in the world

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